Have you been un-banned yet?

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Hey, Steve...didn’t let ‘‘em take it from Y!

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Could someone point me to a place in the linked papers that says that the COVID vaccines cause prion diseases?

I didn't see it. One paper reported evidence that prion-like domains in the body's natural ACE2 receptors, and on the RBD of the spike protein, may be involved in binding the virus to the cell. Another presented evidence that there are possible mechanisms by which the spike could conceivably cause prion disease.

But I didn't see any report of proof that the vaccine cause prion disease.

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It would be great to have someone in the field of biochemistry and immunology explain possible mechanisms for the finding. CJD might be due to the PEG encapsulant. There never were controls looking at the PEG component despite it being immunogenic.

It might be due to immune suppression which itself is a worthy path to research.

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Ordinary people would rightly ask -- How do they get away with it? B/c accountability is no longer a concern. They're protected. But what about just being able to sleep at night? They must be mostly atheists, and don't believe morality really matters. Life is all about power, control, winning, & eventually dying into the Great Void. So there's literally zero accountability. But, but, but what about just doing the right thing -- you know, do no harm! Apparently only losers worry about such things.

This incapacity to care about our fellow human beings is the ultimate problem. And it's the hallmark of atheism (& satanism).

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Please Sign the Petition to Investigate and Prosecute the People Responsible for

Crimes Against Humanity! Nuremberg 2.0


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Others of us — also banned from Twitter — tweeted about prion disease risk from Covid spike protein vaccines in December 2020.

See also Dr. Bart Classen’s paper from February 2021:


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The Twitter employees' behavior is just what I would expect from (semi) young people that grew up playing video games where killing people is the point of the game.

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Sure hope elon makes his deal

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Jun 12, 2022·edited Jun 12, 2022

There's also the issue of shedding vaccine ingredients. FDA has known since at least 2015 about shedding, to the extent it provided this guidance. I've wondered if the un-vaccinated might be subject to possible exposure. https://www.fda.gov/media/89036/download?fbclid=IwAR0UxH1lejB-EfK4B_Y5BD34oX4Brw4X4eykw981sFj3Koa0I_0KRLx9NRQ

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Your not alone, I posted a peer reviewed paper about the spike proteins concentrating in the ovaries and spleen as shown in autopsies and was banned within about 10 seconds of it being posted.

I had grown (purely by chance) a group of like minded people that I followed and who followed me that we’re in the region of 3-4000.

I was always very mindful of what I wrote so can only assume that my account was being tracked in real time in order for me to be banned so quickly.

As a gay man I was able to challenge people on what I was seeing happen to the LGB community, there was an organised effort to use it to validate and include heterosexual transvestites, forced gender reassignment on children, inappropriate sexualisation of young children and the toxic masculinity narrative that was forcing young men to question their sexual orientation. I was on a position to question it but did use an anonymous profile as I work in a government job that would be open to me getting targeted in public.

When I realised the entire pandemic was fake I made it known and then the protein being man made, the vaccine being toxic along with children not needing it.

If you reach a certain audience and post logical, fact based posts that get repeated you seem to become a major threat and banned quite quickly as opposed to people who can be loud and abusive and get away with posting true but outlandish claims that they don’t back up so they never getter banned.

If you are one of the people that the social media’s algorithm’s show to actually be influencing people then you are shut down.

The information I posted was backed up with evidence so I have appealed a couple of times, Twitter have said I have to withdraw the tweet myself, they could easily do it but it’s a sadistic way of making you admit you are wrong even though you are right... they want to make you do it so they can believe they are not doing the censoring but secondly it’s as if they want you to publicly humiliate yourself, they want to make you withdraw what you know is true like a prisoner of war forced to make a public statement against your own country. After grudgingly going through the process of withdrawing it I was then forced to tie a telephone number to my account, which in this current climate in the U.K. where the government is bringing in laws to control freedom of speech, particularly by targeting people who post things on the internet that are not illegal but ‘detrimental to the public’s wellbeing’ (clearly this could be anything that might challenge the governments narrative) I decided not to tie my phone number to my account.

Sadly being dependant on a job to support my family and survive, I, like a many people living in western democracies can only afford to say anything online anonymously as the reality of being doxxed and losing my job, not only by the public by now by my government is a real and present danger. To even be in this situation in a country like England in 2022 should be worrying and warning sign to us all that we are where Germany was in the late 1930’s.

God only knows what the future holds for rational thinking people who dare to speak the truth and challenge the overwhelming wave of misinformation and lies being directed at society from every official source of information. The infiltration is almost complete. Black is white and up is down and I am a little scared that I’m a year or two I may well have to agree in order to feed my family.

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Putting a different spin on the CDC waste water treatment plant monitoring. What if they are monitoring the prion levels that end up in the recycling biosolids distribution process.

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"They don’t care that they are killing people by censoring people like me. They just do whatever the government says."

More or less, but they are not really following government orders. The social and legacy media are part of the same political movement as the current ruling party in the US, so they pursue the same goals without having to be told to do so.

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"Twitter banned me for life a second time "

With Twitter, you only live twice :)...

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