How many Muslims did Yeadon insult today! Racist piece of shit

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Yes, JJ - Kirsch needs to talk with JJ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1920699978

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Great interview! Man he can talk! I just popped on because I heard you say you need the real ID to get on an airplane but thats not true. You can also use your passport which currently is not centralized like the real ID system. Personally, I’d skip that real ID and just renew the passport. They very convienently do not tell peoole this. I was just at the DMV and the guy tried getting me to get one and when I declined he said you know you’re not going to be able to fly domestically anymore without it. So, I had to educate hin. He said he didnt think about that which wasn’t real surprising. I told him he might want to think about why they are pushing everyone to get one of these real IDs, leaving out the option of passports along with it. Thanks for all ypu do!! Just ordered the DTM do not comply shirts & a mug. Can’t wait for them to come.

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How does a Pfizer executive do a 180 like this from 2020? He's clearly been severely traumatized by the experience of losing all his professional contacts. Yeadon has shown courage.

As Dennis Rancourt has said most of the deaths were due to social isolation and fear.

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Well the history channel explains it all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZRkfBsTTt8

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And so It Begins

You Knew they'd need MAX FEAR


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listening to this interview and it hit me that Steve sounds like John Cullen... has anyone else noticed that? are they connected somehow?

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It would be an interesting statistic to find out what is the current us Prisons excessive death rate versus prior years this would be a good control group.

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STeve, your questions are really unbelievable!!! AUg 2020 there was a HUGE demo right on front of CA capitol in SAC, RF Kennedy, Judy Mikovits and nurse from NY 'epicenter' who saw the crimes and wrote a book about it! Many other witnesses confirmed a complete white wash in regard to covid at that point! And you didn't hear ANYTHING about it???

That reminds me the TOTAL control of media, etc. in Germany, where ~1-2 mln gathered middle in the Berlin, and NOBODY from my old friends there, didn't hear a single thing about it!! I lost few of them because of that!

Imagine, how many LIVES could have been saved if that was broadcasted. MSM, maybe even personal control of ALL smart devices is the biggest weapon and control of all.

I thing you are absolutely right, the Iphone 'invention', all its features, was a BIG part of it all.

Btw, what kind of OS are they running on..???

Even the google search of every user, was the preparation phase, already banning those who were talking too much about genetically modifying crops, were taken down, like my google+ account where I was posting countless summaries.. ALL A STEAL. All on 'my computer' with Gate's OS...

Oh, 5G frequency range is extremely important in biological systems and its focusing features are there for its targeting nature.

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That test idea for the covid tests is very good. It just needs to have a good control... An anti-body, which binds to certain protein fragments AND their HOMOLOGS, is a VERY broad test, thus having multiple HOMOLOG targets (not only the 'library' virus) would be important. A PCR test which acts on a specific RNA/DNA fragment has a narrower range of targets, but still all homolog pieces of genetic material from other old viruses, including the injections RNA/DNA material, will be able to react with this, even in the absence of INFECTION. The number of circulating viruses reflecting the innate immunity power is decisive here...

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So, Steve, after the Covid tyranny for the past 3 years, via an overreaching, Marxist controlled government, can “we the people” count on you and your efforts to truly protect the American public, you as a “former technocrat” “former Communist” “Democrat” as your own Democrat Party has been run by Communists for decades....or are you just bullshitting the public today as the Covid masters did for the past 3 years?

Inquiring minds want to know. After all, YOU caved and took the “jab” at the beginning of all this. BTW, I trust no one who pushes their opinions publicly, public health, doctors, or you as a “concerned citizen” these days.

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Sep 2, 2023·edited Sep 2, 2023

Dr Mike Yeadon was very enlightening and very very convincing!!

Some things Mr Kirsch hesitated to, but I think Dr Yeadon more exposed and researched on the things he mentioned.

5G is not just for higher speed (higher bandwidth is the technical term). Location accuracy is also there at least because of MIMO antenna technology which can target the signals in specific directions (beam-forming) and thus triangulation can happen with increased accuracy. In fact MIMO antenna technology is also used by common wifi access points to achieve RFID/tag based location tracking inside everyday stores & at the mall while shopping, to give marketing intelligence to companies etc.

eg Cisco Meraki access points: https://documentation.meraki.com/MR/Wi-Fi_Basics_and_Best_Practices/Meraki_MR_SU-MIMO%2C_MU-MIMO%2C_and_Beamforming

Imagine that people nowadays are willingly buying Apple tags to track their belongings, and hospitals have been buying RFID tech for tracking wheelchairs etc for decades!

It should be noted that Mr Kirsch has direct knowledge of the aspects of CBDCs and digital IDs due to his two last companies, OneID and now M10 according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Kirsch. So those two companies were about digital IDs (OneID) and M10 about blockchain, the digital ledger that is needed to have in order to do CBDCs. Still, glad Mr Kirsch didn't interject nor doubted anything about dr Yeadon's statements about CBDCs, because that would make him very suspicious.

Dr Yeadon's statements about CBDCs and their dangers as a mechanism of ultimate total control etc are all true and well documented by now, eg videos by Mrs Catherine Austin Fitts (ex assistant secretary of US government)

and by Dr Richard Werner (ex central banker and professor of economics)


combined with

admitted statements of CBDCs used for control, by central bankers such as ECB's Christine Laguard





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OneID & M10 are designed to authenticate passwords, though - not tracking everyone https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/oneid. That's not to say they couldn't become part of the whole tracking system, even though I still don't know that they are. I've seen lots of systems for authenticating passwords.

A traffic cam is designed to monitor traffic - but can become part of the government tracking system when they add license plate recognition and connect it to their system. I would not then accuse the traffic cam engineer of being a deep state secret agent because he designed that one thing. And I don't even know if any particular traffic cam is being used for that.

There's a little gossip in the medical freedom movement; but gossip never helps anyone except to give gossip-lovers a brief moment of satisfaction before they move on to the next tidbit.

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no, M10 is not about authentication of passwords. It's about a digital ledger (M10's product) which is the immutable database that all CBDCs record every transaction in, supposedly so that they leverage the properties of immutability (not being able to easily change) via cryptographic operations that also allow for non-repudiation of transactions (prevents the ability to deny it wasn't you who transacted, since you're the only holder of your private key). Thus objectively one can say that yes, M10 (and other companies) built exactly the technology that is needed for CBDCs. Now which company sold their implementation to Fed and the banksters, that's a different issue.

to be fair, this ledger technology can be used in supply chains for example so that buyers and sellers cannot repudiate their parts in the buying / selling / transporting through a, b, c, points / cannot deny delivery etc. So maybe M10 sells for this type of usage, or for other digital coin technology companies trading such etc.

As I said, it's good that Mr Kirsch didn't doubt anything of what Dr Yeadon said about the topic, I'm sure he understands exactly how digital ledgers work.

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It was quite an exchange.

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Need a Good Laugh?

(HOLD your Sides Now!)



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Look back at how they lied lied and lied. Did Mike throw away his radio too.

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Totally, totally agreed. This was the first time I actually thought of him as delusional. I know he isn’t, but his “talk” was all over the place and he just made unnecessary remarks that could place him in the lunatic column. It was my intention to share the interview, but alas - didn’t. He just did not come off well and I respect the hell out of him.

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Sometimes people speak the unpleasant truth that we do not want to hear much less believe.

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