You forgot one! You forgot Matias Desmitt (misinformation-spreader! Check out Catherine Austin Fitts interview with Dr. Peter Breggin. Ferreting out the Desmitts has been his career!


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The remarks ascribed to me (about how vaccinated people will die) are in fact not my words.

No one except possibly the perpetrators knows what will happen years after c19 vaccination.

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I would be happy to come on your program and simply explain why no one is paying attention to you.

But you would have to agree to accept commonly accepted methods of data analysis, which I am not sure you would agree to do.

It is very simple to see the systematic bias in these examples and how you need to improve your data collection methods if you actually want to make a difference.

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I really like #4.

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Steve, you ask for inputs in order to answer your queries. How much do I need to pay you to read one proton email from me?

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I agree! They're just questions! Is that so terrible?

If you haven't listened to Russell Brand on YouTube, I have to recommend you give it a go, at least for a little comic relief. If you don't have 15 minutes, start at about 9 minutes. His bit about used car salesmen makes me laugh and laugh AND makes a good point that all of these things are DIRECTLY affecting us and those we love. It is completely normal to want a bit more information!


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I have shared this on social media too. This and I also enjoyed the lists of unanswered questions which you posted awhile ago.

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Very readable and clever. The main feature -- requiring opponents of free speech and scientific discourse to explain how come the jabbed/"vaccinated" are suffering and dying -- is just so very rich.

Indeed, this is what we should all be demanding from the houses of Congress -- Find out why Americans are sick and dying in greater numbers since the "vaccines" rolled out; if the cause is not the "vaccines", what is the cause?! They've insisted on the government directing our health protocols, so let them now explain to us why citizens are sicker and dying more since they inserted the government between us and our doctors! And while they are at it, explain why the USA has the highest pandemic death rate on Earth!

Yeah, we may get a Warren Report magic bullet explanation, or even a 9/11 Commission Report created by a process where the Commission refused to hear testimonies that diverted from their narrative. BUT at least the Kabuki would include citizens as participants in a public process rather than just the source of the billion$ for Pharma or the human lab rats for Pharma eugenics experiments, or just the populace that needs Bill Gates and pals to depopulate it. If they refuse us even the usual small role in the Kabuki, well, I guess that would mean life as we knew it is over -- and the Schwab/Gates/Globalists have won, and we have no role but to die off or live in limited numbers as their slaves. (That would mean, of course, that their slave labor concentration camps of World War II were just Modern Enslavement 1.0 and now they are ready to start Modern Enslavement 2.0.)

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Steve you're dreaming if you think anything will change trying to take the liars down. Our Country is too far gone. People are brainwashed to believe what the government and media say. Until these corrupt liars are removed from their positions of influence, tried, sentenced and then hung................NOTHING WILL CHANGE


The next FAKE PLANdemic is just around the corner.............BANK ON IT!!!!

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@Steve any thoughts about this (from AFLDS and FW to me).

"On Sunday, April 10th, 2022, it was made public that the Biden Administration had proposed amendments to the WHO treaty. These amendments are designed to further strip us of our rights and sovereignty. The WHO then provided only three days for public comment! The World Health Assembly is slated to vote on these amendments between May 22-28th. We The People must take action to stop this blatant attack on the Constitution of the United States from within."

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How did this disastrous Covid-19 response happen, particularly the INSANE plan to jab the entire global population? This must be tracked back now, who is responsible for this debacle? Why has it been allowed to continue, largely unchecked? Why are there no effective checks and balances? Why has 'regulation' proved to be such a gross failure, and indeed is now dangerous in facilitating defective Covid jabs, including under mandates?

I've recently had email discussion with Geert Vanden Bossche on this matter - he's challenging the global Covid-19 jab experiment, saying "Decision makers, in WHO, will be held responsible, accountable and liable for the dramatic consequence that this biological experiment on human beings could possibly entail." See his website: Voice For Science and Solidarity: https://www.voiceforscienceandsolidarity.org/

In one of his responses to me, Geert said: "Stupidity and arrogance will prevail as long as we don’t enforce (by law!) DEBATE mandates instead of vaccine mandates…."

This is what has been sorely lacking throughout the Covid-19 fiasco...DEBATE!

But it's not just about the Covid-19 'leaky vaccines'... Debate has been shut down on the lucrative vaccine industry for years, with people who question vaccine products being tagged as 'anti-vaxxers', and ridiculed and marginalised, thereby shutting down transparency and accountability for international vaccination policy, an area which is awash with conflicts of interest, and curiously dominated for years by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, see for example: Bill and Melinda Gates pledge $10 billion in Call for Decade of Vaccines: https://www.gatesfoundation.org/ideas/media-center/press-releases/2010/01/bill-and-melinda-gates-pledge-$10-billion-in-call-for-decade-of-vaccines

See more in my email discussion with Geert Vanden Bossche, I have his permission to share his responses: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2022/05/covid-19-the-insane-plan-to-jab-the-entire-global-population-with-defective-covid-19-leaky-vaccines.pdf

People may disagree with Geert's position - but it seems to me immunology is far from an exact science and we must have open discussion to consider the way ahead - isn't this what science is supposed to be about? Before it was taken over by vested interests...

The situation is beyond urgent now, we must demand open debate, and not just between the 'doctors' and the 'professors'...we all have skin in this game, and informed people must also have the opportunity to have their say.

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Excellent article, Steve.

I’m also open alone or as a team to debate anyone.

My recent document, “The 12 covid lies” is surely such as easy takedown.

Hasn’t happened yet.

What’s the appropriate number of deliberate lies for your public health experts to broadcast about an event that could cost you or a child their life? It’s zero.

So it’s not enough to criticise one of the lies I have identified.

No, rebuttal requires destruction of all 12 lies,

The cowards can’t rebut one yet.

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Steve you need to direct this discussion to Obama directly he might be able to find the expertise to answer your questions, don’t hold your breath 😂

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Go Steve....make twitter sweat!

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I stepped on Jerome Adams’ toes today. He loves those masks! Biggest fish I’ve had tweet back. Good times!

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I am so thankful for a brain like yours-the Energizer Bunny on Steroids! Keep up the exceptional work on behalf on mankind. In time, the Truth Will Out.

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