It is only fair that you conduct an interview with Karen Kingston too since Mrs. Kingston is one of the first, if not the first one to call the covid "vaccines" bioweapons with the evidence to back this assertion. Thank you.

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Quick Note to Mr Kirsch:

first the references:

super successful and very top in his field in # of publications Dr Bhakdi talks about it being depopulation at 2min 10sec of this https://rumble.com/v2n79d6-159902250.html

and Dr Mike Yeadon , ex VP of global research of Pfizer, responsible for respiratory deceases! talks about it here: https://twitter.com/LeadingReport/status/1654179518842650624?cxt=HHwWgIC-9cLg6fQtAAAA

Mr Kirsch,

you appeared to be momentarily lost in fear ("OMG, could this be true?") after hearing from a very successful in her field


Mrs Latypova that there's a depopulation agenda and you made a reasonable question: why would they choose a 0.1% death rate method (your current calculation of the effects of the injections, which you limit in scope, and equate to publicly admitted in VAERS death data or perhaps even other national data like UK, Israel etc data), and not a more deadly virus method that kills say 20 or 30% etc?

But in fact you don't need any immediate death rate from the injection, in order to dramatically depopulate, for example, it suffices to sterilize pretty much everyone and make it a privilege in the future to procreate (perhaps even sell that privilege if you're one of the planners behind this plandemic). And you've already seen that there's huge concentration of spike protein in the reproductive organs of boys and girls + you've already seen hopefully the devastating rates of involuntary rejection of fetuses and stillbirths etc.


Thus, if you were one of the planners of the plandemic etc and wanted to depopulate in stealth mode (so as to guarantee also that nobody surviving will still blame you, or at least that nobody would figure it out fast enough, before you gained full control of the surviving population with eg. CBDCs etc), then you'd pick precisely 0% death rate + sterilization which takes years to figure out you have been sterilized + very hard to attribute back to the covid injection.

It is obvious that the people behind the plandemic have different priorities and parameters they're optimizing for, than normal "nothings" like us, but perhaps it's not difficult to believe that one thing they DO make sure is top priority is their own safety and there's 8 billion candidates but it only takes one sufficiently skilled person to take them out. This fact alone makes it very likely they want to minimize the truly immediate drop dead count.from the injections, prioritizing stealth mode instead with sterilization of kids and stillbirths etc. They have untold money and they've been discussing Malthusian ideas of depopulation for centuries and taking it slow, they even seem to have been planning the injection plandemic ever since 1965 - 1990, depending on what you consider the true start of COVID virus bio-weapon development. Surely those people have the patience to wait for 10 or 20 or even 30 more years for people to die off slowly, without taking chances with any attribution back to them surfacing. Unfortunately either they couldn't follow, in such rushed way, good manufacturing practices perfectly, or perhaps they decided they also wanted to test on a small population of say 1%-5% some new tech like RFID + nano-tech control of remaining humans via 5G powered technology / wireless charging too, thus the visibly quick observed byproduct of deaths that you now calculate routinely with whatever manipulated or genuine data gets released around the globe.. But strictly speaking, they didn't even need 1% death rate to depopulate, as long as the stealth or at least plausibly deniable malfunction that affects the reproduction is all they achieved.

and here's the most recent presentation in the EU parliament by Dr David Martin that describes the history of when did this bioweapon really start developing? Ans. 1965 - 1990


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RFK jr said he's seen the receipts showing the two top funders of 'COVID' and COVID countermeasures are the NSA followed by the Pentagon.

Robert Kennedy said the DOD developed the technology using outside contractors, that they coordinated with outside manufacturers to have the shots made, and that the drug companies like Pfizer and Moderna are being used to put their names on the products.

The patents indicate the technology belongs to the US Government, Canadian Arbutus, and others, and the reduced graphene oxide based hydrogels are made in China by Sinopeg.

The purpose of the COVID scamdemic was to increase digital spy and control networks using 5G and the cloud to create an absolute spy and control network of every human being. That is the NSA and Pentagon running amok from the Constitution.

COVID vaccinated people are emitting unidentified MAC addresses. When I'm by myself, my phone gets zero MAC addresses. When I'm visited by vaccinated people, people I know were vaccinated, they emit a MAC address, an unidentified MAC address. When I go to stores, I turn on my bluetooth scanner and it picks up tons of MAC addresses.

COVID is biocircuitry for spy and control networks using 5G, cell phones and the cloud. It is a spy OP by our out of control NSA and Pentagon.

I have seen many documents detailing this capability, and many documents are disappearing from the internet.

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We are not helpless.. We are the most powerful organism in this universe and they know it and fear us. It would take such a small awakening to wipe these parasites out. I digress.. In one way I kind of agree with your "influence of the stars " idea for the flu because all "disease" is a product of our environment. Closer to us I think these flu events are driven by changes in air pressure - a product of our wider environment and seasonal differences. The "virus" is a propagandistic device of control. As described by the criminals - is just does NOT exist. But it does engender great fear - for control. Hmm DNA - does it exist as described - probably not. They started off saying DNA was unique and uniquely described an organism - now it has been proved to change - different signatures in the same organism. In fact - at the end of 15 years research I have come to understand that we live in a bubble/video game/ frequency vibrational realm where most everything we believe is a lie. Of course - that's the way they want it. Most everything you digest is pure propaganda - only the love of your family and dog are real - mostly :)

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Steve, could you evaluate this. It sounds like a piece not being considered by some I trust, and I would just like to understand why. Both my daughter and I are suffering brain blood clots and want to consider researching anything that might help us seek treatment. The way this is not being considered is confusing! It’s so hard to sort out who is contributing to communicating the truth. While there are many pieces still coming together from different trustworthy sources, there have also been some really deceptive actors. Why is this piece getting disregarded as it sounds like it is from this video. It seems to have strong evidence as well.

Thank you for all of your work on behalf of our family and all of humanity!

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Hi Steve and Sasha. You're both doing a great service for us all. I’ve been watching you and Sasha and and would like to point out that the mRNA gene therapy was forbidden by Law and it is a Vast potential market for Pharmaceuticals. This is one major reason they created this false Plandemic so they could get the mRNA technology accepted as a medicine and make quadrillions of dollars forever, injecting and otherwise placing these mRNA products in everyone forever.

Another point is that in science you need a control experiment. If you take your active substance, pass it through a process and produce a result, you need to take an inactive substance (eg. water) and pass it through the SAME process and see the result. Virology NEVER DID THIS. As shown by Dr Stefan Lanka, the result is the SAME. Thus virology is a pseudo science. Check our Dr Stefan Lanka and also how brilliantly Marvin Haberland proved to the German Legal System that the basis for Covid is pseudo science.

A third point is you cannot patent a natural substance or process. Patents only apply to man-made ‘things’. SARSCOV2 apparently has many patents, thus clearly showing it is man made. Thus there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of these supposed natural ‘viruses’ , particularly SARSCOV2, that infect cells and replicate. What happens is that the man made mRNA enters the cell and fools the cell to produce a ‘Spiked protein’ which is designed around snake venom proteins which destroy the body and all its organs.

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thank you for the Interesting points made by Sasha. There's a potential link to the human biome via snake venom + conotoxin peptides, well known attack vectors that produce the same symptoms as COVID, long-covid, clotting, and even those fibrous white clots extracted from dead people.

It is understood that in small dosages poisons have been used in medicine for a while, but those can also be used to truly poison people and cause harm and death (that's the reason they're called poisons). Dr Ardis presents evidence from different publications of the venom theory in his new documentary just released today, he also mentioned the human biome in a couple different points in it. And he also offers well published facts about the attack vector being the water!


and Dr Mike Yeadon , ex Pfizer VP, also supports that this is supranational and trying to depopulate.


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Really good discussion Sasha and Steve. Sasha, I guess life thinks you're too young to be retired. Thank you for all the work and effort you put in to sorting this criminally horrendous mess out. Always grateful to Steve for continuously exposing the harms of these mRNA inoculations and his tenacious drilling away through all the propaganda to expose this huge wall we are up against. I'm always thankful to Steve for showing us that this wall really exists and our health agencies deliberately refuse to have a civil discussion regarding the Covid-19 adverse event data and they still refuse to release all the data surrounding these inoculations.

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Am waiting for the replay of this interview. Hope it is soon.

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Did I miss the China bit?

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David Martin said simply that Shing-Li brought some coronavirus material from Wuhan directly to Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina prior to the filing of the patent that describes in some detail the SARS-Cov-2 'virus'. This was before 2002. SARS-Cov-2 didn't exist prior to 2002. SARS-Cov-2 wasn't mentioned in any literature until after it was patented in 2002. It is notable that Baric and Shing-Li were co-filers on some SARS-Cov-2 patents all the way up to 2015. The novel thing turns out not to be novel at all. DARPA funded much of Baric's research at UNC.

If there are bad actors in this Baric and Fauci should be number 1 and number 2 in the list.

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Ms Latypova does rather seem to be "late to the party " of Dr Martin's previous revelations of his experience going back at least 2 decades....?

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I will keep stating the blindingly obvious. The vaccine is the bio-weapon as all vaccines have been and ever will be, amen, unless people get their collective act together and realise that.

The virus was not a manufactured germ etc. This is blatantly obvious from the fact that in Wuhan where we were told the nonsense started, it is or was in winter 2020 highly industrially polluted.

This is all basic meteorology that a child could understand. Please see here for an explanation.


This alone should defeat the virus lie, but there is so much more as well.

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Sasha, Katherine Watts, & Todd Callender all assert that the shot isn’t a “vaccine” -- it’s a bonafide “bio-weapon”!

Beyond interviewing Sasha, could you also please interview Katherine Watts & Todd Callender on your platform, either together or individually? It would further substantiate Sasha’s findings.

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