Unfortunately it’s in food, water, everything. Tests show the vaccinated and unvaccinated’s bod shows the same.

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Hi, I’m a Nurse Practitioner with 35+ years of Acute care and Psychiatric experience, Board Certified in Family and Psychiatric Mental Health.

Though there has been significant censorship and propaganda, I’m not sure why there hasn’t been routine ZOOM type of meetings set up amongst world specialists who haven’t fallen for the Mass Formation Psychosis of “safe & effective.” Even those PhDs, Researchers, and physicians who worship the almighty DOLLAR$ can do this on their own time, rather than losing their jobs, and doing it on employment time.

I have been collecting EXPERT OPINION for over 18 months now, and everyone comes at the improperly titled, “Vaccine,” or Biowarfare as many have called it, through their own Specialty Lenses.

May I recommend an every 2 week Specialist meetings with an unlimited attendance, through real time conferencing, world wide? At least nationwide, would be sufficient.

I have gotten a lot of information from La Quinta Columna University of Spain. Ricardo Delgado is the founder, and the team there has viewed every world COVID “injection,” straight out of the vials, and found Graphene Oxide as the major ingredient. They’ve also found microorganisms which can’t be described, almost like vegetation. Delgado reports that the Graphene Oxide (GO) nanoparticles, along with the nanocommputer components, are what’s making the filaments/fibers being found by embalmers, post-mortem. He also. Reports that since Graphene is a highly conductive material, that the people who are dying are being affected by the radiation of 5G/WiFi, and pilots are being affected by being in the highly electronic cockpits of planes.

On a microscopic level, the myocardial cells are being affected by the positively charged GO, and it’s no wonder myocarditis is occurring, since the EKG is affected so acutely, more than other cells which do not have automaticity. I’m grateful that a FEW specialists have actually recognized the arterial and venous white/gray strands of fibers, which have been found by embalmers, and at least one surgeon has pulled out of the aorta, along with actual blood clots.

Attorney Reiner FUELLMICH has been collecting evidence for a CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, Nuremberg type of trial. But, this information is of limited value for the actual practitioners. His work can be found at www.NurembergTrials.net

I KNOW there’s ways around the world wide censorship — at least at this point. The numbers of specialties involved, to discover truth and solutions, is huge. If we could information share every 2 weeks, by specialty, and then make those recorded sessions available to the public, it would be helpful. The public needs to be informed; they can make their way to a nurse or doctor friend, to translate anything they don’t understand.

Frankly, I see BIG PHARMA and Allopathic Health “Care” crashing, because of the vast amount of lies the public has been fed by WHO, FDA, CDC, and Health Organizations world wide, who have parroted misinformation religiously. The people are waking up. But they DO NEED A RELIABLE SOURCE for organized information. Possibly spotlight a single specialty for 15 minutes during each 90 min meeting of information sharing, would be a good idea. Also, a 2-3 minute Naturopathic health tip would be great, since pills and doctors can’t be trusted much these days.

Everyone seems to want to make money, so everything becomes commercialized, or people have to pay money to view TRUTH and BASIC HEALTH TIPS. Dr Ryan Cole, of Idaho’s Cole Laboratories, has saved many lives(!), simply by educating the public about Vitamin D3, and proper levels. Since our government has been starving us of Vitamin D, and Physicians generally haven’t done a lot to resolve that problem, it’s hard to find that basic information. Ryan Cole actually did the RIGHT THING, and offered it for FREE. Morally and ethically, pristine health information should be free, or of nominal cost.

I want to thank Dr Steve Kirsch for this Substack article. But, I do believe, as healthcare practitioners, we must do more. Offering “free or nominal cost,” health information is the key to our futures. We are not going to be able to rely on the government to provide us with “insured” money, in the future.

I believe that pulling many specialists together, and offering information to other health care providers and the public, will help the entire world to recognize the truly caring aspect of the reason we got into our fields of study in the first place. Dr. Simone Gold is paying the price for her boldness. I recommend that we all pull together and become so bold, to share TRUTH. They can’t lock us all up.

Thank you for your attention to this, the greatest health care crisis, made by “$cience,” the world has ever seen.

Best regards,

Ann Sparks, APN, NP-C, PMHNP-BC

Normal, IL

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I just saw your interview with Dr Cole, Steve, how in Earth are you just now learning that these are not blood clots??

Several outlets have been talking about prion binding sites/amyloid proteins for over a year now; a "viral" protein.

I'm just dumbfounded that you are just learning about this now.

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2 British funeral directors have been talking about this for at least a year.

They are not blood clots, they are amyloid (protein) clots

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I am wondering if anyone knows the effects if any on the Monoclonal antibody treatment had any injury effects. Many people had these treatments at the begging of Covid onset.

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Interesting question.

I feel like I do not understand what goes in the monoclonals well enough. Perhaps a cause for concern.

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No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver!!!


Realmente la mayoria de médicos apenas tienen conocimiento sobre vacunas.


la duda es cual es el porcentaje de médicos que son ignorantes e incapaces de diagnosticar lesiones por vacunas y que porcentaje lo saben o lo sospechan pero callan pues en ello les va el pan de cada dia...


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Thank you so much for posting the React 19 document. I have been looking for something like this to help vx injured friends. This is invaluable and I am eternally grateful. Keep up the great work! And... how do you think the Tucker/Kilmeade interview went???

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Dr. Henry Ealy reports completely healing vaccine adverse events with a 3 day fast. I don't know what the success rate of this protocol is but when it works it appears to be complete. Fasting induces autophagy, a state that allows DNA repair and significant cellular healing.

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One of the ingredients listed on the Phizer fact sheet is "mRNA technology".... I'm curious how doctors can tell their patients that they know what this will do (they can't and don't), let alone subscribe to the notion that we had a worldwide emergency on our hands. When do doctors become the smart ones again? People you can trust. Now they just care about blame and funding. I know, I was in the hospital with covid pneumonia. They gave me a steroid shot and sent me home. I almost died. The pharmacist told me he was afraid to lose his license from giving me ivermectin. Now right about them, ALL DOCTORS...every single one in this country should have said ...enough, this makes no sense.

Nope, just took the money and said trust us. Wait till more people die.... doctors will be afraid for themselves and their own families. Should those of us out here outside the medical community say "enough" or should we all let them get what's coming like they allowed to happen to us...their patients??

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Mostly men that are dying here in my area?

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Try and hang faucinthe clown already!

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Aug 11, 2022·edited Aug 11, 2022

I've seem to notice a pattern: MOST vax injured are younger (<50yr) females, while most covid injured (requiring hospitalization) are older (>50yr) males.

I know the latter has shown to be statistically correct. Let me know if I'm right or wrong on the former.

Emphasis on "most" (yes, I've seen both gender demographics affected).

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The VAERS canadian data confirms:

"Overall, most adverse event reports were from females (72.7%)."


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What we're curious about right now though too, is the time of side-effect onset by age.. the younger people we know seem to get the heart inflammation within a couple of days.. Presumably from potent immediate kamikaze neutrophil activity. Those getting blood clots peak around 2 weeks later, from the thrombogenic antibodies. And the strokes, infarcts and ARDS have happened in those near or over 50 when the rest of the the immuno-modulatory action peaks(CD8t, macrophage, dendritic, cells and all the rest) around day 21/week 3 after injection. Anyone else notice a similar pattern?

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In our circle, the under 50 acute side-effects are split very evenly down the middle by gender. Some of the literature points to women has having more of the subtle long haul type effects though.

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These poisons are designed to be stealth...

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hope Tucker invites you back...this is too important to be ignored...Kilmeade acted like it wasnt a big deal...amazing

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Kilmeade covered his a** by saying that Steve Kirsch had not presented fact-checked data. This was data he gathered from Wayne Root. Fox show hosts are always running scared.

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Fox is trash. Tucker lost credibility when he dropped the entire Hunter story right before November 2020 like it burned his hand.

What a joke. Just like this while Alex Jones court case and Trump getting raided, distractions

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I've been thinking several things have gone on: the vaXs created an environment for variants to emerge; the variants caused varying illnesses and enduring problems in victims; the vaXs caused illness and enduring problems in victims; the remdesivir and intubation and whatever other inappropriate treatments have caused more death and enduring injuries.

Then you have some batches of vaXs that are apparently largely inert, others that have high known harm rates (from VAERS data).

Anyone trying to make sense of the data has to further deal with deliberate obfuscation of records of who was vaXed, who wasn't.

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This info and the breakdown of batches, etc., has been fully covered by the Corona Investigative Committee and Dr Reiner Fuellmich (& Johanne Fischer). Check their research on Odysee!

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