Thanks so much for this call on vaccines for pets. Love how they pointed out the dangers of Frontline also. My cat had a horrible reaction to Frontline, many years ago, and I swear all my kitties developed health conditions in their later years because of the flea meds and also possibly because of the vaccines they got. I have dogs now, and couldn't help but notice a decline in their health after getting vaccinated. The Highwire did a great episode on vaccines for pets. Added a link for your VSRF call on vaccines, to this page (for dog guardians). Great info, thanks so much! https://theshepherdpeople.blogspot.com/2024/03/what-you-need-to-know-about-your-pets.html

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Asta-Zenuca has admitted in court proceedings

that its jib-jab causes blood clots.

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Steve, check out Moderna covid vaccines in the UK.

Our Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (married to the daughter of a billionaire), is in trouble.

In 2013 he was partner in a hedge fund that invested massively in Moderna. He put his shares into a blind trust to avoid accusations of profiting from his government decisions.

However, who did his government give a massive covid vaccine contract to, in 2020? Moderna.

Sunak was Chancellor of the Exchequor at the time, the money guy.

He says that he didn't know that his blind trust retained the Moderna shares. They had and he got a huuuuge profit out of it.

Sunak has until now resisted all attempts to see the emails between him and the trustees. After 2 years campaign by The Good Law Project the Information Commissioner has ordered him to hand them over. They will show whether he knew he would profit from the contract award.

This should be interesting...

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also food grade diatomaceous earth kills fleas, ants, insects etc. you can rub it on pets, careful not to get it in their nose but we can eat it actually.

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next door is a nazi/ communist run platform that denies freedom of speech. I do not use that bs. They monitor everything you say. I got kicked off once for hurting a cat murderers feelings by saying he should be shot.

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A nice little academic rhetoric exercise on the rabies going on, but do even the most cursory research on what happens with infections that can get passed along to humans if you don't do some available mitigation beforehand.

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My daughter just bought a pedigree Chihuahua...and was advised to have it neutered. However, learning how many animals are dying from cancer and other diseases today; she thought twice about this; and decided to forego all vet services. We never heard of so many pets dying back in the fifties and sixties as are occurring today. These vaxes are as deadly for animals as they are for humans. Those that dispense vaxes should have a handout containing information of all the items in them. . I wonder, if any of these vets have ever done any research on the ingredients. Dr. Tim O'Shea's Vaccination is NOT Immunization woke me up! It listed all the ingredients in every childhood vax. This is how this vax business revved up in the 1950s ...and the end results are now becoming more and more critical for both animals and humans.

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Hi Steve, fantastic presentation today! So very grateful to hear from Dr. Jennifer Ramelmeier!

Apologies in advance for my long comment, but I did some digging and may have found the research/document(s) that Dr. Ramelmeier mentioned about Fipronil as one of the two active ingredients in Frontline Flea & Tick medication for dogs & cats.

At approximately the 58 minute mark of tonight's show, Dr. Ramelmeier stated that she had researched and presented findings to a former employer of the impacts of Fipronil in that OTC medication for our pets, and thus, would never use it her veterinary practice. After some research, I found the following...

On February 27, 1995 an 11-page document was received by the EPA’s Toxicology Branch II Health Effects Division. The requested EUP (Experimental Use Permit) for REGENT 1.5G insecticide to be used on field corn, was *granted* with Fipronil as the active ingredient.


Accordingly, on the attached Memo, Page 2, of this document it is stated that label restrictions for use of this pesticide would "prohibit the grazing of treated fields and the feeding of corn silage and fodder to livestock."

Memo Page 4 of the document under the heading Review of Proposed Label: “Based on the fact that Fipronil meets the criteria for Toxicity Category II, the signal word, “Warning” should appear on the label and not the word, “Caution.”

From the Data Evaluation Record, Part IV, Conclusions, on page 7 of this document: “In an acute inhalation toxicity study, male and female Sprague Dawley albino rats were exposed nose only to Friponil technical at concentrations of .33, .52, and .72 mg/l for four hours. At the .72 and .52 mg/l exposure concentrations, 100% mortality was observed, with the majority of deaths having occurred within 2 days post-exposure."

ScienceDirect offers additional discussions on Fipronil, https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/fipronil#:~:text=For%20example%2C%20the%20US%20EPA,are%20yet%20to%20be%20determined which includes mechanisms of toxicity and neurophysiological effects of this insecticide.

Last, but not least, I found two additional EPA documents on the use of Fipronil, dated 22-MAY-98 and 22-SEP-09.



Thank you again for all of the work that you and your colleagues do to help us out here in the 'stacks!

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Are you now ready to consider the harms of spay/neuters? I’ve been researching the harms of this practice since I moved to a ranch in a rural area where none of my neighbors buy into spay/ neutering and their animals all thrive and live long lives! Why did we think our pets do not need their hormones?

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If you can keep them from inbreeding, then sure, that's fine. We've got a few goat bucks on our property. And none of our nannies are neutered. We manage it: via separate paddocks! But we got brother-sister kittens last year, so we kind of had to get them spayed! It's not possible to have boy-girl cats at home and NOT expect some action to go on at some point!

A good point though, is that their mummy was unvaccinated, and these kitties are also completely unvaccinated. Just how it should be.

I felt bad getting them neutered, but I also didn't want them inbreeding! The vet pissed me off by not being professional, among other things, and I put in a complaint to the Veterinarian Board. Anything to do with medical-type people just seems to irritate me these days! Maybe because I know it's like dealing with the devil...but at least the kitties were ok in the end.

I just wish people would do their jobs - whatever they are - properly. But it seems I ask too much, especially from the medicos! I don't think our cats will be seeing a vet EVER again, if I can help it!

Anyway, I waited as long as possible before our kitties got neutered, so they had plenty of months to grow first, but even if you take the testicles/ovaries, you've still got the pituitary gland in the brain, so not ALL hormones are lost. Our cats are almost 1 now and they are good sizes, strong and healthy. They have great lives.

My previous kitty cat didn't get spayed until she was 2 1/2. She'd already had kittens. I wanted her to breed so her body would do all it was meant to, have good bone density etc. She was a very good mummy. She got to a decent size, was strong, very loved, and lived to almost 19 years of age. She had a very good life.

Hopefully our new kitties will have a very good life, too. So far, so good :-)

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Thanks for your reply, Robyn! I currently have 4 dogs - Tibetan Terriers. I've had 9 of them through the years, and actually they have a lot of "cat" in their personalities!. I was the AKC magazine writer for our breed for many years, and besides learning from my own TTs, I learned lots from others. In any event, my 2 youngsters, age 4, will remain intact. I have their father and grandfather here, neutered at age 9, to prevent the 3 males here from fighting during the 1 female season. Made me sad as it did shave off a level of their personality... less feisty. But they are almost 15 yrs old now and I think have benefited from 9 yrs being intact. I will not vaccinate my youngsters any more, and of course, would never vaccinate my 15 yr olds! The vaccine side effects for dogs is every bit as damning as those for humans. Seems like the times we live in have a theme, and that is that almost everything they told us was either just wrong or a lie. Enjoy your kitties... I love them too and have had several! My best to you and your animals!

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Aww, I always like these animal stories. Our pets have pretty good lives :-) But yes, neutering them DOES change their personalities, slightly. But I have to say, our kitties are better for it: more affectionate and sweeter and less standoffish. My previous cat was a LOT nicer after she finally got desexed! She still only loved me, of course ha ha ;-)

You know, I've never actually heard of 'Tibetan Terriers' - but I looked them up and yeah, I've seen that breed around! They're cute!

But yes, you ARE right. We DO live in times where almost everything we have been told is a lie. In my mid-40s, I'm not happy about this! But at least I'm flexible and have been able to change my mindset. Hubby & I, however, DO tell our children the truth. From what our kids tell us about other kids they interact with, it seems most kids are still being lied to...funny that.

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Hi guys- my position on vaccines was always minimum,minimum,minimum. The big danger, whether pet or people, is combining multiple antigens in one session whether it is one injection or more. Bodies are designed to meet and respond to one disease entity at a time, not five at once. Too many will ‘fry’ the immune system and generate aberrant responses. I tried homeopathic‘vaccines’ for parvovirus and they simply didn’t work. The problem is that too much profit twists reason. Heart worm vaccines, rattlesnake bite vaccines and anything beyond rabies( only to avoid legal problems) parvovirus and distemper are to be avoided. Also, boosters should be given at 5 year intervals not one, nor three. The key is intelligent appraisal of the danger, the pet’s health (and age) and providing proper dietary support for immune function. Same for us folks! Later

Response from local retired doc, a veritable Doctor Doolittle

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I’ve been posting on the dangers of pet vaccines for the last 12 years.


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My dog contracted rabies from a vaccine in 1961. Canada required a rabies vaccine within six months of travel and he had had one 7 months before. Luckily my dad drove him to vet school in Washington and luckily he nipped an attendant so testing was mandatory. I found out later how the federal pr system had pushed untruths about the treatment in order to avoid liability. I guess I should be grateful for the early lessons and skepticism

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Yep - it's just another scam..

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For dogs an annual Rabies vaccine is required by the County in Florida. Animal Services sends you a reminder two months before. If you’re even one day late they can fine you. You have to send the rabies vaccine certificate via fax, mail or in person. Also the groomers and places that take care of pets when you’re away require proof of rabies vaccination. If it’s an older dog the vet can certify that it’s a risk to their health and this is the only exception.

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You are correct. And vets won't tend to sick animals either if they are not vaccinated.

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How do I get the fabulous t-shirt? I wish you would just sell them.

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This is so true. They really are the voiceless ones. We need to be voices for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Whatever species.

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