Does anyone know where I can access a list of pro-medical freedom lawyers? They are incredibly difficult to find and I heard that there was a list but I am unable to locate it.


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File ICC complaints and levy it against the UN. Use Declarations on human rights they violated as countries ignored fundamental human rights with vaccine mandates and hate speech and terrorizing citizens labeling them public health threats threatening fines and jail and medical ethics breaches. Get some teeth and do the proper litigation on behalf of humanity. The countries ignored the atrocities of Nazi Germany thalidomide tragedy polio tragedy.

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April is Minority Health Month 

The U.S. has one of the world’s highest rates of maternal mortality among developed countries. The most recent data show significant increases in maternal mortality from 2019-2021.


Number of death from maternal causes

% increase from prior year

Number of deaths per 100,000 live births

% increase from prior year
















The maternal mortality rate is even higher for Black women, whose maternal mortality rate is 2.6 times higher than that of White women. Why is this happening? 

Join Mercy Care for free screenings of the new film, BIRTHING JUSTICE. We’ll also have a panel discussion after the 5 p.m. screening to address key points raised in the film and how we can make an impact in Arizona. 

Seating is limited. Reserve your seat today! It's easy. Just click here or on the [Register!] button below.

I received this in an email and noticed the deaths went up after the Vax. See chart.

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The U.S. government approved its first three payments to people injured by COVID-19 vaccines — amounting to a total of $4,634.89.

The Health and Resources Service Administration (HRSA) vaccine injury claims report, updated monthly, shows one $2,019.55 payment for anaphylaxis and two payments — $1,582.65 and $1032.69 — for myocarditis.

The payments were made through HRSA’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).

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This video is the epitomy of the cautionary statement, "do not judge a book by its cover". Steve, does the person speaking in this video comport with your suvey findings and conclusions, or, in your opion, is the purported expert witness with direct experience working inside pharma merely and or exclusively talking about the worst vax batches? This video may provide a basis to transition for civil to criminal prosecution - are we there yet? https://www.bitchute.com/video/FYCxFC1edZbE/

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Hi Steve and friends, aloha. A great big thanks for your smart and brave work; much appreciated.

* As I know Language Sculpting I'm replying to your sentence, "You don't want to miss it." In N.L.P. it says MISS IT. It's about what people hear. My recommendation is to sculpt it and other NOTS going forward into positive messages such as "You do want to view it." Etc.

Saying, "Don't think of a pink elephant" requires one to think of a pink elephant and simultaneously to avoid thinking of a pink elephant. Ouch! Confusion reigns until we correct it with proper sculpting.

No problem (two negative words in a two word phrase) can be sculpted into All good.

I'm sorry into Thank you

That's killing me into That wakes me up!

I propose that saying "Do no harm" is communicating to DO HARM in our brains.

Don't have an accident is better sculpted into Stay safe.

Google's long-time former logo of "Do no evil" translates in language Sculpting into DO EVIL.

The Washington Post's "Democracy dies in darkness" translates into DEMOCRACY DIES.

Thoughts are things. When we spell words we're literally casting a spell.

It's said in metaphysics that "What I resist - persists", and "What I focus on ... grows". Heads-up!

May unexpected blessings and love keep coming to you and from you.


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Outstanding progress.

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I would love to support VSRF- when is their consensus statement refuting virology coming out...?

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About time for the courtroom battles; don't hold my breath though as most judges are compromised. Speaking from my own experiences with the CA court system.

Will definitely support the good cause at VSRF after our mask-off contest Steve ;)

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Also, Dr Naomi Wolf’s Hillsdale College presentation this week is a must listen too, as well as the other speakers at this conference


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Steve do you have an email address? I’d like to send you some thing about my own experience.

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Apr 13·edited Apr 13

"...much of the country is so hostile to health interventions, the fear is that health officials will be wary of doing things that may be necessary to protect the public health.”

What planet has she been living on?

Billions of people have injected an experimental, unnecessary, and, now we know, harmful jab. Were they "fearful"of the "health intervention"? No. They didn't even require proper testing.

Health officials were blatantly UNwary with their 24/7 propaganda campaign whilst big pharma made big profits at the Warp Speed of Science ™.

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Worth the watch.


I’ll ask again: Steve please offer financial assistance to families who want autopsies following suspicious deaths.

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Apr 13·edited Apr 13

Congratulations to this excellent group of individuals and definitely keep up the good work. It definitely is and will continue to be very much an uphill struggle against the Elites and the globalist entities that are pushing this on us. An excellent way to push back against them is exactly this way as it does force them to stop and think, and it brings more information to the general public as well as people begin hearing and reading about it more and more.

It will be a very long and a difficult path, one that must conclude with the convening of Nuremberg, 2.0 trials for crimes against humanity; this is an essential step to that goal.

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Steve, thanks for what you do. Many decades ago I worked at MIT/IL and developed a great appreciation for the MIT people, some of whom might be described as a bit odd. But you, among all of the MIT world, seems to have done well and seem to be a dogged pursuer of the truth regardless of the current political ideology, and for that attitude, I thank you. I've made some small progress here in the Rockies, and none of it has been officially acknowledged, but that's OK because I subscribe to the school of thought that 'everything we do counts.' Have a great day, and may success continue to attend your efforts.

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