I am dealing with the state of NY. Our daughter 16, was flagged for polio. She was 6 days early on her schedule so

Make the books clean and the school wouldn’t budge unless a NY state Dr. signs the medical exemption. We had a medical exemption from front line Dr. that wouldn’t work. No Dr. as we could find would sign it because they fear retaliation from the state medical board that the Dr. license will be pulled. Not even holistic Dr. would sign it. We don’t have the Money to sue the state of NY. So she got the shot 15 days later and the school broke policy in everything. Our kids have really bad reactions personality changes call

Me a lier anyone wants your a fool if you think these and anything but poison NOW. You will use aluminum free deodorant but it’s ok to inject it into our kids😡 sorry. So 3 days after

Getting it, she was

Back at the Ed Hr 180, bp 180/110, fever 103.3 sent us home saying no idea what it was, and take Tylenol. As a paramedic I was disgusted. Our pediatrician says he see no correlation to it and doubts that’s what caused it. They avoid any connect to vaccinations injury at all. I am annoyed and pissed. BIG PHARM has taken control of it all and the hippocratic oath means nothing anymore. There all

Sell swords now in my opinion. O and the best part out family for my wife advocating for our children was removed from the practice. All it does is help there numbers for % vaccinated in the office. My kids all

Have minor aspects of autism. We heavily detox and our last kids has zero and it will remain this way

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Autistic adult here (Regressive Kanner's autism dx in first grade/age six in 2008, grew up almost entirely homeschooled and never went to any public 'high school' outside home, grew up in New York - Long Island, not NYC - and central Florida). My 'neurodiversity' case is very similar to Azuma Hikaru from Keiko Tobe's "With the Light/Hikari To Tomoni" series, not like the trainwreck "Attorney Woo" nor "The Good Doctor". Have a huge headache today, almost had a seizure from crying and screaming from a sensory meltdown over a dinner dish my mom made. She's disabled too (wheelchair, hearing aids, anger problems) but thank Yahweh I have four healthy neurotypical siblings who could move in with us, to assist me and mom with daily living (she can't live independently either from her back pain and wheelchair needs/she's able to walk only a bit).

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You are a lay version of biblical St Stephen

(They cover their ears and scream so he can not be heard)

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Steve, you have plenty of friends, look at your subst. Dr W is your new friend (i am sure he is) and he was right from the start

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I agree. My family has been anti-vax. My granddaughter had a medical exemption for vaccines to enter school but we just found out she lost it (we are in California). What recourse is there for her, or link to a recourse?

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Here is Steve Kirsch's Worldwide COVID litigation lawyer directory


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Thank you!

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Hi Steve,

This might be a guy you want to contact and collaborate with.

Below is one of his essays that document the current paradigm and how linguistics are used by the elitist predatory capitalist and shock doctrine specialists of disaster capitalism.

Daniel Broudy

PhD Deakin University Professor at Okinawa Christian University


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Well, no the earth is only 4-6000 years old.

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Hi Steve, it makes sense to do battle with those who claim a high ranking in their Pro Vax claims! Can you debunk the funk, please? This guy has a large viewing with 'science people he maybe speaking some truths, but he seems to be avoiding all the most important evidence, for example life years lost since c19 jab? I have posted some comments as always but few will listen to a low ranking and so called anti vaxxer like myself.


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Claiming vaccines cause autism, as a linear cause and effect, paints the condition to be an undesired disposition.

Well, have you ever taken the point of view of those who actually experience it? Has anyone taken the point of view of the cohort labeled as ‘autistic’, before assessing such half-truth convictions?

Haven’t you noticed that all those so-called “experts” on the topic are neurotypicals (people who are defined as having the "normal" neuronal infrastructure as opposed to neurodivergent)?

How would you feel if a doctor claimed with authoritative conviction that your capacity to filter large amounts of sensory information just from the tonal sound of someone’s voice was just a matter of your imagination and you need “fixing”?

Isn’t that what happened in the beginning with Long Covid patients? Isn’t it what has been happening for the last 30 years with chronic Lyme disease and other chronic ailments?

To note, if you asked any person who was ever diagnosed as neurodivergent (ASD, Autism, Asperger, etc.) NONE of them would tell you that they see their condition as a disorder.

And yet, how come it is defined as one?

The answer lies in lack of context, leading to subjective knowledge.

Context is everything. It doesn’t mean a thing how much data one possesses and how quickly they can draw it from under their belt if there's no continuity. And right now, on any topic, humanity is deeply lacking context which then prevents it from seeing the interdependence that exists between various dimensions of existence.

This brings forth a “side effect” in which we have so many “light workers” who do black work. Their good intentions, coupled with the lack of context, inadvertently pave the way to an opposite outcome: more confusion and more redundant information which further prevents humanity from seeing things for what they are, potentially bringing any added value.

This topic is approached exclusively from the standpoint of neurotypicals. So these labels are created by neurotypicals who have no context and peripheral understanding of the phenomenon from an objective, neutral and (w)holistic point of view.

That’s what’s so troubling in our consciousness: the lack of awareness to the mechanics of mind. That whatever label we choose to define a phenomenon, that’s how it will appear in our reality, rather than the assumption that reality, in and of itself, is a stand alone and independent.

This also reflects the major mechanism underlying the science of medicine, which has morphed into human engineering: The fact that scientists and doctors “create” diseases simply by naming them as such without truly understanding what they are. Then, invest billions of dollars later on trying to eradicate them.

The definition for insanity.



Have so-called “experts” on the topic ever pondered other possibilities other than the knee-jerk desire to attach it to metals and vaccines?

Have they ever pondered how autism diagnosis is not only exclusive to vaccines; that trauma, birth and even certain conditions such as autoimmune and chronic dis-eases can all trigger the proliferation of what would then be diagnosed as ‘autism’?

Right there, lies the clue to the erroneous approach. Right there it says that connecting vaccines to autism is not the full story.

To put it in a nutshell: autism is not a disorder. It becomes one when it is defined as such. Linking vaccines to autism clouds any potential to understand why autism is on the rise (regardless of vaccines) and what constitutes its proliferation, from an objective point of view.

The truth is that what really needs correction is this paradigm. The entire approach has to be revamped. We need context, not more disconnected “data” that leads to subjective knowledge.

Perhaps, you would want to consider investing money in that.

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Bravo, Mr. Roy! Thank you for taking the time to write this.

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Do you have an English translation for this?

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Humility is paramount. Because you say, "What makes me different is that I’m not afraid to speak out and tell people the truth" does not mean that what you say is the truth. Many people are not afraid to speak out and tell the truth. What they say could be right or wrong, depending on the quality of their arguments. I believe your heart is in the right place, and, I suspect that there must be something driving your passion. However, your "survey" and "data" do not constitute a scientific endeavor. Your work may help you in some way but it has no scientific value. You are certainly partially correct regarding some of your conclusions, but, above, you have said many false things. If you would like, I would be happy to chat with you about these issues as they are also close to me. I wish you all the best.

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You should debunk the many false things said - prove your point instead of coming on to state the writer is wrong without actually citing any case studies , surveys, research etc. You don’t need to have a private call - he did not privately share this article , it’s open for everyone. Make your information open too

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And all us parents know too thsnks the utter cowardice , complicity and coercion by these medical “ professionals”.

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@Steve, I am trying to find the original video of your testimony in Pennsylvania (low quality version here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6XjUOphIr2mm/) so I can share it properly.

It's not the same event as the one in March I believe, and your speech is absoutely excellent.

Edit: Found it - https://senatormastriano.com/medicalfreedompanel2023/

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Jun 16, 2023·edited Jun 16, 2023


Study showing ConVid is not isolated and the symptoms are all random and mRNA is useless.

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Steve you deserve to win the Nobel Award. You are a Godsend!

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Vaccines do not cause autism because autism is caused by complex genetic and environmental factors. Unvaccinated and vaccinated children have the same rate of autism. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0264410X14006367?via%3Dihub

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So then what is causing autism then?

No one had this when i was a kid in the 1960's

Fact is chemicals, toxins, drugs, medicines, metals are causing these problems.

In the environmental insurance world there are two things that determine how long and how well you live

1) what you consume and or put into or on your body.

2) The Air, Water, and Land you live upon....how clean or not it is.

Nothing else comes close and if it does it falls under one of these two categories.

This much is for sure Rockefeller Medicine Men have made sure people believe or think that putting chemicals, toxins, carcinogens into your body to stop something that never was as a fantastic idea requiring no thought and zero questions.

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Ask my two severely vaccine injured kids. The second wasnt vaxxed after the first got brain injury. I was pressured in the 90s wjen she was 8. One DTap. Months later she cane down with lifelong RA. Shes on fed disabilty now. Had NOTHING for 8 years being unvaxxed. Read Turtles All the Way Down. Genetics my ass

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The onus should be on vaccine manufacturers to show us the disease and to prove to us that a virus is causing it. We could save millions from developing autism and not fear losing any to fictitious causes https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing

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