Can anyone explain why the bottom of his shirt is red? Also, his tie and right sleeve seem to have a red cast.

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These are not US marines. Here is the article. It in the Philippines and that is their military. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9843021/Lloyd-Austin-takes-no-chances-forced-wear-VISOR-Philippines.html

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Doesn't alter the fact that Lloyd Austin is as dumb as a box of rocks, and could only have been promoted in Obiden-Bama's military.

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Scompliance is about as far as it goes.

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Submitting Truth-Telling

once again, re masks and

social distancing :

Forwarded Message :

Dear ScienceAlert Editors,

Covid Hoax // Climate Hoax :

You’ve Been Duped by

a Globalized Science


Read and Learn,

then stop misinforming

your readers :

— Introduction —

1) They are not “vaccines,” given the recent re-definition of that term by the Medical Mafia—they are EGIs : Experimental Gene Injections ( my term ).

2) Social distancing is a silly, useless exercise—unless air has stopped circulating.

3) Masks are useless because of the definition of a MICRON—which defining size helps to understand why the so-called “virus” ( and variants ) – never has been isolated, but depicted by pretty drawings ! – is 1/10th the size of a MICRON, passing through masks like tossing sand through a chainlink fence.

It’s all been Kabuki Theatre for effecting POWER, CONTROL, and PROFIT—by the Medical Mafia of treat-the-symptoms-not-the-CAUSE “medicine.”



My Original Message :

- Steps to Effecting a Hoax // The Climate Change Hoax and Global Government -

Steps to EFFECTING a Hoax :

Secretly plan to weaponize normal

year-to-year cold and flu-bug epi-

demics—in order to cover-up a plan

for effecting massive Vote-Fraud;

for STOPPING logic-driven Trump

and his massive voter-base.

How would Biden & Team expect

to win while Biden could not get 60

people on a parking lot ! (( hidden

by MSM using cropping of pictures

and videos )) when Trump was able

to attract 16,000 into a stadium ?

I began explaining the “Covid-19

Hoax” in June of 2020. Why a

H O A X ? :

—because gain-of-function efforts

ALWAYS Fail, because of this one

rule driving THIS universe of things :

E N T R O P Y !

Every variant of ANY bug handed

down from initial infectivity, is LESS

and LESS and LESS potent !

Another clue those idiotic masters

of DECEIT had done, was to inform

us in July of 2020 :

[ MSM reporting that : ] “The normal

year-to-year cold and flu infections

are down 98%.”

Why the idiots reported that ?—

because more and more people

had been asking:

“What happened to colds and flu?”

To what EVIL End, all this Kabuki

Theatre by ELITE, can’t-get-the-girl

psychopaths ? : the Climate Change

hoax!, as means to create One-World

Government, under the auspices of a

U.N.-directed/-imposed Global

Economic Socialism/Communism.







Change :

Forwarded Message :

Dear ScienceDaily Editor,

I’ve coined a term  to

explain :

“CLIMATE Change”

— Cyclical Solar-Effected Climate Change —

Precession is an Earth-cycle of about 25,500

years, which always-recurring Earth-cycle is

billions of years old, where the tilt of the

Earth rotates around its axis, causing CLIMATE

Change—effecting shifts in Climate from

glaciation-to-warming-and-back-again periods,

NOT due to manmade pollution ( NOT due to

“greenhouse gases” ).

Anyone there know about that Solar-Cycle ?

Co2 pollution - re IMPACT on CLIMATE - is

akin to tossing a marble into an olympic-sized

swimming pool.

WARMISTS hope to reduce Co2 to ZERO!, even

though Co2 is food for plants and trees and

ocean flora !

If you examine non-WARMIST scientists’ research,

they gravely WARN us of starvation from a

coming ( “minimum” ? ) glaciation period.

It might be coming !

Find and study the late Robert Felix’s book,

“Not by Fire but by Ice”—a fine introduction to

the above paragraphs ( at least, read his last page ).

If you give it a fair/serious reading, you might be

prompted to begin to finance Hydroponic Facilities

across the U.S.

Curiously, there is one in West Virginia that is

massive!—and one near my property.

Why? Do they serve in-the-know military interests ?

Are you prepared—just in case ?



Please consider sending

my letter to friends and



All about ENTROPY :



Behind the scenes EVIL Actors—Driving Global Terrorism :


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Will they be wearing face shields and masks in battle. Or will they insist that their opponents observe 'social distancing.' Asking for a friend.

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I think social distancing is preferable in battles. Hand to hand combat plays havoc with your smart fatigues- especially if you consider yourself non gender specific and have recently applied the very latest trend in nail varnish to your elegant fingers.

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I totally get your point. I had a secretary once who refused to page check some documents b/c she'd just had a manicure. Priorities!

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Good staff is hard to get. l used to sack myself at least twice a week.

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I wish someone had asked about Doe v Rumsfeld. The Federal courts already ruled that the military can't use soldiers for guinea pigs when they tried this same tactic in approximately 2003 with the unapproved anthrax vaccine. Since Comirnaty is unavailable in the US, I don't understand how the military is getting away with forcing experimental vaccines [again].

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They are still using the anthrax vaccine and never stopped. The VA is continuing gulf war syndrome for another 5 years I believe because people are still getting sick. I was vx injured in 04 by the anthrax and smallpox shot. Gulf war syndrome even though I was not in the gulf war and only deployed to Qatar in 04. The only thing the same is the anthrax vx. The only thing the courts did in 2004 when a lawsuit made it to the courts was change the vx schedule and lengthen the time between the 5 series and not have multiple vx given with the anthrax shot which they still are not doing. My husband is active and has been seeing it affecting our troops in his squadron.

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There is a 5 part series that just came out I recommend to everyone. I have no ties to this docuseries. The first one is free, so you get a trial viewing. The whole series is $11.99. If you think if valuable, please pass on to others. We need to start spreading real science.


copy and past this to your search bar. The name of the series is The Viral Delusion.

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Why does Darth Vader have a medal?

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In my day, bottles came in glass with a cap and a round bit of cork in it to seal. We would pull the cork out and place this behind our shirt and then push the bottle top carefully onto it. l had lots of medals, and if you look carefully you will read on the heroic general's "Coka Cola".

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Dork Corps; first thing that came to mind.

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Why don't they just send Admiral Levine to sail the ship?

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The picture is from July 30, 2021 when Austin visited the Philippines and was roundly mocked for this picture...https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9843021/Lloyd-Austin-takes-no-chances-forced-wear-VISOR-Philippines.html

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See https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/navy-sent-commander-seeking-vax-religious-exemption-sea-blames-judge . Judge denied the requested stay on March 02.

"Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver told the Navy Times on Monday that the Navy's claim that they lost confidence in the commander is contradicted by the service's own actions.

""When this was filed in court saying the ship is not deployable because they lost confidence in the Commander, the Commander was on board the ship out to sea for two weeks of testing and training for military readiness," Staver noted. "He returned to port last Friday, March 4, after the drills were completed."

"In Liberty Counsel's March 1 filing, the attorneys wrote that prior to the COVID vaccine being made available, the ship was underway for more than 300 out of 400 days during the pandemic "with no operational impediment," the Navy Times reported."

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Well I had to check but I am reasonably sure the picture here that leads Steve Kirsch's story about the military and masking is not genuine. I thought they looked a bit like all asian troops, and an ex-Marine buddy also agreed those are not US Marines, likely from china or Taiwan. The uniforms are incorrect for our Marines in several details and in the background behind the medal touting suit is a teal color of uniform that raises lots of alarm bells if it's supposed to represent the US Military. I was out at Luke AFB today and have to retract some of what I'd said earlier, or shall we say 'update' my comments. The gate guard had no mask and the commissary had a "no mask required" sign for the first time in 2 years. What I said earlier about a required covid test to enter the hospital was via an email from the health insurance provider Tricare so I have no reason to doubt the validity of that but the pic and state of masking represented in the photo leading this story is in question I'm afraid.

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Sounds about right for the military. Just remember of all the veterans who voted for the idiot Biden and his self described communist VP Harris. Basically, every veteran voting for B-H has pissed on the graves of all those who suffered and died believing they were fighting communism, and keeping America safe from its evil. Now its here, with Biden voting vets making all past sacrifices just for nothing.

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I ordered some from Canada before with no problem and just ordered more from India.

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Anyone have a good source for Ivermectin pills? Dr. Eads says 0.8 mg/kg 2X/week to protect even the unvaxxed from spike protein shed from the vaxed masses

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Mar 25, 2022·edited Mar 25, 2022

Yes. I have received 4 prescriptions of Ivermectin for my wife and I from this source. https://www.pushhealth.com/

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