Great work Steve.I remember all the teary hysterical videos from nurses and even orderlies from the initial 2021 rollouts in nursing homes where huge #'s died suddenly or became vegetative.

It's like we're all trapped in Purgatory watching those we care about slowly being culled away.


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Steve Kirsch: You got this EXACTLY right and here's why I say this: my virologist/immunologist husband tells me that it used to be known that you don't ever give the jab to old people because:

1) their immune systems aren't strong enough to handle it, so it may cause death and it weakens their immune system.

2) most likely they don't need it anyway, as they already have immunity to most disease.

THANK YOU for proving this!! As a senior citizen myself I have huge gratitude for you in proving that the old people never should have been vaxed. If the younger virologists/immunologist and the like had been taught right they would have known this fact and the old folks wouldn't have needed to die. Those older scientists who knew this and still jabbed the old folks need to be brought to justice IMO. This is a horrible failing of those working in the field who should know better. My husband used to help develop jabs but when he found out that SV-40, an onco virus (meaning cancer-causing) was in jabs, he quit making them and hasn't been jabbed for over 40 yrs. He has had a great deal of trouble trying to get people to listen to him when he tells people this. Kudos to you for proving what science should have already known.

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Thanks Steve. You are proving that a smart guy with resources and time and motivation can find truth from statistics. Of course, the reverse is true if the people are perfidious mendacious venal scum which the majority of the ruling classes are and of course, their compradors in government s. Well under 1% of the medical industrial complexes withstood the narrative or the coercion and I applaud them as I applaud you for your courage.

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An excellent job of analyzing, summarizing and presenting the data. One has to come to only one of two conclusions, that is - that the people pushing these experimental injections are either idiots or they’re criminals. At the lowest levels, most of them are simply idiots. Even when I was an undergraduate, my opinion of the medical trade dropped as I got to know more and more “pre-med students“. They were overwhelmingly characterized as liars, cheats and thieves. They were thieves, because it was common that back in the days of making Xerox copies of things, and putting them in the library for students in say, organic chemistry class to read, on a regular basis the papers would be stolen by ‘students’ so that no one else could read them… So unfortunately, the vast majority of our “doctors” and others in the healthcare trades are really not very competent, and certainly not very intelligent people. They are greatest skill seems to be in rote memorization. And being obedient to their ‘betters’.

Those at the very top, however, like the fauci’s, knew EXACTLY what they were doing, and why. In this group I would certainly include all of the heads of hospitals, biotechs, nursing homes, laboratories, etc. that willingly and knowingly participated in mass murder. These creatures MUST be brought to account for what they’ve done in Nuremberg 2.0 trials. Those found guilty of knowingly perpetrating these crimes must be publicly executed. Absolutely nothing less is acceptable.

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I worked in criminal law for 10 years, I would love to see you testifying as an expert witness for the prosecution against the Covid scammers. This is one of the best documents I have seen yet keep up the good work.

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Yes my sweet mom passed away in a ‘care facility’ here in WI in early December of 2021, after 2 bio weapon death injections in January/February of 2021, (as well as 1 flu shot) in the fall, crazy symptoms before her death…I am convinced these bio weapons killed her

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The fact that the dataset starts at the end of May 2020, and not at the beginning of 2020, is telling.

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Why don’t you address the actual comments I made to you on twitter and on your substack (linked below) instead of the critiques you somehow attribute to me even though I never made those comments to you or voiced those critiques?

Here I'll link to the twitter comments for your convenience for you to address (or you could respond to my critiques I actually posted on this substack this morning that you have not addressed)




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YES the jab was a disaster but you will NEVER hear anyone admit the GENOCIDE



However, there will be an accounting

and it will be far worse than they can imagine

for God is not mocked

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healthy residents were locked into their rooms while they ushered in + assuring family all will be

well because they were in separate wings. Staff brought in the virus which killed

those who had been living in the facilities fairly safe

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Thank you, Steve for once again shining a light into a dark and corrupt “health system” where Doctors used to have integrity! I know many still do, but for those who exchanged added income in lieu of a patient’s best outcome, they should be brought to justice except our society has very little justice personnel left. I hope Trump stays alive long enough to bring out the truth so we the people can come together and clean out this nation’s justice system as well as all the corrupt intelligence agencies, etc. Great work Steve!

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"I plan on filing a complaint to the proper authorities shortly.

All it will take is one criminal conviction and it will change everything."

Nobody anywhere is going to be fined, lose their license or go to jail for simply doing what their government ordered. Unless it's Nazi Germany and under foreign occupation. However, in this case, it is the defacto global government giving the orders, so there is no Allied invasion coming to prosecute anyone, unless some space aliens are foolish enough to want that job, LOL.

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The maskers are back, if you're observant. The masks are back on the neurotics. It's on the increase the past month.

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Steve, I am one of your biggest fans. I am so grateful for the work you’re doing. I was very sad that I couldn’t attend the Texas Plandemic premiere event. I saw a photo of you there and would have liked to hug you!

I worked in healthcare, in Assisted Living which is essentially the same as a nursing home, but private pay, not Medicare, so it would not be in the CMS system.

I agree that the entire medical system is corrupted beyond belief by pharma. But I do not believe that the vast majority of individuals working in the system are at fault, because I don’t believe they have any clue at all. (Which is a damn shame).

For example, Steve, I, like you, was going to take the shot. Fortunately, (and I don’t even know how to thank her) a friend started dropping hints for me to look into it. I will tell you, it NEVER occurred to me (as someone within the system) to question any shots. I took flu shots every year. Had no idea they weren’t actually legally required . And had no idea they were dangerous🤦‍♀️.

Anyway, I want to chime in on behalf of the nursing home workers. While I understand and agree with your argument that there needs to be accountability in order for this to end, the individuals are not the culprits.

Before I go back and immerse us in the mindset of the chaos of the Covid hysteria, let me look at the present, because 3 years into this, all of us reading here are completely aligned but there are SO MANY who aren’t.

Soooooo, if you are a caregiver, and that includes everyone-hospital workers from MD to CNA, nursing home, assisted living, home health, etc, you work FOR someone. It is EXTREMELY unlikely that any worker in any setting is going to have either the bandwidth or the balls to start telling their patients not to get the shots or to call up the CEO and discuss it. Maybe an occasional individual interaction but no more than this). Even if they called the CEO, the CEO is answering to customers. And the vast majority of these customers want/demand the shot for their loved one. And this is assuming any of these caregivers even know of the dangers. Most still don’t. and this is very much going on presently. I think all of us here see such a clear problem - but THEY don’t.

In addition, nurses at a facility don’t have any control over who gets a shot. Doctors order the meds, it goes into the computer and the nurse delivers it. If a nurse noticed a problem, she could tell the doctor. At that point, the doctor could analyze it, or would more likely repeat that the shot is indicated for the elderly. And especially those with cancer. (Sorry I digress. That’s my conversation with my dad’s temporary nursing home MD who gave him a shot 5 days after brain surgery for glioblastoma. But whatever. )

As is true of most doctors, the nursing home doctor has no clue about the shot. The nurse has to do what’s in the orders. I doubt anyone would even know who to contact to say that they notice a problem.

I had a friend at a facility where many workers didn’t take the shot. So obviously they know something. Of course they want their patients to be well. Not only because they are caregivers but also because they have a business based on caring for people that pay to be there. I will tell you DEFINITIVELY that they had zero ability to talk about shot dangers. In fact, they had to defend the staff against many angry family members (who pay the rent, btw) who were livid that their family members were cared for by these “unclean” people. The fog of fear and panic was so thick.

I am going to bet (and I would bet a lot) that no one actually realized there was an increased death rate at the time. For one, there was a “raging pandemic.” And secondly, everyone was so f-ing busy trying to implement every new safety protocol (which changed weekly) that they likely didn’t have time to register trend changes. So IF anyone noticed any death trends, it would likely be FAR in hindsight which was also probably after the second shot as most of the “misinformation” took a while to come out.

I recently went back and asked one of my friends who worked there at the time if they noticed any increased deaths. They said that actually maybe so. But they hadn’t really looked at it because “Covid” made everyone so busy in SO many ways -new regs, testing requirements, staff shortages, PPE shortages, and on and on ad nauseam.

Anyway, these people were under the gun in so many ways. Even the ones I’m talking about that knew the shot had issues were powerless against the MASSIVE social campaign.

On the other hand, now that I’m thinking about it, the doctors that prescribe this without ANY knowledge are some of the ones I’d like to _____. But again, they, too are part of the swindle.

I guess the final point would be, even today, aren’t there still people for all of us, that we can’t talk to or convince, even though we desperately want to save them😢

Thank you , Steve, and all of you that are working on this.

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There's no doubt that the real goal of the Censorship Industrial Complex is to send a message to people like Steve Kirsch ... and Tess Lawrie and Meryl Nass ... and me.


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