Thank you, I will accept and embrace your blessings, it is important to hold space for hope, good faith and will, and optimism.

Of all the Australians I am among those living in the state to which many have fled the tyranny. There is no seat at the table for complacency and so activism is all that's on the menu. I believe Steve knows what you want him to know, maybe you haven't heard him express it in a way that satisfies confirmation to you, so consider that every game has rules and information is power as is withholding information is also a tool in a power play game. He cannot possibly not know, is my opinion. I trust that the "group" assembled that includes Steve are proactive, reactive, creative, alert and curiously critical and inquiring minds that do not know the meaning of rest. Each communication is open to interpretation by its recipients and I have read many and captured them because I am interested in the broad community view. Do you know the saying "it takes a village"? I believe it is beneficial to have a broad community and in that I believe Steve knows what there is to know. If I could leave you with another perspective of mine. That is: if you have access to someone who has done a fine job of inquiry and investigation and recording the evidence for public access then there is no need to send resources to swim in that pond because the work has been executed to a degree that is undeniable and open for all to access. It is better to tick off that evidence and continue working on (pursuing) those areas where deceit, money and illegitimate power muddies the waters. We must never give up and we must see the indefinite continuation of 'what we do now' as the never ending future. It is indeed a life sentence we have stepped into that must be handed down and on to the generations to come for this type of crime, corruption, call it what is most meaningful, will need to be supervised like a prisoner by a warden, only the term of sentence is eternally never to be released.

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I agree he is now being more realistic in his appraisal of the covid farce. Unfortunately pussy-footing around just to maintain your voice is disinformation. I am really angry with the medical profession and particularly with politicians, l would cheerfully hang the lot of the latter given the choice!

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I first read "....one of the few public truth-tellers in the medical community" as "in the medieval community".

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Steve, it's the FSMB who control the State Medical Boards. The Federation of State Medical Boards was created in 1913, the same year the (sic) Federal Reserve was created. FSMB went global in the 1990ies. Their address is 400 Fuller drive Eules, Texas. If you google earth you can see their two buildings. They employ over 300 people. The FSMB are the culprits who are behind silencing doctors. Very few people have even heard of this secretive group. Hope this helps, thanks hoss.

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Shameful. These are the medical professionals we go to for care, truth and healing? I do not recognize my country, our lieing gov or health professionals any more. Its sad and its unconsionable.

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Why is it that you keep calling CoviD-19 "Covid" in lock-step with the lame stream media as they spread Dis, not Mis Information ?

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It’s almost gotten to the point where I listen to the narrative on anything and then turn the other way. And this applies not only to medical advice, but to “cl!mate change”, the Ukraine-Russian tangle, etc. Up is down, right is wrong, war is peace. Sigh!

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If America continues down this path, I expect to hear upon retirement, “Thank You for Your Contribution” followed by an injection of toxic green jello.

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Well then we know now which doctor you can trust,and who you cannot trust.

For the ones who like to play russian roulette with their lives and like to play again after getting addicted to 'living on the edge' by so many games per year with the clothshots, which are quite many people, are ment to be those lying doctors patients. If they mess up, they tell nothing! And that is what a real covidian wants: denying even you are in a wheelchair: it just happend by coincidence just after I was operated on by one of the 'lying doctors', not to confuse with the 'flying docters': they were also not real doctors, but they were honest about the fact that as actors, it is their job to play somebody else, and you could read this everytime BEFORE the appaered on you television, and another difference is that the flying doctors ment it well.

Well maybe there is no problem: the law seperates the doctor to where you should NOT go, think the law is okee.

By the way: doctors learn their whole live and the hospital or his collegues may rely on those doctors they red the science pieces of work they need. But how on earth is a doctor like that able to do so???!! He is a-mathematicial, and not capable to seperate the studies for selling someting versus studies done to really learn someting about curing people!!!!

And how about this: covidiodoctoriots support selling. We know that now very very sure because of the clothshots. Deaths to covidiodoctoriots are

1 allowed and okay as no problem, which I very much fear, and of course couldn't I possibly disagree more on that!

2 they don't know, because they still thrust and believe in an honest (or not, also possible!) big pharma, and or they didn't check or whathever they didn't which they HAVE HAD DONE at least when collegues start telling the shots weren't save, nor effective. And on the other hand: they HAD TO KNOW

1 that CHILDREN didn't need protection because there was no threat and certainly not dying from corona you NEVER know as patient of a covididoctoriot

2 that EXPIRIMENTAL cures for kids ARE A BIG FAT NO GO and RED FLAGS and NO NO NO everywhere in their heads

covididoctoriots are never ever to be trusted by nobody again in the rest of their lives. Ik keep on saying it: it is that easy, and no more no less just that: a no go to everbody who wants know something and believes things when it is not about his or her health, for instance because it is completly stupid and very very unnecessary!

But one advice: invest a day or something of your free time and look for real doctors you could rely on when you need them ever in your life. Check when you are already patient of a doctor somewhere, and switch to a reliable doctor when necessary. Try to organise people for searching and whenever possible supporting reliable doctors!

And without their doctorslicence, they are still as good as they were before: start an insurrance company for paying for clients doctors who lost their license because of refusing being a lying lifethreatening bigpharma salesman.

And than I like to compare the cost whit the salesmen doctors insurrancecompanies! I bet the pay at least 10 times more, and that is not the only thing: they pay it like three times too! Covididoctoriots cures for money, not for their patient! Looks like a way of endless expenses and little results and lots of harm to me

Why is NOBODY talking about this dear Steve!!! Please will you?!

This is, in my opinion, far more dangerous than the covid clothshot circus of let it rain dollars in the pools of the most riches people in the world, because the bank has no numbers left because they were already the most rich people in the world!

And it NEVER IS ENOUGH for those guys

And losing your life is no problem according to them, if they gain something for themselves, money or, honour, a bit of extra power, a gift

That is what is going on, so I guess you have to happy with a clear seggregation to real doctors, and to those who are not, and simply cannot be ever

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I agree with you , Vinay is a great Clinician and academic . I follow his work , he is in fact vaccinated which was his choice however like myself sees there is not the data for mandates or over vaccination as regards boosters . There is scientific evidence to suggest that T cell immunity can prevent further severity when reinfected that’s for , vaxxed , unvaxxed ( natural immunity ) and hybrid . Certainly with a virus mutating to become more infectious we don’t have a vaccine capable of handling that incubation period unless we continue revaccinating every 3 months . So there must be a move towards stooping the covid in cases where we really need to at this initial infection period . Mandates nope , mass vaccination nope , masks everywhere nope . There’s a nuance about the application of public health for cOVID and not an Absolute , however it’s the same when considering COVID and protecting the vulnerable , here vaccines may be necessary

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Keep up the great work!!!!

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Steve, I'm sorry, but have to say this, LOUD. Prasad, A PROFESSOR, who is employed, gets possibly great salary, does not allow to post ANY comments on his substack posts when you do not pay to his account!!!???? THIS IS RIDICULOUS, in my opinion. WHY? Write articles and don't allow to read them, but to post a simple comment for money is a greed to a level I just can't get it.

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Prof Mattias Desmet's outstanding book The Psychology of Totalitarianism - possibly the most important of the 21st century - explains in detail the thinking behind how scientists/medics got to this state and is very well written and incredibly well researched. Far more background to help really understand how research/academia could react in this way than revealed in his many interviews. I'm only on chapter 2. Hope he posits some solutions!

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2 hr ago

HAVE A DEBATE!! Have one of your comrades prepare to debate you as if they were pro vaccine/covid narrative. If they continue to refuse to have a public debate we will do it for them and use their own tools and tactics to put them on display for all to see...in a very classy and professional way of course.

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Jul 19, 2022·edited Jul 19, 2022

I just learned Dr. Prasad was from UCSF ... this may sound preposterous to many -- BUT! I've proved to myself I have been right many times in my life to see the 'writing on the wall' before others.

Caroline Bollinger said UCSF mandates are outrageous; this confirms my theory this is a genocide focused & perpetrated mostly on the Liberal Left ...

Think about it; CNN & MSNBC have their LBGGQ talking heads Anderson Cooper, Don Lemmon & Rachel Maddow pushing vax's and hating on the non-vaxxed ... The GOP wants to turn the USA into a theocracy (if you doubt this; look i to Mikey Weinstein's work on building a wall between the US Military & Religion - they now privatized Christian Military to get past his litigation; CMFHQ.org

It is a fact that BLUE States are more vaxxed than RED states - this is by intention ... It does NOT surprise me in the least that UCSF would have extreme mandates --- this is war against all Liberal Idelogy ... the NWO is about to unfold what they have dubbed "Chrislam" the joining of Christianity with Islam; - they include Judaism -(all patriarchal religions that in their extremist, fundamentalist versions are both misogynistic & homophobic.

They just opened the Chrislam Center in UAE February 2022 ...





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What made you sick? I’m not so sure that a tiny protein package with some DNA in it has the capacity to make you sick. The experiments to try to prove this are really ridiculous and do not stand up to scrutiny. We all know that when you are convinced of something, you will fit reality into your belief system.

To pop out of the matrix of our own making… we must keep an open mind and question everything.

Steve, I’ve been so impressed with your work. You are a warrior and are standing up for what is right. Please keep going… allow your mind to bend even further. I think you will be amazed….

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