You have to wonder why nobody is going after Dr Cole’s medical license..is he controlled opposition?

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Patty - you should contact Dr Ryan Cole and send him what he needs - he'll be able to confirm your suspicions - these people like Fauci need to be prosecuted for the murder of millions - I am so very sorry We all have to spread the word so that this stops because now they're going after babies and children. Ed Dowd's interview with Tucker Carlson speaks about this enormous spike in deaths of the healthiest group of people - 19-49 year olds. My prayers are with you and your family.

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This interview with Dr. Cole was incredible! Thank you! Have Dr. Cole's slides been posted yet and if yes, where can I find them please? Thank you so much!

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Please share the link for the Dr. Cole presentation!

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This was a terrific interview and presentation with Dr. Ryan Cole! I have listened to it twice, trying to write down everything he said to do to reduce harms from the spike protein, and optimize one’s overall health. It would be easier to just have Dr. Cole’s slide presentation. Is this posted anywhere that I can download it? Thank you.

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In view of the number of article I'm seeing now that acknowledge the probable harms from these mRNA shots predicted by so many knowledgeable people whose warning were erased by the medical establishment and mainstream media are happening in highly vaccinated communities around the world, I find it reassuring that information is starting to appear about diet / lifestyle changes that may mitigate the effects of spike protein and purge graphene oxide from the body.

Though unvaccinated myself I have friends and family members who are experiencing symptoms that have been linked to vaccine side effects.

Only one 'died suddenly' in my circle so far and he was 89 so coincidence is feasible in that case.

It's also reassuring to at last be able to say I am unvaccinated without attracting a shitstorm of abuse from people I'm never likely to meet but who still want to accuse me of trying to murder them.

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My husband's son 33yo died of previously unknown heart failure in his sleep 6/2022. We got the proof yesterday that he had 2 miderna vaccinations. The doctors who push these clot shots need to stand alongside the pharmaceutical scum for crimes against humanity.

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Terrific interview. In a sane world, Dr. Cole might hold a prominent position on a CDC advisory board, and not be buried in totalitarian obscurity. We watched it together, and we'll watch portions again.

I found it interesting, but she, still healthy, found it especially relevant and encouraging. I know, I know...but the torture of separation quickly (mere hours) proved too hideous to endure. So, we've responded by hanging an image of a strapping young guy in single-minded, feverish congress with a giant scorpion, the stinger dangling menacingly just over his back, and then simply gone about our business.

But, not exactly, business as usual. When we're hiking together, for example, we'll keep it mild as per Dr. Cole.

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Love Ryan Cole for being fearless like Kirsch, David Martin, and of course myself as I lead in arrests with 4:

The biggest war is versus the private Fed Reserve as Google has even censored out the 2015 priority date of this patent while fact checkers are sweating bullets. Some believe our DOJ absorbed the FED.


The Pfizer files will change the world and if you saw Project Veritas dramatics, you haven't seen anything yet. This release will be Civil + Revolutionary + World war diplomacy dispute revolution, entitled the new KING of MASS Tort. All praises to the highest Counsel.

Pfizer Files - USA


Pfizer Files - Israel


Patent Trail of Tears


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There’s nothing to my knowledge that can get rid of the spike proteins that’s there for life. I have however heard to try and get rid of the adverse reactions use Ivermectin. There are also over a thousand adverse events.

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