Steve, You have missed some important reason for under-reporting to the VAERS system. Even after you take the time to understand the VAERS reporting system, it takes about half an hour of clinician time to complete the cumbersome process for each case. This is unreimbursed time. Self-employed folks are struggling financially. Employed clinicians have strict schedules, so most can only do the reporting on their own personal time. And, this reporting is actively discouraged by many institutions.

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Fabulous work, Steve.

How soon after midterms before the "red team" takes the field and sets up a team comprised of FLCCC and VSRF members (such as yourself) to conduct oversight as an overhaul of existing failed governmental agencies takes place?

None too soon, me thinks!

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"How do you know that the vaccines are safe?"

"A billion doses and there's been very few problems."

"How do you know there have been few issues?"

"The CDC haS a system in place to monitor adverse advents."

"Right, it's called VAERS. It's shattered any previous records of adverse reporting."

"Ya, that's unreliable."

"If the system in place to monitor the safety of vaccines is unreliable, how do you know it's safe?"


"Billions of doses dude."

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How many times have I heard all that? Too many. I, too, pointed out the current high VAERS numbers and gotten the same, "everyone knows VAERS is flawed and unreliable" response. Then they claim that everyone's filing false reports to exaggerate the numbers as if it's just a matter of typing in your name on line and hitting send.

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I have a friend (who lives in California, of course) who, when I showed her the OpenVAERS site, used the fraud argument. She's been quad-jabbed and filed a VAERS report each time, in order to counter-balance against this supposed fraud. If there is indeed fraud, it's so gigantic that it would be easy to spot and hard to ignore.

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Only trolls/shill can say VAERS is overreported, there is enough evidence the opposite is the case, most health workers here report never because they are told not to in my country, you have trouble if you do.

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If there was a horde of trolls filing fake vaccine reports then it would surely make the headline news after they get busted. I mean they are going to get busted because the CDC is doing the most extensive safety monitoring in history so they are certainly taking care of that.

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Has anyone had family members who were never vaxxed but suddenly developed new problems after the COVID-19 "vaccine" rollouts? I wonder about the possible effects of shedding. Three of my family members who were in their 80s - my father, my mother, and my aunt - died last year. They were all in frequent close contact with healthcare personnel for various non-lethal health problems (physical therapy, skin problems, eye exams, etc.). My mother and my aunt both developed shingles. My father suddenly and unexpectedly died of heart failure in March. He had recently had an ultrasound to check for DVT (blood clots) in his legs after developing swelling in one of them; the d-dimer test come back positive/high, but the ultrasound didn't reveal any clots. My aunt died in March of sepsis. My mother began having strokes early last year, which ended up killing her in October. All of this occurred in 2021.

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I am so sorry for your losses. One is too many. Thank you for sharing.

Here's an article about a study (which is linked in the article) that was done showing that shedding is a real thing through skin to skin contact and aerosol: https://adversereactionreport.com/injuries/university-of-colorado-scientists-study-confirms-vax-shedding/

Also, Pfizer has it in their documentation, if memory serves me right, that healthcare individual and anyone else who was in contact with trial participants be aware of the shedding possibilities (I can't remember where I saw that - I might have it in my notes) and the FDA has a page about shedding on their website from several years ago. Apparently, many vaccines do shed even the flu vaccine. It's absolutely evil and insane.

There are many, many anecdotal accounts of people who have not been inoculated being affected by those who are. In fact, it seems like my husband has been affected 2x. Months back he had a blood spot in his eye (subconjunctival hemorrhage) which I found was linked to this crap and could be a symptom for those who have gotten the shot and just the other day, we went to an outdoor farmer's market and when we got back into the car my husband asked me if his face was red and it was. He said his head felt funny. He ended up feeling a bit ill but by taking all the supplements we take, he felt better that night. He felt something the next morning but it went away quickly. We take zeolite in the powdered form (liquid form is worthless) which binds to positively charged ions in the body (and does other amazing things) 3 times per day and when we're around people we take black seed oil which is also amazing stuff with many health benefits but specifically for this instance apparently acts like ivermectin. Glycoproteins (spike proteins), lipid nano particles (petrochemicals), and graphene oxide, all very highly toxic, are also all positively charged. We also take other virus/bacteria stopping supplements like monolaurin (brand, Lauricidin), as well as, drink pine needle tea which is very high in vitamin C (and apparently has other spike protein stopping action, as well - I'm not sure of the detail) and can be gotten from the pine trees in your backyard or local park. You can look up how to make it and which pine trees are safe (most are but do the research to be sure you have the right type). Anyway, I think everyone unless you're in a bubble should be taking preventatives. Humic acid is also an amazing antiviral and cell healing supplement and should be supplemented everyday especially this time of year and if you're around anyone you think has been inoculated. You need to keep your cells healthy, too. To do that, one needs to detox the toxins out of their body.

Hope that helps.

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Wow, so much great information. Thank you so much!

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Oct 24, 2022·edited Oct 24, 2022

I kept getting the angry and irrational attack when I commented on NY Times articles in the comment section mentioning VAERS that "anyone" can file reports and it was unreliable. The question is "who" was filing the fake reports? It is onerous to file a report, they are checked out, verified in many cases and deleted by the corrupt CDC, ie if someone dies and can't pick up the phone or respond. So really the only aspect of them that is unreliable is due to the CDC cancel culture.

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Why can't we filter for reports done by medical professionals? I mean they can't trash it if it's all filled out by doctors. Maybe there are enough filled out just by them to prove our point.

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It seems interesting that healthcare workers are less likely to report adverse events related to the COVID shots than other shots in VAERS. They don't WANT the jabs to look bad. It's a very sad day when you realize there are healthcare workers who don't look out for your best interests, but only parrot a narrative.

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How can the CDC simultaneously claim that VAERS is over reported and under reported?

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Just think about their level of intelligence and you have your answer.

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That's what you get when you ask them for the over/under on this.

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I am wondering if the reasons listed for why healthcare workers aren’t speaking up relate to all vaccines in general. Here are some of the reasons that healthcare workers are underreporting events associated with the [ALL] vaccines:

Doctors are told over and over again that the… vaccines are extremely safe and there are only a few adverse events and they are mild.

Doctors are discouraged from filing VAERS reports because that would increase vaccine hesitancy which is not the patriotic thing to do. [and only fuels the “anti-vax” movement]

There are also so many more events happening (autism, allergies, immune conditions, child cancer) for these vaccines that even doctors who realize what is going on don’t have the time to file the reports.

Would add the corruption, regulatory capture, financial incentives, and revolving door of the both CDC and FDA vaccine regulatory boards. For that matter, the financial incentives of your regular physician practice and the financial ties of vaccine schedule compliance and both federal/state funds. Bureaucratization of medicine and the elimination of independent physicians has put the patient last.

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If they could find a way to rebrand fentanyl as a vaccine then they would be attacking people for not being opioid addicts.

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This happens in industry all the time people turn a blind to things they know are wrong

some are getting monetary compensation for doing so or it’s just not worth their time because it doesn’t affect them personally or who are they gonna talk to

and why risk your job

you can throw this in with all the other means God uses for judgment against a pagan people .

Habakkuk 1:4

“Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.“

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I was bed ridden those days the survey was out but I was made aware of them. I watched the are the kids okay video and balled my eyes out and was In the bed for a week from being overwhelmed.

You know me and who I am but those who don’t , I’m Lyndsey and a prior 36 year old healthy prior collegiate softball athlete and RN, and I’m a vax injured RN who has never had the virus. I also have proof via special labs and imaging tests that shows active cytokine storm and a walking micro clot.

My labs are comparable to those who are on the ventilators in the icu and knocking on heavens door, so the myth of oh you just had a mild case is debunked from my labs and imaging results. Steve, I had two doctor visits this week and I’ve improved slightly each day since being bedridden. I even got to venture out to the wild (the public) on my own and drive my Jeep that’s been sitting for months now without any dizzy spells.

I went to get cbc and cmp checked, pick up my meds from the pharmacy, get a haircut from my cousin, and pick up food from two of my favorite restaurants I haven’t been in since May! The employees saw me and started crying and ran to give me hugs bc they thought I had died. I almost felt like a person again until I look in the mirror.

My hair is finally starting to come back in, I’m gaining some weight back ( from 99.5 lbs to 115 lbs) and my speech is coherent and a lot more clear. I slept through a full night one night as well. Still having lots of joint swelling/pain, short term memory and cognitive issues and my hands are still botched up with mild tremors and delay in grip with this weird nerve shooting pain sensation when I grab something wrong.

I’d say since diagnosed late into month 4 I was knocking on heavens door and was at - % function wise and proud to say I’m prob at 25-30 % functional now. Slowly progressing though.

I was also informed that I was nominated as one of the county’s inductees to the hall of sports fame for softball. I didn’t get the honors this year but the nomination made me cry. I told the sport writer I hoped to be around to be able to be inducted into it next year.

Since the fall has brought some Nc cooler temps, I’m also able to sit out on my back patio seating that I’ve called long Haulin lgs oasis without the sun burning my skin off like a lupus vampire.

Wanted to share this with you and see if you got that email I sent you last week? Hope you are well. And you are not crazy. You are one of Gods soldiers trying to save lives and get the truth out which I have to remind myself everyday that’s why we were chosen bc we can do this and are strong enough to help save the whole damn world, one precious life at a time! Keep it up! Much love like always,

Your favorite sassy sweet Carolina nurse- Long Haulin with Lg clot shot style - Lyndsey Nicole House, RN

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Very sorry what you went through.

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Thank you Tom! I appreciate your kind words!

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I love going out to eat, so I relate to the part about people wondering what happened if you're away. Your story, of course was very emotional, because you were away a long time. Hearing of your clot situation, I want to make sure you are aware of certain individuals who have studied this. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. But , being that we are in unusual circumstances ( graphene , etc. being put in injections youarebeingliedto.substack.com/p/shots=the+great+reset&submit=Search (Scroll down to "magic disappearing words" and "Microscopes and Lab Reports")) I want you to have this. At the end of this article, there is a collection of such sources. May God bless you and heal you.

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Thank you so so much ! I’m appreciative to learn all that I can and help others!!

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We reported the death of my wife’s best friend. She was 47. Died in her sleep. We are her daughter’s guardians now. It’s rough.

She was murdered by Pfizer lot EN 6201. That lot has 200 reports of death in VAERS now. You can verify this by

1. going to wonder.cdc.gov

2. Clicking on vaccine adverse event reporting system

3. Agree

4. Click on VAERS data search

5. Search by lot #

6. Enter 6201

See for yourself. Im not saying that lot was maliciously poisonous. I am saying that the simple fact this lot is not part of a recall is evidence that no one that is supposed to is acting on the most basically obvious safety signal there could be. It torpedoes all credibility for the whole government undertaking.

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Off topic important info:

"The New York Times and Politico are the public relations firms for Main Justice, the DOJ and FBI. The Washington Post handles the needs of the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Central Intelligence Agency. Meanwhile CNN is managed by the needs of the U.S. State Dept. These direct relationships have been discussed here for several years."


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As many posters have said. The ultimate goal of mrna shots may not be to kill us all.

That would hurt the profits of pfizer and moderna. The goal of the covid shots most likely is to make us so sick that we need to be on big pharma drugs for life.

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They'd better have those heart repair mRNA shots ready then. Or those pig hearts... look up Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's a dystopian rock opera about a world where mass organ failure struck in 2050 - doesn't say from what - and everybody had to get organ transplants from a corporation that pays a surgeon to rip their organs out to repossess them if they don't make their payments. There's also a movie called Repo Men about the same concept. It's based on a book.

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