While searching for information that Google search doesn't want me to see, the general category of the comment below (about Google Corp., Facebook Corp., GoFundMe Corp.), I found this wonderfully sarcastic look at what the mainstream Candadian Gummit (govt.) and media, and allied global media, are saying about that trucker invasion: you can guess: far, far rightists, ransackers of soup kitchens, barbarian hordes....read all about it if you're in the mood: https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2022/02/04/canada-truckers-vs-globocop-and-winning

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Oh, I also read today, slumming through Google-approved-and-recommended updates on the Canadian Trucker Invasion: That the health authorities are monitoring the water system in Ottawa (maybe they always have since Covid) and are seeing an increase in Omicron traces since the Out-of-Towners have been in town.

So that would constitute maybe Pretext # 1001 to smite or expel the invaders: They bring with them contagion. Of the very sort that the Adults in the Province are getting under control, with vaccination (because that is the truth and the way) but also probably masking, social distancing, and Remdesivir.

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Not even sure which Steve K. post, but in the comments someone said investigate *exactly* who and what caused GoFundMe to instantly decide, all this money that's been collected, we must stop it.

It's conceivable that someone within GoFundMe was suddenly shocked at some apparent involvement of far-rightists or something (but I myself think most of that is infiltrators or looking under rocks for any time anyone had said the word "NazI" or something).

At this point I suspect people who are both insiders and outsiders regarding the GoFundMe org.

It is, after all, a corporation.

Seems it was bought out most recently by two investment firms, one of them being Accel Partners. They also are part owners (they bought enough shares at one point) of Facebook.

Though it makes me feel like Whitney Webb to be on this trail and to say this: Accel Partners is of a breed that goes back to the late 90's and seems to be part of, let's say, the investment arm of the Intelligence Community. And one of their early partners or corpo's owned is Google. Here is an article that tries to map that out: https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2020/11/15/state-and-state-connected-funding-of-google-and-facebook-excerpt

Anyway, trusting that money with GoFundMe , or trusting communications regarding a protest to Facebook: = trusting the henhouses to members of the same family of foxes.

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Just general comment mirroring some I saw under an article about the freezing of the funds of the Canadian truckers at GoFundMe. The underlying question is: Why would any group that's in opposition to The Govt. rely on one of these big corpo-Internet sites because they are all in it together. Corpo's=Govt.=Intel=Media . So, no surprise that somebody could prevail upon GoFundMe to, in reality, try to defund that protest and send them all home. And no surprise that Facebook would instantly take down a means of communication that was useful to an American movement.

So, something totally non- corpo/govt./intel/media would be ideal.

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I am not quite sure what you mean by helping get their "IT" sorted out. Having ways to communicate (as a group) are easy outside big tech, VERY easy. But having them reinstated on FB or another similarly huge and public platform, that's a bit harder, but still doable. The solution to group communications which can't be shut down/censored, is Matrix.org (Element app, in app stores). I could help further with more info on specific requirements.

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Look at what is happening to the TwitFace components stock prices of the YouTwitFace nexus (YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook).

FaceBook: peaked in mid-2021 and has been weak since; down 28% YTD, and just recorded the only fall in active daily users in its entire history. (ND - the Nasdaq 100 - is only down 11%; S&P500 is only down 6%)

Twitter: down 39% in the last 12 months (ND - the Nasdaq 100, is UP ~7% in that period; S&P500 is UP 15.6%).

They're still being priced as if Pr(Narrative Wins) is significantly greater than 50%, but they are DRAMATICALLY underperforming their sectors and the broader market.

Fund managers are largely sideways-horizon index-huggers who don't - as a group - generate 'alpha', but to the extent that active money 'tilts' away from index weights, TWTR and FB are showing that institutional money sees techno-feudalism as inherently unprofitable - especially when it's ENTIRELY funded by getting site visitors to click on ads.

CNN is in the toilet too: its ratings are terrible, its key staff are being found out to be genuinely horrible people, and the upshot is that it's being spun out of Time Warner. (Wait until the sexual assault case against Don Lemon gets non-ignorable traction and other victims come forward... there are always other victims).

But what would I know - I get my news from the internet *excluding* YouTwitFace.

Oh and PS: Spotify's stock-price drama pre-dates Old Karen Young trying to strong-arm it; the charlatans trying to pretend that its stock price fell BECAUSE of the Young/Rogan imbroglio, are innumerate 'jernalists'. If they learned to do an event study, they would find that the SPOT market cap fell more in the week PRIOR to Young's old-woman histrionics, than it did during the frisson.

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Thanks for the fundamental analysis.

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Feb 3, 2022·edited Feb 3, 2022

Frankly it is astounding that people still think they can rely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google to combat a tyrannical assault on liberty. An assault aided and abetted, if not instigated, by these very same organizations.

We saw President Trump make this same, frankly ridiculously dumb, mistake.

It is analogous to the allies in WWII relying on the German industrial complex for their armament supplies. Needless to say, those resisting Nazi aggression wouldn't have been in the fight too long.

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CANCEL FACEBOOK needs to be a Rallying Cry of the Truck Convoys.

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I've been off Facebook since 2017 and love not being there. I don't and won't use Twitter. I'm slowly moving off Youtube and am using Rumble more and more. For everyone complaining about Facebook, Twitter, etc., if you are still patronizing them, or even have their apps (for information they sell for $$) on your phones, you are supporting them.

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FB got its soybeans blown off. -23.84%

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Move over to Truth Social when it comes online.

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Democrats, independent, Or Republican your all welcome to all the Twitter employees Walmart and Target are hiring door greeters

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Good bye to Twitter and fakebook

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Gettr is a Twitter killer.....lol cancel Trump and I cancel you......

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The truckers should stage a combination protest against the mandates and the censorship. They should let me know they can shut down the country if they wanted to.

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They are currently platformed on gab.

Simply spread the word.

You can click here to find the American Freedom Convoy group on Gab.


You can follow the offical Trucker Convoy account here.


Finally you can join the Canadian Trucker Convoy group here which has coverage from people on the ground.


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