Steven, remind me to never piss y off.

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A little math...

1) It has long been known that no government can produce an isolated covid virus sample, which they want to say is a cousin of SARS-CoV-2. Thus all the other strains, including their beloved Omicron variant can't be proven to exist. So how are all the "vaccines" being produced with a virus that can't be found, it's MIA.

2) The PCR test cannot be used as a diagnostic to detect anything specific, and there are CT violations galore yielding up to 97% false positives. Karry Mullis the inventor of the PCR test (who won a nobel prize for doing so) said it could not be used as a wide diagnostic with the kind of results they claim.

Reiner Fuellmich realized that the CDC was vulnerable on the fraud of the PCR test. There are lots of lawsuits flying around and the CDC did kill the credibility of the test on their website. Anyone claiming to be able to identify any variant of a virus with the PCR test is fraudulently misrepresenting themselves. This is why the CDC walked it back Jan 1 this year. That was an exercise in plausible deniability to quietly update the website, but it didn't make it to the news cycle did it?

This is where they are vulnerable because they attract liability for all the loss of livelihoods and businesses that were lost due to lockdowns, vaxx passports, closing bars, entertainment and sports venues. It was all fraud and they are vulnerable to lawsuits for these actions.

Steve your DOJ, you entire government is not what everybody thinks. You don't need an insider or a whistle blower, the CDC already admitted it was corrupt and fraud was committed. That is where you need to deal with. YOU already have proof of corruption by the very people that committed the fraud. Go boldly.


Do...or do not. There is no try.

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Hi Steve, recommend you work w\ Project Veritas to find an insider. In addition to undercover reporting, PV has encouraged many “insiders” to go public. Ed

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Steve: now that Elon Musk owns 9.2% of Twitter, why not use your fortune and buy 5 or 6%, at least more than the CEO owns. You could work together to revise polices on censorship, stop government propaganda contracts, promptly replatform users and restore censored posts. The data on who was censored and why with what mechanism will be important databases to sort through, perhaps generating some published reports and analyses for the public. Some of your followers could buy a handful of shares and vote as a block with you. That block could grow to equal Musk's shares, but be a more representative force for medical freedom of speech. This is the kind of maneuver that the Reddit Wall Street Bets crowd schemes, successfully at times. This could be a lot of fun. Another target to consider--PayPal. It is deplatforming users based on speech and causes in a big way. Not just on medical issues but recently on geopolitics. Steve, you are a spirited, active communicator who seems to enjoy the spotlight and you are a willing disruptor for the public good. It could be perfect for you and good for planet. And a more strategic and unified use of funds. Please don't abandon Substack though as it is a special long form platform. Although Twitter is still a smallish company and not well monetized, with lots of room for growth. A CNBC analyst today made this point--relative to its market cap it is a massively powerful media voice with a massive user base. Other platforms trying to make it will take time to spin up and some aren't making it. Some could be linked or absorbed like Locals absorption into Rumble.

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They were ACTUALLY PULLED IN JUNE OF 2021. AFTER the german lawyer Fullmer won the lawsuit that these tests WERE PROVED FRAUDULENT!!! 💥💥

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CDC removed PCR test as of January 1, 2022.

Why are other government entities still following with PCR tests?

Does Fauci and Collins run a private command control separate of CDC???

how does this work really ...

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from here:


bottom line - omicron infections do not provide any kind of immunity - the virus is simply "parked".

the immune systems of the "vaccinated" are increasingly susceptible to variants/new strains and more susceptible to infection - as with omicron (good news for the "unvaccinated" your body adapts to new infections automatically).

this leads the vaccinated down a path to antibody dependent ENHANCEMENT of infection (ADEI) and disease (ADED)

this occurs via "O-glucosylation" on receptor binding domains which can cause variants/new strains that are both more infectious and more virulent.

solution? stop the injections that impair the immune system (and which target the WRONG variant) and figure out prophylaxis for upcoming variants that the injections cause.

video here, a bit fiddly to get to


the tech is a bit of a pain - close off the second screen (Massy Day 1- IT) when it comes via automatic pop-up from the first screen (click the X in the top RH corner) - this takes you back to the main screen, click "Play Video" and when that comes up, skip to the 19 minute 14 second mark for Geert vanden Bossche presentation which is much easier to follow than the full paper.

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I also think there are plenty of public health officials who know that this virus was spreading across America and the world well before "latter January" 2020. According to a press conference in late May 2020, the CDC could find "no indication" that that the virus had spread anywhere in America before mid-January. This is either a brazen lie or confirmation that our public health officials are incompetent. The evidence is overwhelming the virus was spreading - and spreading widely - in November and December 2019 (perhaps earlier) in America. Some public health officials HAVE to know this. Perhaps be the best evidence they know this is the fact no CDC official has ever investigated any of the KNOWN Americans who had the virus in November or December 2019 (based on positive antibody tests).

Anyway, there are also plenty of "whistleblowers" who could disclose this piece of non-trivial information as well.

Here's some of this evidence. I wrote this article. Note also how no MSM site was interested in this blockbuster story.


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There's only one problem with this idea Steve. Your DOJ is part of the corruption of your government. That's why your courts are of no help with anything either, they are on the wrong side too. Taking the information to your DOJ is useless they will sit on their hands. You are much better off trying to expose the fraud of the PCR test, that is how the legal minds are approaching it. The CDC walked back the PCR test as of Jan 1, 2022 on their website. It is buried there for the purpose of plausible deniability. The announcement admits that the PCR test can't be used to distinguish anything like what they used it for to support millions of "cases" world-wide over the last two years. The truth is there and not hard to find.

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Steve it is very unusual for a person of wealth, to use that wealth to for the good of Humanity. You have been blessed in this life and you will be blessed in the afterlife. God Bless

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I downloaded data from VAERS on 2/2021 ;0)..

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Great initiative Steve, smart idea, I truly hope it works! Our society has clearly reached the highest level of hypocrisy possible, where a man can be accused of misinformation or domestic terrorism for asking legitimate questions about a treatment that some want to mandate for the entire population while all the commercials that depict human beings in ways they would never exist in reality and who are placed in the public space with the explicit intention of influencing human behavior are considered poetic license.

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Is it possible to engage wiki leaks to help in this process as they have a history of protecting whistle-blowers and help transfer sensitive information?

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Here's your whistleblower, so to speak. Contact Fleming. Refer to the attached: https://www.brighteon.com/2be9cf0c-2453-4cf5-b2d3-fc30e616de73

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