I have Common Variable Immune deficiency, hypogammaglobulinemia, below norm IGA and 2 subclasses, and severe B cell dysfunction and deficiency. After the research I’ve done the past 2 yrs on the Covid jab debacle, I wonder if it’s possible my condition could have been caused by childhood vaccines, flu vax, or pneumovax. My condition doesn’t seem to be familial. I also have primary hyperaldosteronism. Tested neg for MENS.Any thoughts appreciated.

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Steve, thank you for pointing this out, I think there are many silent child victims of big pharma vaccines.

Perhaps your calculation of deaths is too conservative when you subtract out deaths caused by non-covid vaccines

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Sadly, that diagram uses some of the tricks marketers use to convey faulty impressions beneath the radar, so to speak. Not only does it use emotive human figures, but also it gets people to draw their sense of how big things are from the areas, rather than from the heights - and that squares the impression people get by showing them two dimensional figures, when the reality is the linear one of the heights of the figures. The truth can be purveyed far more objectively and with less distortion by other kinds of graph.

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I would not be amazed to find that childhood vaccines are responsible for several allergies and even things like Asthma.

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Have any of you heard of or experienced symptoms 9mos post Pfeizer 2nd shot? Swelling in arm, leg and abdomen on side of shot. Nerve tingling up and down same side. I’m hoping it’s not due to vac but have no other explanation. Blood tests were “normal”.

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Dr Paul Thomas was interviewed by Del Bigtree the other day and he has by providing true informed consent ended up with a significant pool of unvaccinated anc fully vaccinated patients in his practice. He has seen a definitive difference between the groups and the vaccinated kids have more medical issues than the unvaccinated.

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Read the wonderful book "Empire of Pain" to get a solid history of drug marketing going back to the 1950's. This was when the Sackler family endeavored to created a drug empire by the mid 1990's using the highly marketed and highly risk filled opioid OxyContin, thus creating the opioid crises, still going on today.

Big pharma has reused the Sackler playbook for marketing many types of drugs and vaccines for more than 4 decades and are using it now to market untested and unproven mRNA injections. It's the new opioid crises rebranded as the mRNA gene therapy injection crises. A multitude of deaths are sure to follow in the coming years.

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While I don't doubt your statistics, I'd like to provide some real life anecdotal experience. My 4 sons are grown, they did not receive childhood vaccinations.

All 4 had allergies and asthma as children, one has what is considered a "near-fatal" allergy; another had to carry an EpiPen, they both appear to have outgrown allergies to an extent. One son still requires an enhaler and nebulizer.

None are learning disabled, all are unusually intelligent, neither their father or I are college educated.

None have attention deficit disorder but I did homeschool them once they became frustrated with the boredom they felt at school, around 12 years-old.

One son had pneumonia at 11 years-old.

None had any ear infections as children. One had several ear infections as a young adult.

Chronic illness: All 4 have a variety of chronic illnesses. Asthma. Chiari Malformation with severe headaches. Severe Celiac. Tourrette's with vertigo. Poorly controlled Psoriasis. Three of the 4 have definitely inherited a genetic illness, one it is uncertain.

I don't doubt vaccinated children experience more of these things than unvaccinated, just don't expect the unvaccinated to get a free pass. One thing is certain, neither I nor my sons have ever had the flu and they only had colds extremely rarely as children. Their cousins averaged 8 colds a year, they had a cold maybe once every 2-3 years. Between the 4 of them, until age 18, they required antibiotics 5 times total.

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After the IOM report in 2012 determined the vaccine schedule has not been studied for safety, the CDC set up a committee of experts in 2015 to determine how the vaccine schedule could be studied comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children for top 20 conditions effecting children. Here is that white paper....the study has still not been done... or if it has, it is not published. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/pdf/whitepapersafety_web.pdf

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So back when the Covid Crap started I was home and somehow I found a video series that was on ‘Vaccines Revealed’ by Patrick Gentempo. The focus of this series was about vaccines and all the childhood vaccines, and what they do to kids. RFK Jr. was in that series and that’s where I found him and the Childrens Health Defense website.

I started to take a deep dive into the subject of childhood vaccines. Then I found Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, & Dr. Larry Palevsky, who both have extensive experience treating vaccine injured kids.

I also came across Dr. Rashid Buttar, Brian Hooker Ph.D, and Dr. Paul Thomas a pediatrician from Oregon. I listened to hours of interviews & podcasts about this subject and the role Big Pharma is playing in the health crisis that is happening with children. So when these Covid vaxxes came along it wasn’t a big stretch to know they were not good nor even a glimmer of a way to ‘get us of this Plandemic’.

But now that Fauci, the Biden Administration and the Governor of CA are coming for the children with these bad experimental EUA ‘injections’,

it is time for ALL of US to ‘draw our line in the sand’ and stand up for our own personal, physical sovereignty and the same for our children.

As RFK Jr. said so perfectly in a speech he gave at a ‘Heart of Freedom’ Rally, that I attended where I live in San Diego on December 4th…coming for the kids with this injection ‘is the Hill worth dying on”.

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Gaslighting Autism Families: CDC, Media Continue to Obscure Decades of Vaccine-Related Harm

Moreover, recent projections by autism researchers Mark Blaxill, Toby Rogers and Cynthia Nevison suggest, if current trends continue, the autism rate could surpass 6% for ALL American children within a few years.

Although there are any number of environmental toxins that harm children’s neurodevelopment, a preponderance of information from national and international sources pinpoints vaccines as the driving factor behind the autism epidemic.


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For the drug cartel bosses and the gubermint filth financed by these drug dealer thugs who have turned millions of children into broken junkies since birth, the slobbering vegetable vaxx ruins parents call their children are nothing more than a bug on the windscreen to criminals who could care less about the legions of catatonic, poisoned wasted lives they leave in their wake. The corpofascist psychopaths that harvest the children that the evil state throws them has now become a vampire of such diabolic proportions that it must now feed on the blood of all humanity. Like Pentacon Kill Industries Inc, where the spiritually and mentally retarded devils blow their victims to bits and unceasingly slaughter beyond their shores, all of USSA has since become one vast, insane slaughterhouse for profit where "doctors" in butchers' white gladly poison their "patients" for the trinkets and junkets doled out by the pharma poison dealing ghouls that media whores celebrate as the current titans of industry.

The sordid Hollyweird drama of Maxwell Epstein Mossad kiddy porn Inc and the political and presstitute filth it has Brownstoned is the same cancer that has ripped out the debauched soul of USSA and left a diseased society that is guaranteed to run amok and destroy everything in its path. We can only hope that there are enough trained killers from USSA'S serial judaic wars of expansion and centuries of global pillage to snuff out the Satanic, pedovore demons and political scum that humanity can no longer afford to indulge.

I still see that ten-year old "autistic" child that would be beautiful in a normal world free of injected poison...naked and hysterical in a locked room, unsupervised and filthy, surrounded by cast off thrift store furniture because such Californian "children's center" gulags are run for profit and not for the benefit of their victims. Imagine the stench and then you suddenly see the "art" horrors of hand and finger smeared walls and doors and broken closets daubed with her own excrement after another night of living hell. Where is that sinned against young girl with that empty "autistic" vaxxed mask on her face, poisoned by thugs like Fauci and ilk these last 50 years? Where indeed are the millions and millions of others like her equally poisoned, brutalized, imprisoned and tortured day in day out? In a just world such vile, reptilian Fauci like filth would have long ago been staked through their evil, shriveled organs and dumped in quick lime and cemented over for all eternity. The stunted runt known as Fauci, who gave USSA and the planet the AIDS hoax, is still a corpofascist meat puppet whore and is still leading the march of lemmings off the proverbial cliff and into the pit of hell. The good news is the poisoned dwarf and the evil behind it can still be taken out and tormented and slowly skewered for their countless crimes against humanity. I do not let a day go by without beseeching the all mighty force that owns the universe to make it happen and that it may be very soon.

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Vaccines will never stop as long as people are willing to take them! Most people would rather take a pill or get a shot rather than change to a healthy lifestyle.

For good COVID/Vax info - https://anchoredinhope.com/

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I have 2 adult children who were vaccinated. Both had adverse reactions and were injured. Had chronic health conditions, chronic ear infection, eczema, food allergies, chronic strep, chronic runny nose, acid reflex, projectile vomiting, LD, Adhd, autism, crooked eye, high pitch crying as a infant, hyperactivity, sensory processing disorder, always sick. Then 20 years later I had a child, zero vaccines- not even Vit K at birth. He has zero health problems. Never needs to see a doctor, never gets sick, no food allergies or skin conditions. Never had an ear infection That’s proof right there.

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