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I would give only anything to somebody who suppose to SERVE ENTIRE HUMAN COMMUNITY, only if he/she will swear to leave the humanity free of masks, free of any vaccines, free of any medical tyrannies, free of wi-fi 5G murder, always capable of moving whenever WE WANT, free to decide for the good of humanity and this world, which still belongs to HUMANS. Sorry, I do not trust a single MD, who calls covid injections 'vaccines'! If they indeed do not know the difference, then they are not capable to serve humanity anyway. Oh, and if they swear one thing, and do something different, they should be dismissed immediately. And if an MD doesn't know which vitamin participates in which pathway, then a resfresher in nutrition should be prescribed, for the MD's...

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Thanks for sharing candidates worth supporting!

Anybody know what happened to everyone who ran against Newsom for the recall? Not a one of them running against him for the "real" election?? Is it a money thing with Larry Elder?

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REINETTE SENUM is a great candidate for CA Governor!! www.electreinette.com

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Impressed. Thanks to Drs Tyson and Huang for moving forward.

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Please, name a SINGLE elected official who did not betray their electorate... (I still haven't been able to figure out South Dakota, though, because it didn't go along with the plandemic and the governor didn't get killed, either, but that is the only suspicious entry I can come up with. My best guess is that its oil industry was too precious for getting paralyzed with edicts, but there were other positive signs besides a lack of lockdowns.)

You cannot even run for office, unless moneyed interests exercise their "free speech" (as the Supreme Court put it a few years ago about campaign controbutions).

I would first believe in the Tooth Fairy than a politician who is able and allowed to do anything for the people.

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Reinette Senum is also running for CA Governor and has been fighting the good fight in CA for nearly 20 years. www.electreinette.com

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YES! I have followed R. Senum for several years. Authentic. Lives her speak as far as I can tell. I plan to vote for Renette!!

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She is the real deal.

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I often contribute to candidates in states I don't reside in. The country needs a massive overhaul, and while thinking locally is always a good strategy, changing California, and shoring up good candidates in many states is good for the nation. Thanks for the head's up on these two candidates, Steve.

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May 1, 2022·edited May 1, 2022

Would anyone know how the following measure could ever have passed (and in S. CA no less. See link at the end) or how anyone with a consciousness that is prodemocracy would have found "city-wide surveillance in their community a worthy undertaking anywhere in US of America? CCP members maybe, but Americans?Am I missing something??? https://www.technocracy.news/chula-vista-police-cleared-for-city-wide-surveillance-drones/

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Thank you. I live in California I will pass this on.

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I would also like to suggest Anthony Trimino for California Governor. https://anthonytrimino.com/?sec=issues

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He sold adds pushing the vaccine last year. Very questionable to me.

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Maybe, but it seems to me he’s changed his mind. Remember, even the great Steve Kirsch was a believer in the covid jabs not too long ago.

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Yes, but this is someone running for governor. Very different. I wouldn't support Steve if he supported this kind of thing and then running for governor. I knew the truth years ago and can only support someone who is on that side. We really need to know the truth about people. What are they hiding. He ran in the recall. I am not saying he is a bad person, but it makes me question their integrity and when will they cross that line in the future. I question everything and everyone. Have met Reinette several times and she is the real deal. She has been very connected to the Church of Glad Tidings in Live Oak where Dr David Martin and many others have been at speaking. She knows lots of people from the California Children's Health Defense too. She also knows she can't do this on her own and needs everyone to step up and take part in our communities across the state. This is up to us.

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Thank you Steve, I will pass your suggestions to friends in Cal.

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When it comes to co-opting an innocent soul into its dark web of lies, no one comes remotely close. Not close enough to eat its dust. If they weren't assimilated if/when they are elected, they would be soon after. If they reject its invitations,

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“The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will

defend itself.”

– Saint Augustine (oft-quoted by Dr. Robert Malone)


• Avoid recommendations from biased media that suppress dissenting views or distort the truth.

- Learn how to identify media bias: https://researchguides.njit.edu/evaluate/basics

• Follow the money/funding.

- Secretary of State (SOS): https://www.activefilings.com/information/sos-access/ (select your

state’s SOS website, then look for options about funding):

- https://www.opensecrets.org/ (Federal)

- https://ballotpedia.org/Main_Page (your State / Federal)

• Use your critical thinking skills! Be appropriately skeptical.

• Do not fully trust traditional news, social media, commercials, campaign signs, etc.

• Do your own research using primary sources.

- Review the official platforms of each political party (e.g., Constitution, Democrat, Libertarian,

Republican): https://ballotpedia.org/Platform (you can find platforms from here)

- Read candidate websites carefully (but verify all claims, lies, exaggerations).

- Attend in-person events and town-halls with candidates.

- Listen to podcast interviews with candidates.

- Watch candidate town-hall videos.

- Ask direct questions of the candidates and listen carefully to the answers.

- Read proposed ballot measures yourself. (And insist that they be clear and concise!)

• Actions speak louder than words: Study voting records of incumbents and past actions of

newcomers; never simply take on faith what they say they believe in or promise to do.

• Vote AGAINST long-time incumbents unless you truly like them and they are highly ranked by

trusted sources.

• Do not vote for candidates whom you have not researched. (You don’t have to fill in every box!)

• Vote AGAINST any ballot measure that you don’t understand.

• Don’t skip the primaries!

- In states with closed primaries, typically only Republicans can vote for Republicans and

Democrats for Democrats (rules vary by state).

- Party affiliation does not matter in the General election, but the primary in your state can

determine whose names appear on the General election ballot.

- Details about open and closed primaries: https://ballotpedia.org/Primary_election

• Use Official State Voter Information and Tools:

- Start here: https://www.activefilings.com/information/sos-access/

- Select your state’s SOS website, which usually provides voter information and tools.

ELECTION INTEGRITY (specific information varies by state):

• Poll workers and poll watchers help ensure fair and honest elections (election integrity); they are

part of the county elections process.

• Sign up to be a poll worker (including Chief Judge or District Judge) or a poll watcher.

• Vote in-person on Election Day at your official polling place (if you can).

• Avoid unsecured, unmonitored, outside, or mobile ballot drop boxes.


• Assess what the elected officials actually do vs. what they promised to do. Sign up for their

newsletters. Watch what legislation they propose, support, and oppose. Contact them with your

concerns as well as your praise.

• Contact elected officials:

- Start here: https://www.activefilings.com/information/sos-access/

- Select your state’s SOS website, which usually lists elected official contact information

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Hi Steve, it would be good if there was a summary of candidates that might prove to be more willing to fight for freedom. Do you have a suggestion where to look?

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Find voter recommendations for all elected official candidates who are fighting for our freedoms in Southern California counties at freedomrevival.org.

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Reinette Senum for governor. She is all about medical freedom, less government, small local businesses, etc. She is not running as part of the 2 party system.

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Super vibe. Refreshing ❣️

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I don't live in CA and can't vote there, but if I did and I could, I would. Ive'been dishing out lot of money for my own corrupt State of Michigan, and hope we are getting ahead, but it's a tough run.

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