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These two speeches were magnificent! Thank you for making it possible to listen to them. How can I post this to Twitter?

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My response to the survey, "Sometime in the future", expresses, in the immortal words of Deborah Birx, "more of a hope." Alas!

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This guy is fearless. I wish a bunch of senators and congressmen would stand up for the people like did.

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Senator Rennick...respect! He laid it out! And that ignorant lady rolling her eyes while he’s talking about the vaccine injured... pure evil.

“Govern me harder, daddy” hahaha buncha fools.

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022

Entire 20 minute speech by Naomi Wolf here:


I am a Harvard College alum and learned recently that students are being required to take these injections there too. They had already discredited themselves in my view to the point where I hated to even admit I went there with the apparently nefarious involvement of Charles Lieber with Wuhan, China. Now I want a refund because they are evidently part of the cabal that is destroying the world. I can't tell you how many Harvard Magazines have come in the past 3 years with COVID-themed cover stories. One in particular that infuriated me was "This Pandemic and the Next" with the COVID caricature right on the cover. They were clearly celebrating it and looking forward to another. I'm ashamed that I allowed my parents to spend a fortune sending me there. Harvard is a disgrace, IMO.

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Are you all ready for some real propaganda ? Hear it goes:


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The Greens are a bunch of morons. Sen Rennick is far more accomplished.

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I voted for the next 30 days, since we have to wish for what we want!

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I think this is very positive sign. Last night I published a feature story on a 41-year-old man from Minnesota who died six days after receiving his second Pfizer shot (from massive blood clots that caused him to have a heart attack). Citizen Free Press picked up my Subtack article early this morning. In only about 11 hours, the article has been read by more than 45,000 (!) people. Citizen Free Press, which has one of the largest Internet audiences in the world, should be commended for routinely running articles on vaccine deaths. Families of victims are crying out for some attention and justice and at least one Internet site with huge readership is publicizing these stories.

BTW, you'd have to not have a brain to not conclude that this shot didn't kill Derek McIntosh ... and his death HAS been "covered up" by officials, who refused to do an autopsy, which the family authorized and requested.


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Thanks. I did these before you gave me the link. Since then, the research proposal was sent though the link you provided. Didn't know how to send it before you gave me the link. Thanks

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And here is another speech-- from a Canadian physician who is standing up:

Dr. Chris Shoemaker at the Mother's March. Toronto December 4, 2022



DR. CHRIS SHOEMAKER: It's wonderful to be here with the fabulous friends. Everybody taking their own risks, everybody with their stories of sadness to an extent. We've all been isolated in one way or another. We've all perhaps been damaged by a vaccine. We've all had members of our families damaged by vaccines without question. I know there are surviving members of families right here today, families of Sean Hartman, families of other children whose names I don't know. But I do know that Canadian citizens, Canadian citizens, 14 and 15, and 16 years of age are dying because they've unfortunately taken the vax.

The early, early statistics way back in January of 2021, just as they started bringing in the vaxes, and in the first 30, 40 days, Pfizer knew, and the people supervising Pfizer knew, that they killed 2,000 people with the vax within a month and a half. Two thousand people were dead in the ground, with great clarity because of the vax, they were early adopters, they were the early accepters, and they were dead already.

The numbers have stretched out from there. People who are really in the know, people like Paul Alexander, people like Dr. McCullough, people like Dr. Kory in the United States, and wonderful people like Dr. Braden and Dr. Hodkinson here in Canada, we all know how toxic and dangerous these shots are.

And as I was walking in today I was recalling that, it was about 9 months ago I came down to be in the Toronto London area rather than being up in Ottawa where I had been. And nine months is a long time. I've been fighting hard here in this area for 9 months. And it made me reflect on pregnancy. That is a long time to care, a loving little child that you want to be a child that will come into your world 9 months later. You take great care during those 9 months. You take your vitamins, you cut down on your smoking, you don't have a drink of alcohol. You don't do anything to harm that baby.

But the pieces of crap above us, the agencies and the medical agencies, and the liars at WHO, and the liars at Pfizer, they have completely lied to every citizen on the face of the earth that this vaccine was essentially important to give to pregnant mothers.

It was unimportant to be given to pregnant mothers. It has killed baby after baby after baby, fetal death in the womb. It's only one third of women who are vaccinated during pregnancy who deliver a child successfully. One third. Two thirds of the babies are lost in early spontaneous abortion if the mothers, the potential mothers, have received the shot in pregnancy. And it's a horrible fact.

There was actually a distinct Pfizer cohort that they released accidentally, they didn't mean to release it, and it showed in the earliest group of people they gave the shot to, 28 out of 29 pregnant women lost the baby. There was one healthy baby born out of 29 women given a double-vax while pregnant.

So ladies and gentlemen, the world, this has to stop!

I mean, unduly damaging to pregnancy, I mean, maybe you don't die 67% as a human who gets the shot in your arm, like a baby does. Maybe it's only 3, 4, 5% so far in adults. But the number's going to grow. When you damage your T-cells, what are called the T-cells in the body, are the only things that work against two things, viruses and cancers.

Antibodies don't do anything against viruses, they never have, they never will. Antibodies are a signpost. Antibodies show you and your doctor that way back when, you had a certain kind of infection. Ah, nice to know. But it does nothing in terms of preventing you from getting the infection.

Everybody, every reasonable doctor has always known that antibodies are merely a signpost. They do very, very, very little to actually affect your ability to get an infection in the future.

Your ability to fight an infection in the future when it comes to a virus is based on one entity, T-cells. T-cells have to be good and strong and numerous. And in the same way that AIDs knocked down your T-cells, this poisonous, poisonous vaccine knocked down your T-cells in the months and in the years following.

And if your T-cells go down you, get extra infections in winter time, like this respiratory syncytial virus thing that's going on around us. You get extra infections because your T-cells are down and you also slowly but surely over the years ahead get extra cancer. And it's T-cells that are damaged by the covid-19 vaccine. It was always a damaging vaccine. It was meant to be a damaging vaccine.

And the world, stop taking it!

Take back your shoulders. Take back your shoulders. And this is meant for the people who aren't here, the people who are already triple-vaxed or quadruply-vaxed. Take back your shoulders. Take no more. You'll be safer, healthier, less likelier to get cancer, more likely to live the number of years you're supposed to live if you stop taking these shots.

If you continue to take these shots you will die sooner, sadly. That is my news to you as a physician.

Bless us all.

Mothers, thank you for your energy in coming out to save our children. We are going to save all of ourselves. God bless everybody.


Let's have a wonderful march.




# # #


Dr. Chris Shoemaker's website is


More about Dr. Shoemaker at:


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Both Gerard Rennick's speech and Naomi Wolf's were fantastic. Such spirit - it's so uplifting.

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These two speeches are right on! The cold-hearted woman who called Senator Rennick (who is speaking truth) tedious and odious is hard to take! Naomi Wolf is absolutely heroic! She tells the audience at Yale the indisputable facts!

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