My breakdown of this, and the related the Campbell video and CHDF article: https://pomocon.substack.com/p/the-hirschman-horror-continued

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On a serious note, nurse Ann is a Scottish traveling nurse who's done shifts all over the US since they rolled out covid and has had access to the highest medical hospitals and researchers facilities. What she reports just gets worse and worse. Listen

Nurse "Ann" update with Erica Kahn - The Stealth Surge Of Brain-Destroying

Prions - Special Guest Nurse Ann


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An upset member of the public challenge the British Prime Minister over total neglect to care for the vaccine injured who are "left to rot"...


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With the escalating cases of Turbo cancers, I wonder why Pfizer would pay 40 some billion dollars for a company that only made 2 billion. You think they might be expecting cancer to suddenly be on the rise?....

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Steve, Please have UK funeral director John O'looney on (reporting amyloid clots from day on post vax rollout.

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Watch. This was 2021!

The Everyday Psychopaths who blocked this emergency warning from one of the World’s most respected and cited research scientists, should be indicted for mass MURDER!


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Steve, just catching up on my emails from a few days ago and saw your preview of the treatments for glaucoma--I am not a paid subscriber so I'm going to post this here. About 20 years ago when I was 55, a visit to my ophthalmologist revealed that the pressure in my left eye had gone up from, I think high teens to 30 or maybe 35. The doctor started me on latanoprost (Zalatan at the time), in both eyes as a precaution for the other eye also, and that maintained the pressure around 13 or 14. About a year later during an examination he saw that I had pseudoexfoliationfoliation glaucoma in the right eye. The latanoprost kept the pressure under control around at around 14 in the left eye and 12 or 13 in the right eye for a number of years, but then it started to go up again in the left eye. He did several SLT laser treatments that may have temporarily helped but it started going up. I couldn't tolerate the other medications. The doctor explained what pseudofoliation glaucoma was but not that it's a more aggressive form or that it weakens the structures inside the eye and more often leads to blindness than primary open angle glaucoma. My right eye is not affected at all, fortunately and that's common, that it's unilateral. I won't get into further details but I lost confidence in that doctor who I'd seen for many years, who never referred me to an actual glaucoma specialist, although there aren't many around, except for the nation leading Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, a department of the University of Miami medical school, which is in my area--there's one other glucoma specialist in the area outside of institute. although he did diligent testing with Heidelberg photography, OCT, and visual field tests, I was confidence in him when he kept suggesting cataract surgery through the glaucoma eye instead of the appropriate surgery even though I didn't need cataract surgery at that time in that eye, and change his mind about a few other things. Unfortunately started showing deterioration even though my visual field was OK, I delayed seeing another doctor because of that loss of confidence, which was my mistake. A few years ago I lost the vision completely in my left eye--I didn't want surgery because I felt by that time I lost too much vision and it may not have worked and there were other risks. I did have cataract surgery in my right eye, so I have 2020 vision in that eye and my surgeon, a different surgeon at the formation Institute, says the nerve health is like that it's like a 20 year old from the scans, So in my case it's not a genetic disposition for primary angle glaucoma, but secondary glaucoma caused by pseudoexfoliation syndrome, and only caused damage after the pressure got quite high for a long period of time, and by high I mean in the mid 30s and ultimately 50 and 60. So although the vision is lost in that eye I still have to take eyedrops to keep the pressure at what the doctor says is a stable high to prevent structural damage to the rest of the eye; in addition to latanoprost I take dorzolamide, which I know is what you take. I was also taking pilocarpine, but that's not helpful to my dystonia. Other medications, for example, brimonidine, have more systemic effects and causes problems with the eye surface and eyelids after a while.

By the way, I read that article on your old website about what you learned a number of years ago about glaucoma, before you got your substack or I knew much about you. I have been receiving Gleams for a number of years, and I'm sure the Glaucoma Research Foundation is doing good work, but I asked them a couple times why they never mention or do any research for pseudoexfoliation glaucoma, which is actually the leading cause of blindness from glaucoma worldwide. The woman I spoke to just said they are just focusing on regular glaucoma (although there are various versions of that--normal pressure glaucoma, acute angle glaucoma, etc. so why exclude pseudoexfoliation glaucoma?) The last issue of Gleams had an article by Mona Kaleem, MD, an associate professor of ophthalmology at the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University, titled What Causes Secondary Glaucoma, and in that article and in her discussion on the video on the eye Institute website, she she never mentions the leading cause of secondary glaucoma, pseudoexfoliation syndrome. Because everything nowadays seems to be a conspiracy, it makes me wonder what's behind this seemingly deliberate omission, by Dr. kaleem and by Gleams in general. Not a mention of it in the number of years I've been reading the newsletter nor in the recent article devoted specifically to the subject of secondary glaucoma!

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How can I become a PAID subscriber?

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Steve, you do wonderful work but reserving the info on preventing vision loss for those who pay is really not a good choice. :-(

People out here in the medical freedom movement get SO many requests, all the time, for money. All content producers continually ask us for subs, donations - you’d have to be pretty rich to give money to them all.

Information on preventing blindness really shouldn’t be reserved for those who have spare cash....

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Incredibly disappointed that such important information regarding vision restoration is behind a pay wall. Shame on you

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I'm very sorry to learn that you suffer from glaucoma, Steve. I'm not a paid subscriber, so I wasn't able to comment on your Glaucoma post.

However, I'd recommend you try chloride dioxide (CLO2) to see if you can improve your condition. Chloride dioxide is part of electromolecular medicine and is a harmless choline ion. It's been widely villified since COVID due to its simple, effective, and cheap format - which sounds promising considering what we know about these kinds of attempts by the medical cartel.

I am currently testing Dr. Andreas Kalcker's (andreaskalcker.com) chloride dioxide. Dr. Kalcker, a German biophysical researcher, has a book out called Forbidden Health and is one of the many people added to the government's blacklist after he claimed chloride dioxide could cure COVID.

You may actually want to interview Dr. Andreas Kalckers. He can talk about the positive outcomes for vaccinated people on chloride dioxide and may be able to tell you more about research results on patients with vision problems. Kalcker has been researching chlorine dioxide for 15 years. Kalcker became increasingly interested in researching chloride dioxide after he cured himself completely of bad arthritis. Arthritis is one of these profitable diseases that has no cure and which requires medicine for life to manage, meaning profits for life for big pharma...

I am currently testing Kalcker's recommended chloride dioxide, and I noticed that my eyesight gets clearer after I take it. I've got kidney issues, and my eyesight is often blurry and gets worse depending on what I eat or drink. For some reason, chloride dioxide improves my eyesight. I've only taken CD once per day but I realise I need to try it once per hour (CD stays active for about 90 minutes) because I am curious whether my eyesight, and perhaps even my kidney condition, can actually improve with chloride dioxide or whether it's just a fluke.

Now, for those who don't know much about chloride dioxide, I'll give a brief summary:

NASA proclaimed chlorine dioxide as a universal antidote in 1987. Chloride dioxide is commonly used to spray vegetables and fruit to provide longer shelf life and is used in other chemical molecular formats to purify water, etc.

Contrary to the enemedia's misinformation, Chloride dioxide does NOT contain any bleach. It's a completely different molecule. Chloride dioxide is a chloride ion. The chlorine ion is a simple molecule that contains a low-voltage charge that appears to facilitate oxygen transport and makes oxygen available to every cell. Chloride dioxide increases oxygen uptake in the body and brings oxygen to every single cell. The tiny voltage charge in chloride dioxide is completely harmless to the body but aids in eliminating oxidation, and the oxidation appears to "burn" small voltage microbes such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, prions, spikes, etc. In other words, disorders caused by these microbes get efficiently eliminated by oxidation with chloride dioxide. Chloride dioxide is an oxidizer, meaning it's basically an anti-oxideant and is a treatment for harmful oxidizers.

I've recommended pet owners to add chlorine dioxide to the drinking water of their pets every day. It seems to have really good effect on horses, dogs, cats with arthritis and other ailments. And it's super cheap.


Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies Live Video Chat With Dr. Lee Merritt


Chlorine Dioxide Destroys COVID-19:


Kalckers Patents:


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I want to know what was the percentage of these clots in 2020 compared to 2021/2022 etc.

In other words how many of these clots were created by the corona virus vs the covid-19 vaccine. What is the percentage?

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🕶️ Hi Steve. I’ve been following Covid closely since the lockdown days, spending several hours each day doing the research here in Australia. In respect to your new glaucoma post, I wrote to you many years ago on the subject. As I’m in the same position as yourself but don’t wish to pay for a Substack subscription, if you could make your latest post on glaucoma free I would be most grateful. Kind regards, David W.

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Feb 9·edited Feb 9

Bogus pandemic built through the most corrupt medical test ever devised, the SARScoV2 RT PCR. A massive false positive generator through purposeful high sensitivity and no specificity. See the Professional peer review of the protocol that backs the test. Corman Drosten Review report online. PU.

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He is in the military and says “girl Friday” twice re his assistant. When he banged on about Dream Team; I’m out and definitely not renewing. There are MANY unsung heroes whom told us in Dec 20. Now Sasha Latyapova has the tape where they knew. We need to laugh yet again inappropriately laughing.

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