How can I help? I quit fb Twitter Instagram and YouTube last year- summer 2020

I do tell friends they are helping the enemy by remaining, some think they are fighting the good fight to keep getting suspended on these platforms. They don’t get that just their presence of profile helps them

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Just submitted my form. Looking forward to doing what I can to help!

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Jack Dorsey Steps Down As Twitter CEO, Chooses Parag Agrawal As Successor

by Tyler Durden

Monday, Nov 29, 2021 - 10:48 AM

Update (1052ET): Dorsey has now unlocked his account and published a resignation later, ending a brief but notably news blackout on the platform about Dorsey, one of the company's founders, leaving the top job for the second time.


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We need an alternative platform also for LinkedIn which I got suspended from. A lot more are getting suspended every day for sharing the truth.

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I suspended them months ago and several others..Steve I suggest you look at alternate banking ... when you see how GABs finances are limited they need a flow of money to grow .. as do others, it really is a key area, and honest alternatives are needed

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They suspended me today too.

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Good Idea to delete my twitter account, I would love it, but I think will delete it once I got fired as you. My tweet community is tiny, so my audience too. Sometimes I got a few likes on my tweets from unknown peoples, I am then convinced I touched new people with my messages, from the good side, to speak simple ( For example I share your messages ). My strategy is the following, stay on twitter for sharing what we call our Truth, register on gab, substack, telegram and all aternative social medias in the same time, but also, stay a little away from all of this, for mental safety !!! Thanks Steve for your fight, just amazing, as many other good people in this world, for our future, for Truth, against Global corruption.

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I left Twitter and FB. I use Telegram a little but honestly life is better without social media. I prefer to read articles by great journalists on substack. I read Epoch Times, Red State, Daily Wire, and many other articles through Conservative News app. I send articles to people I care about. I have an urge to post great things on FB etc but likely they will be blocked. I don't really watch TV but I listen to great podcasts. I think everyone should leave FB and Twitter.

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Twitter may have the right to deny you the service, but they do not have the right to libel you.

The allegation that your tweet was "misleading" is defammatory. They are saying either that you are a liar, or an idiot, or both.

They broadcast that allegation far and wide. They could have just shut your account, but they chose to defame you as well. That was uncalled for and unjustifiable.

I would urge you to sue them for libel.

Legally, the onus then shifts on to them to prove that your tweet is "misleading".

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Twitter shadow banned me 2 years ago.... All I did was to re-post mainstream media headlines... if they were ‘fake’ it was still, in large part their media of choice. However even with MSM some truth seeps to the surface.... once in a while.

Twitter suspended my account, no access, no feedback on their part, and it is still visible (to me).... I cannot delete it...I wish I could “suspend” it, their non-response is their trademark.

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You were liberated from twitter.

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I think, one of the main things you should do for this purpose is make a video of vaccine injured people, real people. Thanks for your work!

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Steve, you need to hook up with Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org. He can help with your blindspot on the PREP ACT and was also a programmer as sell.

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Whilst I commend you for your Twitter Switch Project, this could be expanded on even better by not using, where possible, google services - like the form to complete to express interest in helping. The problem isn't just with Twitter, it's with all of them

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Don't fall for the illusion.

There are nowhere near as many people on Twitter than you think.

Of the 75K followers you had, probably 10 to 20K were real.

Don't believe me?

How do you explain that when you first joined Gab you quickly gained 15K real followers and had x10 more interactions than you ever had on twitter?

You are wasting your time trying to teach Twitter a lesson. They really don't care. They de-platformed a former President, and no one bat an eye lid.

Twitter is huge propaganda research lab meant to:

- Brainwash the masses

- Influence politicians

Their main technic is to make minorities appear to be a huge majorities and sway political decision making.

It is all slight of hand and illusions.

Just like the voter rolls in many US states. They're inflated with zombies.

(Twitter is a research lab for psychological and political experiments. As long as they have the attention of most politicians, they really don't care.)

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Just posted to Twitter... not to FB because I am in 7/30 FB jail.

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