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With something like 20% of the Dem primary vote, RFK, Jr. needs to get past the idea he's an "anti-vaxxer," at least for the remaining primary demo. He has said all he wants is placebo controlled trials and long-term follow up on the outcomes between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Who could possibly be against that? Narrative guardians say such trials are unethical. Yet, until you do those studies, how can you know if there's more harm than benefit? That is unethical.. The Amish do not even vax and they have longer life expectancy than the general population. Lastly, you would think the fact there are something like 72 vaccines on the vaccine schedule would give anyone pause. 72? People don't want to ensure safety?

Given he's labeled an "anti-vaxxer," how does he get past that label when the label prevents many from even listening to him, let alone doing any independent thinking?

I think he needs to create a series of short, concise, well thought out, and well put together videos that explains his positions, what he has done over his career, addresses the claims against him, and corrects the false MSM narrative about him. With 20% of the Dem primary vote in his favor, he then asks his followers to text these videos to their friends, families, associates, and colleagues. Wait and see how polling goes 4 to 6 weeks later. Then rinse and repeat.

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NY Quarantine Camp Lawsuit Appeal on CHD.TV - The Replay. The audience applauded Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox at the end. She is awesome. We need more people like her!


CROWD Erupts in NY! 400+ Cheer As Bobbie Anne Cox Delivers KILLER Oral Argument AGAINST Hochul’s Concentration Camps - The Shannon Joy Show 28:35 min


The Shannon Joy Show - NYS civil rights attorney Bobbie Anne Cox gets a THREE minute standing ovation in a packed courthouse with over 400 supporters after she DECIMATED Kathy Hochul’s quarantine camp regulations!!! 3:17 min


SPECIAL! SJ On The Street - Shannon Covers HUGE NY Rally & Bobbie Anne Cox’s Oral Arguments Against Quarantine Camps! 39:45 MIN


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Kari Lake has a new show, has Garrett Ziegler (a former staffer from Peter Navarro's Trade office) on to discuss his work on the laptop report.

Really articulate, fast paced, informative, substantive conversation.



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I‘be cleared my cache, and am ready to download the latest update from the RFK JR. SuperPAC...


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Yesterday I watched the new CHD movies and Fauci was filmed stating that he went to the North Pole and vaccinated Santa Claus and that Santa is doing fine and will be delivering presents. This is the guy that told Americans that the Covid Jab is safe and effective and 200 million fell for it. Maybe Santa has an out house at the North Pole to house Fauci this fall.

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Steve, I think this is worth checking out: https://interestofjustice.substack.com/p/judge-orders-nuremberg-public-hearing

"Judge Orders Nuremberg Public Hearing November 9, 2023 For Illegality Of Covid-19 Vaccines! Interest of Justice vs State of Costa Rica For Human Experimentation In Violation Of Nuremberg Code In Force

A Judge FINALLY Ordered Public Oral Hearing Ex Officio On Her Own Due To Importance Of Nuremberg Code Violations In CR! Dr. Yeadon (former VP of Pfizer) is our expert witness."

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If I was. Democrat, I’d vote for him.

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Has Been

Practicing License Without A Medicine.


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It’s time for RFK to lead an independent ticket ‼️ DNC will not budge.........RFK wants to run as a democrat, but he can win as an American 🇺🇸

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Make sure you discuss this: Do vaccines work or don't they? Risk vs Reward - is the Juice worth the squeeze? No, and no.


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You mean, you didn't invite Vice President Kamala Harris? So many serious people, and you left out the comedy?

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