i popped this comment on the rumble page you linked to.

there is a "spike" in deaths that coincides with the decreasing age (ten year) cohorts.

the sole exogenous factor is injections.

the data you present shows this effect.

it is borne out by the work here:


there is no need for inference, it is as plain as the nose on your face.

inject the group in the eldest age 10 year cohort - spike in deaths BUT call it deaths in the unvaxxed.

inject the next youngest 10 year cohort - spike in deaths BUT call it deaths in the unvaxxed.

over and over and over.

there is no other exogenous factor.

the split between the deaths in the unvaxxed and vaxxed is subject to fraud. the spike in deaths per 10 year age cohort is not.

from the pre-print paper referenced in the article

"In previous years, each of the 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ groups have mortality peaks at the same time during the year (including 2020 when all suffered the April Covid peak at the same time). Yet in 2021 each age group has non-Covid mortality peaks for the unvaccinated, at a different time, namely the time that vaccination rollout programmes for those cohorts reach a peak."

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Hello Steve, my wife and I are at MIA airport. We flew non-stop from DFW to Puerto Rico. We had to make an emergency landing. A medical emergency. I have no idea how to find this, but there should be an increase in emergency medical landings vs pre-vaccination era. Not only should someone at FAA be noticing this, but the airlines especially should notice since it costs them money.

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Big Pharma has no influence on the silencing of objective scientists like Norman Fenton...nothing to see here folks move along ~~~ U.S. pharmaceutical companies are expected to collect more revenue from COVID-19 vaccines in the third quarter than they did in the entire first half of the year, and that money should continue to grow.

In the first half of the year, Pfizer Inc. PFE and Moderna Inc. MRNA reported collective sales of $17.2 billion for their vaccines, but both are expected to report higher third-quarter totals in the coming week, a collective $18 billion. Pfizer is scheduled to report earnings Tuesday morning, while Moderna follows on Thursday morning, after Johnson & Johnson JNJ reported last week more than $500 million in third-quarter sales, nearly double the $264 million it collected in the first half.

Pfizer collected revenue of $11.3 billion in the first half of the year from its COVID-19 vaccine, now known as Comirnaty, and analysts project third-quarter sales of $11.86 billion. Those numbers could be a bit high, however, as some sales could get pushed into the fourth quarter, when booster shots and the newly authorized vaccine for younger children begin landing in arms. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-much-is-big-pharma-making-from-covid-19-vaccines-were-about-to-find-out-11635716094

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Well, he very succinctly explained why the CDC changed the definition of "vaccinated" to "2 weeks after getting the injection". They did not want to count the increases in the number of deaths within the first 2 weeks of the injection as "deaths caused by getting injected", i.e., deaths caused by "vaccine injection". That amount of deaths would certainly be cause for panic amongst the unvaccinated - especially at the beginning of the program.

So, each time you get a jab, you have to wait 2 weeks before you can be considered "vaccinated" even though you already have the drug in your system. This way, if you die, you won't be counted as a death against the jab.

All those "unexplained deaths" aka "excess mortality" that "happen" to occur within that "2 weeks after having the mRNA Gene Therapy drug solution" injected into your body OBVIOUSLY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEATH since anything that happened immediately following your being injected (other than headaches, site swelling, site bruising, etc.) HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH the injection.

Duh. The CDC said so, so stop thinking like rational, thought-based individuals with functional brains and believe that we, your betters, know what we are talking about and take our word for it. Love, the CDC, FDA, NIH, Biden, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, WHO, and all those other folks who keep telling you to GET THE JAB because we want you to suffer and help us achieve our NWO and sustainable goals of reducing the world population. Thank you for believing in us and doing your part to help with Climate Change.

And CA is trying to pass SB1390:

Prohibits any person/entity from MAKING STATEMENT GOVERNMENT* DEEMS untrue or misleading by any means including on internet/ads.

* Notice that they do not specify which government - city, state, federal, etc. - they mean.

That is written in "negative language" - let me translate that into "positive language":

GOVERNMENT* decides what anyone is allowed to say EVERYWHERE (verbal, written, visual, and any other form of communication available now or in the future).

This bill is sponsored by California Senator Richard Pan

His Contact Information



District Office

2251 Florin Road, Suite 156

Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone: (916) 262-2904

Capitol Office

1021 O Street, Suite 7320

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 651-4006

How easy will it be for this to become pushed on every state once CA passes it (and you know they will)? ALL government representative in CA (including federal) will be able to tell CA residents what they are allowed to say. That will spread to other dem states. From there to Federal law to be forced on the rest of us. Think about it.

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Plus if they test positive....another unvaccinated case/death caused by Covid.

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Opera shows it.

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Edge blocks the video.

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Just wait with the page open for about 15 seconds. Edge blocks the first several attempts to load something (maybe advertisements?), then the video starts playing.

Edge behaves like this for all videos on Rumble, probably if you have privacy set to Strict.

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So can someone explain why CDC wonder has disappeared? I've been trying to connect since last week.

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Seems to be up and running ... https://wonder.cdc.gov/

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I’ve never been tested on the grounds that the false positive would do more harm than good.

I did get checked for antibodies one time at a chain pharmacy and, surprise(!), I didn’t have COVID antibodies. (I suspect those tests are rigged unless you pay a lot for a private test.

I just go about normal life and stay fit. I am lucky to have an all remote job and management who expect a certain degree of eccentricity in a top level British techie ;)

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I have never been tested either and I subsequently lost my career of 23 years, because I refused to be tested. I don’t want to be in ANY tracking of my health if I can help it. It was worth it to me.

I take excellent supplements and connect with nature/exercise. I haven’t been sick in years (58 yo)! If you take care of your “temple”, it will take care of you! God bless!

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Got you beat at 70. One cold in 2 yers of COVID, and I haven't shied away from gatherings, either.

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The Bayesian data crimes of which El Gato Malo (Bad Cattitude) speaks often, laid out for all to see.

The number which would be great to have as an additional column would be all cause mortality during the two weeks post-shot which is wrongly attributed to “unvaccinated” status.

@Steve Kirsch - can you crowd-source that?

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Connection to the blood clot issue listen to Dr Fleming https://rumble.com/vxd8pj-dr-fleming-covid-crimes-witness.html

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So where’s the logic in this?

Your kid has a cough, maybe a fever.

What do you do?

Go and get tested, of course.

So it’s positive – as in 93% of PCR tests.

Now what?

Go home and isolate for fourteen days (depending on your school’s protocol).

What next?

Two days later, the kid’s better.

Now he’s stuck at home for twelve more days and so are you.

So are all his classmates.

Well done, you dumb ass.

Why not do the normal thing?

Why not think of the likely consequences of your actions?

Keep your kid at home if he’s sick.

Wait til he’s better.

Then get back to school.

No kid goes to school sick.

If they get funny in the middle of the day, the school always calls to have them picked up.

What on earth is the point of the test?

Can anyone explain the logic of this?

Or is it simply that people are dumb?

(Fear freezes the brain making the logical part of the brain inaccessible which is how propaganda orks. To release the fear once you’re in it, you need to get angry or laugh at the source. Get angry at me if it helps.)

I hope the self inflicted testers enjoy their confinement.

The schools have no choice but the parents do.

The test is your choice. You are the ones damaging your own kids’ happiness, and probably ealth.

Stay free. Stay alive. Stay intelligent.

And remember – DGTT. Don’t Get The Test.

Logic must overcome propaganda induced fear.


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"Can anyone explain the logic of this?"

Lucrative testing contracts for "friends" of legislators.

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And guess where the tests are made????


The CONvid 19 is an IQ test.

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Is there any information available that shows whether employees of FDA,CDC, and NIH have been vaxxed. Especially top executives, board members etc

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This is the world's most comprehensive IQ test:

See someone still wearing a mask, idiot,

Vaccine shot one, stupid,

Shot two, Mega stupid,

Booster, absolute STUPID moron!

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I am trying not to think of all the maskees as idiots, otherwise my mind gets full of "Idiots. Idiots. Idiots." whenever I pass one in the street, which is all the time. I must try to ignore the "Idiots. Idiots. ..." Idiots for miles.

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I used to get angry when I saw these sheep. Now I don’t waste my time or my serenity on something I have no control over. As a child of God, I feel sorry for them. It must be so draining to live in this much fear. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

I see now that love and hate are considered strong emotions, but fear is as well!

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It's strange, until the time they got vaccinated, my family members were pretty intelligent. One had a lapse of stupidity when the Delta scare came around and got two shots, but won't get a booster. My sister and her husband both got Covid after being triple vaccinated, as did her son and his fiancée, twice, after being triple vaccinated (not sure of their vaccine status before first Covid). My sister also got shingles a month or two after her second vaccination, but she attributed it to the stress of traveling a lot and her age.

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It is astonishing the level of statistical and intellectual chicanery being propagated by academia and senior public officials, where it is the scientific establishment that should be getting raked over the coals for their dishonesty *not* Professor Fenton...legacy media outlets have all but abandoned journalistic integrity. Further, big-tech squelches truth and propagates chaff...gee I wonder why this has been happening? ~~~ How Big Pharma profited from the pandemic: The U.S. government cleared the way for the big pharmaceutical firms to develop vaccines, and several made a lot of money doing it. Drug firms also raised prices on other products. https://www.inquirer.com/business/drugs/drugs-vaccine-pandemic-costs-profits-big-pharma-pfizer-20220318.html

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All things covid-- research grants, CARES funds-- are a gravy train for the universities. They're not going to do anything to upset it.

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