Rochelle Walensky is the Kamala Harris of the CDC.

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HiI am writing because I have read a number of articles including one from a university based study saying that the rNA changes the dna in the cells. My concern is for my family who have taken the covid vaccines. Is this effect reversible? r.gordon432@protonmail.com

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Hello Mr Gordon, I'm a bit of a rookie here but I have been keeping my eye open for "what can be done about the jab." I see you are interested in the RNA/DNA issue. I think God will have to tell us what to do about that or fix it himself!! However there are those little spikies that are floating around doing their damage. So Here are some possibilities for action against the spike protein and the toxic residue? Detoxification of the body is an art and a science. I doubt there is anyone who has gone through the process of proving the shots are reversible. However the body is highly detoxable. In the final analysis one would have to work out something they have confidence in. I can’t believe there is not more data out there on what to do. Technically the following does not answer your question, but, for the record here it is.

(1) A good place to start: The World Council For Health dot Org has a spike-protein-detox- guide https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/spike-protein-detox-guide/

(2) Also worth knowing: Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray is a good place to start. There is Dr. Sircus videos on youtube and lots of reviews on Amazon. Magnesium oil is a bit slippery and so it is called “oil.” It is the magnesium that is the most therapeutic which is magnesium chloride. This would be good for everyone. It helps my withered hand!!

(3) The following quote is from Dr. Thomas E. Levy's book MAGNESIUM REVERSING DISEASE: "THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT MAGNESIUM IS A NATURAL ANTIDOTE FOR THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL PATHOLOGICAL DAMAGE FROM EVERY DISEASE AND POISONING KNOWN TO MAN." Sounds impossible but Dr. Levy is highly trustworthy and dedicated to putting control of health into our own hands. Spikes sound like a “poisoning” to me; not to mention what else is in the freakin’ jabs.

(4) Steep learning curve: Consider the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. This puts the body into autophagy which means it cleans itself out. Lots to learn but there are plenty of books and videos.

(5) There is a lot to know about Vitamin C: This video is jam packed and a careful viewing will uncover things you can use: Vitamin C and the Mitochondria - Dr Thomas Levy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9SbPqO_Ay4&t=264s

(6) Noteworthy in the above video, these are the forms of vitamin C: (1) Lypo-C … must take this one!!... gets into cells. 1-2-3 a day. But the price is going up so if it is un-affordable let it go, or use it for a few weeks. (2) Sodium ascorbate… take up to your bowel tolerance every day. Will neutralize toxins in your gut which are surely there. Could be 5 grams etc. Mal digested food is bad so washing out the gut is good. (3) Ascorbyl palmitate gets into fat. Use all your weapons (4) IV Vitamin C does different things. (5) A shot. Intramuscular.

(7) Very steep learning curve: Infrared saunas are excellent and Sherry A. Rogers book “Detoxify or Die” goes over how it can be done. Except a person with spikes would have to take the gentlest route and monitor how their body is doing closely.

(8) If you feel like it: Because ivermectin gets parasites out of the body and is a preventative and cure for Covid19 itself there is no reason it will not help with the aftermath of the jab. A doctor could prescribe it or you could use the horse paste. It is soooo safe. A horse gets his ivermectin about once a year. Some people are taking it every week. I take it every month.

(9) There are other options out there. It would be a good idea to keep a log of your plans and executions. A lot depends on what time and resources you can muster up. The book on what to do about the jab is waiting to be written. Be brave. Write your own book!!

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Great info, Kathy M. Thanks! Question regarding horse paste, please -- have you come across any particular brands or formulations of horse paste that you avoid? or are they all pretty much the same?

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Hi Bob. The one I use is Barcode 086621028517 Equine Ivermectin Paste 1.87% . It happens to be the one my friend used and I still use monthly. I just go by the fact that horses are very valuable and veterinarians trust the medications made for horses. I would trust any one of them. This one tastes fine. You could probably take it on it's own (but always after a fatty meal). I sandwich it between two layers of sour cream.

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Ha, on looking at Angela Rasmussen's twitter feed she is as arrogant as they come and a legend in her own mind. This Flack is a paid off shill. She wants a forum to recite the Big Medicine's talking points not debate the facts that the vaccines are killing and maiming millions of people around the world.

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OMG! I just checked out Rasmussen on twitter. What an angry, rude, self-opinionated, ignorant, self-obsessed cow. Someone should tell her that attack is not the best form of defense. It simply means that she has no proof to discredit anybody and is just making a fool of herself. Seriously, who breeds these people?

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I would gladly share if I were active on social media. I won't hold my breath for one of the media liars or 3 letter agency "experts" aren't going to respond. They are lying all day, every day and they can't debate.

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The BEST and most simple response to the NY Times is that NATURE magazine (the most respected scientific journal in the world) has a detailed article on the origins of the mRNA vaccines...and their story BEGINS with the story of Robert Malone! Slam dunk!

And is anyone surprised that the NY Times just "happened" to not reference THIS FACT?!?


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"NATURE magazine (the most respected scientific journal in the world)"

No way. They were right about Malone but Nature magazine are criminals who colluded with Fauci to cover up the lab origin of the virus.


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I agree...but my point is that even the "most respected" conventional scientific journal in the world says that the history of the mRNA vaccines begins with Robert Malone!

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The NY Times article about Dr. Malone may seem harsh. "Extraordinarily dishonest and morally bankrupt" are certainly strong words I would not use. I would simply point out that Dr. Malone is not board certified or board eligible in any clinical specialty. He did not complete a residency program. He did not do a fellowship. He has no hospital medical staff membership or clinical privileges. His CV does reveal any clinical activity since internship and I don't think there is a lot of patient care involved in a pathology internship. He is not a member of the American College of Physicians, Infectious Diseases Society of American or the American Society for Virology.

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OK Can't dispute NYTimes on Dr. Malone and your account of his medical work as being weak and spotty. But he completed the science of a medical degree.

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You may be right, but he's got molecular biology out the wazoo. Do you really think most MDs understand the molecular biology behind these "vaccines"? Could he have worked at Salk for years without making these types of contributions?

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Malone was a med student working in Verma's lab. He was only there a short time when he had a "falling out" with Verma. He then went to VICAL for 9 months where he worked for Felgner. He then had a "falling out" with him too. He resigned under threat of litigation from VICAL. What did Malone do? He took the method described by Felgner for transfection of DNA in 1987 and used it (as Felgner suggested in his 1987 paper) to transfect RNA under the direct supervision of Felgner who was his boss at VICAL. Malone then wrote several patents listing himself as the primary inventor. Those were corrected and Felgner was properly listed as primary. Malone then resigned under threat of litigation from VICAL. You really need to dig into the documents. You can't rely on Malone's CV. Its full of red flags. Its obvious what he did.

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Yes it appears Dr. Malone hangs out with the wrong people and crowds but one of my favorite doctors, Michael Crichton, never practiced medicine either yet wrote The Andromeda Strain and several other viral scare scenarios.

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You ignoramuses are all identical. You NEVER have “time” to debate. Not a single one of you unthinking “experts” ever want a debate, and it’s very obvious why. Because you are nothing more than cowards. You folks always find time to write paragraphs of the same drivel repeat by “journalists”, trying to explain to people who can count that 2 and 2 is 5.

You are an embarrassment to humanity.

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Oh Jesus Christ. You're so fixated on character assassinations that basic data is eluding your ability to work through problems in a logical manner.

You have nothing of substance to add, then why bother responding? All you have done is confirm what I said above; too busy to debate, but all the time in the world to keep posting paragraphs of fallacies.

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No one qualified is willing to do that? Are you serious? Are you unfamiliar with the Infectious Diseases Society of America? There is unanimity of opinion among fellowship trained board certified infectious disease doctors, the mRNA COVID vaccines are highly effective for the primary goals of vaccination: prevention of death and critical illness and moderately effective at preventing infection. These vaccines are also incredibly safe. Any suggestion to the contrary is coming from physicians who are not qualified to opine. Unless one is a fellowship trained and board certified infectious disease doctor, one does NOT have the credentials to opine.

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Putting undisputable data or facts on the table that others won't, for whatever reason, isn't "opining". Nevertheless are you able to explain how higher mortality and morbidity in the vaccinated cohort is not a grave concern, or not?

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Apr 5, 2022·edited Apr 5, 2022

Thanks for your input, I appreciate your willingness to enter into the discussion. As a layperson I was always concerned and confused by Pfizer's 6th month trial data that demonstrated higher mortality and morbidity in the vaccinated cohort than in the un-vaccinated cohort. I know this is filtered through the CCA but they are using Pfizer's own data. Can you speak to that? Thanks again.


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Fair enough...and I prefaced my question by saying that this particular link was filtered through the CCCA. Can you however explain Pfizers raw data shows clearly what I said above..higher mortality and morbidity in the vaccinated group and how that can be "mis-interpreted"? Thanks for your reply by the way.

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So doctors who see patients dying and suffering critical injuries days after being injected with an mRNA vaccine should just shut up because they're not board-certified ID physicians? Do you even hear yourself? Medical science has devolved into government policy enforced by suppression of alternative findings, not just in the Press and in social media, but in the scientific journals. Read the studies, and see how their summaries often directly contradict the body of the paper, to do obeisance to the a priori policy commitment as a condition of being published.

The mRNA vaccines will go down in history as perhaps the worst medical catastrophe in human history. Worst because the truth of their ineffectiveness and horrible safety profile is being suppressed. People are being deceived into taking them by the likes of you and your vaunted fellowship. And since the deception doesn't work so well in many people, they're being coerced and threatened with the loss of their livelihood and freedom. They're being othered and threatened with being cast out of society. That right there should tell you something about the side you've taken. But yeah, you're too busy to debate the issue. Just let the carnage continue, so you can hang out with your fellowship people and slap each other on the back.

Even if we accept the goalpost-moving inherent in your post (effectiveness against infection and transmission and NOT against severe disease and death was THE endpoint loudly proclaimed and used to entice and bludgeon people into taking the shots), what about the fact that whatever effectiveness the shots have is temporary? This is nearly universally understood, even coming from the mouth of Pfizer's CEO and the director of the CDC, plus many others. You ingored that fact in your post. And you also ignored the fact that there is a dose-dependent injury risk and strong evidence of potentially permanent suppression of immune function from the shots. You want to encourage people to get on the booster treadmill, and they're going to end up like George Jetson.

The day will come when you will regret being on the side you've taken on this issue. The harmfulness and ineffectiveness of these treatments is already obvious to a great many people, including many with credentials in various disciplines that are highly relevant. People with credentials who should have known better, who closed their eyes to the carnage and continued to support a false narrative and attack people who were asking honest questions and presenting true and relevant facts, will be exposed for the great harm they've done. You really don't want to be on that team.

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Another " Parasite of Humanity"!

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Lol - by your own appeals to authority and twisted reasoning you are not qualified to "opine" on vaccines since you are not a vaccinologist like Dr. Robert Malone or Dr. Gert Van Der Bossche. Unlike you they are actually published and have expertise in this arena.

Covid vaccines safe and effective? Not so much - 85-92% of the infections, hospitalizations, and deaths over the last few weeks are in fully vaxed people according to the available data from the UK, Israel, and Canada. The data doesn't lie. Like it or not this is a pandemic of the fully vaxxed.

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Then, there's the rather dodgy quirk that the United States health authorities don't consider you "vaccinated" until two weeks after the SECOND shot. Add that to the inconvenient fact that multiple sources are reporting that T cell immunity drops precipitously for 7 to 14 days following the first injection, plus the further inconvenient fact that there were more deaths in mostly vaccinated 2021 than there were in completely unvaccinated 2020, plus the further inconvenient fact that some countries in the world started experiencing more deaths after the vaccine rollout after experiencing few (if any) deaths before, well...

Granted, there is more than one possible explanation for all of this, but that window appears to be closing. The common thread seems to be the rollout of the vaccines. I'm with wjaxMD and RM on this. Accomplishments trump credentials, of which the writer of this sub-thread seems to be either remarkably humble about or quite possibly short of.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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Did you know cardiac injury in COVID-19 and dengue is caused by Kounis Syndrome?

See paper we wrote with Prof. Kounis and Dr. Malone:

COVID-19 Disease, Women's Predominant Non-Heparin Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia and Kounis Syndrome: A Passepartout Cytokine Storm Interplay


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To Vinu. Thanks! Yes! You nailed it.

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You wrote:

"Antibodies are only a part of the story:

Cellular Immunity is the key."

Injected vaccines induce T cells that home to the skin, where they are useless. Respiratory infection induced T cells home to the nasopharynx where they protect.

Mechanisms of T cell organotropism


Please go back to school and learn some immunology before you kill more people with your ignorance. See, your "board certification" and "credentials" are worthless.

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Vinu Thanks again! Bam..T cell is key.

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6 million people are dead worldwide in two years due to COVID-19. What are your "credentials" worth? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

After decades and billions squandered on "research", you admit you are clueless about the root cause of asthma, autism, allergies, autoimmunity, or even COVID-19 severity. All immunological disorders. But you magically know this immunological intervention - vaccines, are safe? Who are you trying to fool?

OTOH, we do have the root cause for all the disease YOU created, including understanding the immunological mechanisms involved.

Vaccines and Biologics injury table based on mechanistic evidence – Feb 2020 Covering over 125 conditions


Immunological Mechanisms Explaining the Role of Vaccines, IgE, Mast Cells, Histamine, Elevating Ferritin, IL-6, D-dimer, VEGF Levels in COVID-19 and Dengue, Potential Treatments Such as Mast Cell Stabilizers, Antihistamines: Predictions and Confirmations


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The IDSA are Pharma corrupted and are killing for profit by denying cheap, safe, effective early treatments.


The Pfizer vaccine trial showed that the vaccine kills 3 people by causing cardiac arrest to potentially prevent one COVID-19 death. You have your facts wrong.


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Are you Board Certified in Infectious Disease? All information I find online states you are Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

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Even your own Substack title says "Experienced" in Infectious Disease. I would imagine if you were Board Certified you would proudly say so, given that you claim they are the experts in the Covid "vaccine"

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The vaccines are "incredibly safe"? Evidence, please.

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Look below. I attached TWO links to NEJM articles. You must have missed them. Any physician who does not read the NEJM every week has no business practicing medicine, Dr. Liberty.

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Unfortunately the NEJM and Lancet have shown themselves to the bidding of Big Pharm. No journal is absolute.

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Lives matter. Medical journals don't. Explain the death tolls, and why the increases eerily seem to follow the vaccine rollouts on a country by country basis.

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Why haven't any of them, or you for that matter, accepted Mr. Kirsh's 1 million debate offer?

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We are too busy taking care of unvaccinated hospitalized patients. Besides, you can't debate someone who lacks the requisite knowledge base to comprehend the issues. Mr. Kirsch is not a fellowship trained board certified infectious disease doctor. It would be like trying to discuss quantum entanglement with your uncle Vito. No real ID doc has that much time to waste.

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No patient would be hospitalized if you used famotidine, cetirizine, ivermectin, HCQ, fluvoxamine early to treat COVID-19. Hospitalization is a problem created by your incompetence.

Do you know why only some people develop severe COVID-19? Vaccine damage.


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You are too busy to take up his offer, but have enough time to post in here? What?

Also, imagine how many more "unvaccinated" patients you could help with that million dollars.

Your logic is extremely flawed.

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I began my medical career nearly 50 years ago by taking down the laetrile quackery industry. And I will spend the rest of my life taking down the antivaxx movement. Why? Because the World Health Organization has named the antivaxx movement as one of the top ten threats to global public health responsible in part for 1.5M deaths annually due to under-immunization, mostly in thrid world children of color. I am sick and tired of seeing resurgent pertussis, rubella, mumps and other diseases that we had nearly eliminated until Andrew Wakefield set back public health 50 years, The COVID antivaxxers are responsible for hundreds of thousands of uneccessary deaths in the US alone. Vaccination is the single greatest public health strategy in human history. More lives saved. More suffering averted than anything else we have ever done. The antivaxx movement is pushing back into the middle ages. My goal is simple, expose and discredit the fake doctors behind it.

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The first job of a doctor is listening to patients. You not only ignore your patients, you add insult to their vaccine injury. You are no doctor. You are a board certified quack.

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If you want to “take down the antivaxx movement” then you could start by advocating for treatment for those who have vaccine injuries. I have lost count of the people I know personally who’s lives have been negatively impacted, destroyed, or taken shortly after receiving a vaccine yet they cannot get treatment. There is a common theme here. “Anitvaxxers” are humans who are having a different experience with vaccines than you are and that population is growing exponentially. And I am aware of nothing that is being done to address that issue. The injuries and deaths from this vaccine are horrifying.

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How do they create peanut allergy in sheep in the lab? They vaccinate them with peanut protein + aluminum adjuvant.


How do YOU create peanut allergy in our children? Exactly the same way. YOU inject peanut protein contaminated aluminum adjuvanted vaccines.


"Allergens in Vaccines, Medications, and Dietary Supplements

Physicians and patients with food allergy must consider potential food allergen exposures in vaccines, medications, and dietary supplement products (e.g., vitamins, probiotics), which are not regulated by labeling laws. Also, excipients (i.e., substances added to medications to improve various characteristics) may be food or derived from foods (Kelso, 2014). These include milk proteins; soy derivatives; oils from sesame, peanut, fish or soy; and beef or fish gelatin. The medications involved include vaccines; anesthetics; and oral, topical, and injected medications. With perhaps the exception of gelatin, reactions appear to be rare overall, likely because little residual protein is included in the final preparation of these items. The specific risk for each medication is not known.

Vaccines also may contain food allergens, such as egg protein or gelatin."

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Nobel laureate Dr. Richet taught you 100 years ago to NEVER INJECT ALIEN PROTEINS INTO HUMANS. What part of that did you not understand?


"We are so constituted that we can never receive other proteins into the blood than those that have been modified by digestive juices. Every time alien protein penetrates by effraction, the organism suffers and becomes resistant. This resistance lies in increased sensitivity, a sort of revolt against the second parenteral injection which would be fatal. At the first injection, the organism was taken by surprise and did not resist. At the second injection, the organism mans its defences and answers by the anaphylactic shock."

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"public health" created this virus in their stupid quest to prevent a pandemic.


Public health is public enemy No.1.

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Your pertussis vaccine is an abject failure. The vaccinated become colonized spreaders. Vaccinated children kill their teachers by causing multiple sclerosis.


"Government data indicate increased MS mortality among elementary and secondary school teachers, compared with all other professional occupations (proportional MS mortality: 161%, p < 0.0001)"

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Here's how you caused the autism epidemic.

Cow's milk protein contaminated vaccines cause 75% of autism cases


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It's not a vaccine, it's an mRNA drug that creates non-neutralzing antibodies and has to weaken the immune system to even be assimilated into the cell. It also gets reverse transcribed into nuclear DNA which will have God knows what results. You aren't convincing anyone with your generic all vaccines are the same logic.

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There is nothing to debate. The quality data is overwhelming and crystal clear.

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Yeah, we know the science is settled. Then the science changed. It was not black and white. It was gray ... on its way to darkness.


The quality of data falsification from the company that paid billions for violating the False Claims Act, repeatedly, is indeed overwhelming.



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If you look at the data from Denmark the rate of hospitalization (per 100k) is identical for unvaccinated and people who have had 3 injections. The final excuse for the vaccine narrative is crumbling, that it prevents hospitalization and death.

The Danes also reveal that only 25% of hospitalized patients are there due to any type of respiratory issue. (Also unlike the US, every citizen is tracked and they can actually see in their database with 100% certainty if the person is vaccinated.) Further the largest unvaccinated cohort is 20-39 years old so they are there WITH the virus, while the 3X vaccinated are much older. So the reality is that the rate of hospitalization DUE TO sars-cov2 is higher for the 3X vaccinated.

If you look at the data from England and Scotland, they are probably worse.

Like Mr. Kirsch, I am an alum from MIT and without a doubt have better mental capacity than most doctors. I would say that "most doctors" are narrow minded imbeciles based on their stance on the corona circus.

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Step up, sir. Face that the world has changed. You are part of the group-think and professional conformism that has destroyed half the public's trust in medical authorities. That will result in...in how many unnecessary deaths down the line?

BTW, did you ever support vax mandates and passports? Yes, or no?

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Sounds like you think academic credentials are evidence of knowledge. All it demonstrates is that someone is capable of remembering what they are taught to believe long enough to pass a test.

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They could have cheated on the test. Even if they robotically memorized the material, they evidently do not understand biology, physiology, logic, etc.

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He has a team consisting of them.

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Really? Name one fellowship trained board certified infectious disease specialist on his "team".

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Apr 5, 2022·edited Apr 5, 2022

There are many board certified infectious disease specialists unable to grasp what Kirsch discusses because they have little no understanding of risk management, statistics, or even basic epidemiology. And make no effort to acquire those skills.

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Your "board certification" is not worth the paper it is printed on. 1 million are dead in the US due to COVID-19. That is your accomplishment. All preventable if you were competent. Stop giving us excuses.

I told Fauci how to treat this back in Feb 2020.


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On March 24th Del Bigtree and Aaron Siri revealed on The Highwire some big news and I haven’t seen anyone covering it. I feel that it is very relevant.

ICAN submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the CDC asking for the data to support their “Facts About COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines” see this link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/mRNA.html?s_cid=11344:how%20does%20mrna%20vaccine%20work:sem.ga:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY21

The CDC responded stating “a search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request” !!! What?! The CDC has ZERO documents to support their “mRNA facts” ?! Don’t facts need evidence?! In fact, there’s plenty of data available now that disproves their so called “facts.”

We must demand answers. How are these fact checkers finding their answers? Is by information released by the CDC that may have zero data to back it up?

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A common thread in all of Steve’s dispatches, this one included, is that many of the world’s authorized Covid “narratives” are bogus … and, more importantly, no one (who matters) has been willing to definitively expose these scandalous truths.

Two key questions flow from this understanding: How do those of us who care about this reality actually change this depressing Status Quo? If it is true that the emperors who rule us are butt naked, how would the public ever learn this?

Here’s what I’ve come to believe: This change won’t happen until and if the Fourth Estate consists of enough journalists and editors who sincerely believe that all truths (or all facts) SHOULD be revealed.

But, alas, this is NOT going to happen as “watchdog” journalism no longer exists … at least at mainstream news organizations, which are either completely staffed with “group-thinking” “pack journalists” and/or “journalists” who intuitively know what stories they are NOT allowed to honestly investigate.

The solution is that someone is going to have to circumvent these “gatekeepers of the news” and produce the important journalism that no one is currently producing. Or, more accurately, begins to produce such journalism in a forum that reaches LARGE numbers of people and thus presents shocking facts that could actually “go viral.” This, I’ve come to believes, is the ONLY solution that might challenge and then CHANGE false or dubious narratives.

For example, we KNOW that The New York Times is not going to investigate, say, adverse events caused by vaccines, or publish a major expose that concludes that all of the non-pharmaceutical interventions were not only a bust, but caused far more harm than they supposedly ameliorated. Put it this way: If this news organization was going to publish such stories, it would have done this a year ago.

My belief (one I bet is shared by many reading this) is that just about every important “narrative” is either bogus or dubious. Nor is this an original thought. Former Washington Post and Newsweek columnist Robert J. Samuelson once wrote a book called “Untruth,” where he argues that almost every component of “conventional wisdom” is either false or dubious.

If Samuelson, Steve Kirsch and Bill Rice, Jr. are correct that just about everything most in the public have come to believe is true …. might not be true, it should’t be that hard for real investigative journalists to identify examples of this.

Even the Evil Empire’s Death Star had one point of vulnerability. The truth is that today’s “Evil Empire” has numerous points of vulnerability. A real investigative news reporter could put on a blindfold, throw a dart and he’d hit an eye-opening scandal. … but alas the universe has no Luke Skywalkers willing to blast these threatening targets out of the sky.

What we do have is little islands of real journalism where real critical thinkers are, in fact, doing the work of the “Good Guys.” However, the contrarian journalism of these “independent” writers is either dismissed as dangerous “misinformation” and/or never breaks through to the all-important “mainstream.”

Whether the public realizes it or not, what society needs is a rebel force of skeptical journalists (the “resistance”) who aren’t afraid to challenge the experts and authority figures. To continue the Star Wars analogy, we need a lot more journalists who might tell readers that Anthony Fauci might not be their friend and defender; he might be Darth Vader.

Instead of 500 fringe bloggers or Substack independent journalists, what’s needed is at least one site that would be willing to pay some of these real journalists to pursue this litany of “taboo” stories.

Such a real investigative news organization would take a good bit of start-up capital as it requires money to launch a major website and it would take time - and teams of reporters not just one lonely researcher - to develop these stories.

But here’s the beauty of my little idea: said cadre of “real” reporters and researchers would have a virtual monopoly on virtually every story that matters in the world. To me at least, It’s surreal but true that almost all the important investigations that should be taking place are NOT taking place … and will not take place as long as corporations aligned with the “Deep State” remain the only source of important journalism.

Here I’m going to risk offending all of the “Substack” independent (or citizen) journalists I’ve discovered in my search for real, contrarian journalism. God bless the work these people are doing, but none of the brave and smart exposes this group has produced will matter as long as their work product remains in the hinterlands of the mass communications landscape.

I recently stumbled upon a little-scene podcast where Michael Yeodan, one of the best-known skeptics of the authorized COVID narratives, reaches the same sad conclusion I’ve reached. Dr. Yeodan flat out admitted that none of his warnings or critiques will amount to a hill of beans as he knows his thoughts will reach only a relatively few people. Censorship - including that practiced by leaders in the mainstream press - is now this pervasive and effective. Basically, would-be influential skeptics are preaching only to themselves/ourselves.

However, if one well-funded and well-marketed news organization pursued these largely ignored areas of investigation, the world would quickly have an “alternative” news source that reaches more people (or just as many people) as The New York Times or CNN.

It would then become almost impossible for the “narrative protectors” to ignore the honest and more believable information produced by this team of sharp, non-group-thinking journalists and researchers.

The good news is that we already know there’s a huge market for “alternative” journalism. The exponential growth of Substack sites proves this. At least two “alternative” websites already have significant audiences. Zero Hedge attracts tens of millions of regular readers. On Covid topics, I discovered the website “The Covid Skeptic” about a year ago. This site, started by mainstream journalist ENTREPRENEUR Toby Young has now been re-branded “The Daily Skeptic.” In less than a year, it has gone from no readers to millions of readers.

To me, the reason for the rapid and impressive growth of both sites is undeniable. Both sites provide coverage that readers can’t find anywhere else.

Still, neither site employs significant staffs of full-time investigative reporters. Both are largely, Internet “aggregators” that comb the Internet for the important journalism and commentary of other small-time often solo journalistic operations.

What I’m proposing is that those with access to significant financial resources (several journalism “entrepreneurs” have already attracted good-size followings) simply expand their operations and produce even more original investigative journalism. If the NY Times won’t produce important journalism - if many topics are off limits to real inquiry - produce such journalism yourself.

If this happened, the must-read “scoops” would be never-ending. People like Steve Kirsch, Alex Berenson, Ed Dowd and others are already producing such important articles pretty much by themselves on a daily basis. What if these people had 40 more smart people, of the same bent of mind as themselves, joining them?

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... If this was the case, here’s what I think would happen: Millions of people would flock to such a site. Stories that might be hard to definitively nail down would be easier to nail down (thanks to the team effort). Such a site would have the budget and staffers to send reporters to press conferences and these reporters would discombobulate officials by simply asking them questions they have never been asked before. Phone calls and emails that go unanswered by officials would have to be answered … because said questions would not be asked by some fringe blogger, but by a news organization that was reaching millions of people. That is, if officials continued to “blow off” honest questions (like Steve has repeatedly posed), a lot more people would at least know real reporters were being blown off and might ask why or how this is the case.

One reason I think this might be the best idea I’ve ever come up with is because I know public officials throughout the world would shit a brick if such a formidable news organization was ever launched.

I’ve read with interest Steve’s efforts to get officials to engage in a real debate on COVID topics. Amazingly, Steve has even offered to sweeten the pot by offering $1 million of his own money to anyone who takes him up on his offer. Well, as Steve no doubt knows by now, these people and organizations are NOT going to take his bait. Given this, why not put that $1 million into hiring 20 or 30 more Steve Kirsch’s and make this Substack site an international website?

If Steve (or anyone) could find a few more people who believe in the “mission” of real journalism, this person could probably raise another million dollars from similarly-thinking investors. Throw in donations from grateful readers (or maybe $1/month paid subscriptions) and you might even have enough start-up or operating capital to quickly turn a profit.

I’m a freelance journalist myself and have lost count of all the COVID stories I’ve written that have been rejected by prominent news organizations. I’d love to be one of the full-time staffers working on some of the stories I think are important and are being ignored. But even if I wasn’t selected to be one of the core full-time staffers, I bet editors would consider my freelance submissions. Heck, don’t tell anyone, many writers like myself will write and research topics for free. We just want an audience larger than our newsfeed-reduced Facebook followers to read our work.

That is, as sorry as mainstream journalism is today, there is still an army of real journalists who want to tell stories that matter or are “off limits” in corporate newsrooms. Indeed, one doesn’t even have to be a “journalist” to do the work of a journalist (Steve Kirsch is not a journalist by training, but is now doing this work on a daily basis).

How would such a news organization be different than, say, the New York Times or The Washington Post? Picture a brainstorming session where our team of skeptics comes up with story ideas for the next couple of months. Every story our editors and journalists would come up with would be rejected - or more likely never even suggested - at brainstorming sessions held by our mainstream news competitors.

A story idea that would make a New York Times assignment editor say, “Oh, God no,” would have 30 journalists at my proposed news organization screaming, “I want to work on that one!”

While The New York Times staff could produce its thousandth echo-chamber piece confirming the narrative, our team could could come up with story idea after story idea that would make officials squirm and run for cover. Plus, our guys would have a lot more fun and would be producing the big scoops that one day make it into the history books.

Anyway, regrading Steve’s 20 unanswered questions (I could easily come up with 100 more), I would argue that these important questions will NEVER be answered by officials, editors at mainstream news sites or fact checkers. Bottomline: Steve’s going to have to answer these questions himself …. which he of course has largely already done. The problem is 99.9 percent of Americans have never visited Steve’s Substack site.

However, if two percent or five percent of Americans did routinely visit his new and far-more-ambitious site, millions more Americans would come to realize that they have been sold a bill of goods by their trusted public officials (and their stenographers in the mainstream press).

Prediction: Give these 40 or so real journalists a couple of months on the job and all these mainstream journalists will no longer be able to ignore Steve’s questions. Because what this news organization would really be doing is exposing just how “captured” our nation’s “watchdog” press has become. At some point, at least a few of these sites are going to grow tired of being scooped and discredited.

At this point, they can even quadruple down and continue protecting the Fauci’s of the world (which will be their default instinct) … or they can raise the white flag and decide they should quit giving novices like Steve Kirsch a monopoly on all the big and important stories in the world.

Basically, someone is going to have to shame these people and news organizations into doing the job they should have been doing all along.

Here’s a novel journalism business idea: The truth sells. Even today, plenty of people appreciate those who challenge conventional wisdom and can back up their theories with evidence. This is why Gov. DeSantis is probably going to be the next president of the United States. This is why Tucker Carlson - although the Establishment clearly wants him off the air - has the most popular TV talk show in the country. This is why Joe Rogan now has four million podcast viewers.

True, going against the narrative isn’t for sissies. Big Brother won’t like my idea and I’m sure would try to shut us down. But unless someone does what I’ve outlined here, Big Brother is going to win anyway.

As I post all the time, before the swamp could really be drained, the newsrooms would have to be purged. Since this is not going to happen, some brave entrepreneur(s) is going to have to do the Fourth Estate’s job for them.

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Having been someone who has committed their entire spare time to fighting this industry of lies by whatever means I have, as a humble member of the public at my disposal, there are a number of fallacies to your proposals.

"but none of the brave and smart exposes this group has produced will matter as long as their work product remains in the hinterlands of the mass communications landscape."

There is no way to break 'into' the mainstream because it is kept as the closely guarded, walled garden. No-one gets in if they can help it. They will ban you off every platform, bog you down with legal tricks and prosecutions (see Project Veritas having the Biden diary essentially planted on them), and use a financial array of resources in the BILLIONS to do everything they can to destroy your reputation.

The braindead public do not read beyond the shallow depth. I have taken resources directly to people. I have spoonfed them the highlights of crucial, major issues. Boiled down 2000+ pages of documents into several paragraphs of concise data with highlights. One of two things will ALWAYS happen:

A) They don't agree with you and refuse to look at the evidence

B) They acknowledge it is true, but then DO NOTHING

The ones who already agree already know, and they break into two further categories: those who do nothing but whine online (the majority, 99%+), or the 1% who try to spearhead some sort of fight. And those who spearhead the fight are majority of the time either broke, or just barely making ends meet.

This isn't just a case of taking down media (Project Veritas are doing fantastic work in that arena). You need a major public cultural shift. A big one. Those media outlets would die overnight if people stopped visiting them. The easiest thing people could do: get their information from literally anywhere but there, and the public WON'T do it....

If you can't get the public to do that, then what? Where do you go from there?

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I can relate regarding the ostracizing of contrarian stories. However, I think you make my point. It would take a website with a large audience that does publish the type information you reference to get around these "gatekeepers of the news." Such a site could be produced IMO - but it would take someone with a fair amount of money and contacts to launch it and market this site. The censors haven't shut Zero Hedge or The Daily Skeptic down yet. As important as these large-audience sites are, they don't have a staff of full-time investigative journalists or freelancers. What we have is a splintered universe of small investigative news outlets, usuallly one person. Bring together 40 or 50 people working 365 days a year to investigate all these "off limit" stories and you might make some noise. True, there's no doubt Big Brother would be threatened by such an operation and try to shut it down but I don't know if he could. They could prevent Twitter or Facebook users from linking to this site, but they couldn't shut down the entire site - especially if the site was producing fair and honest journalism.

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It seems NY Times is not only barring commentary on their paper more often, but not posting the more extreme hit-pieces like this to their FB or Twitter feeds where it's easier to take a shot at them.

God, the hypocrisy and gaslighting of #narcissists are bottomless pits. https://maggierusso.substack.com/archive

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Satan NEVER commits a TRUTH, only lies. He is the FATHER of all who lie and promote lies! And those who lie are well aware of it, they have NO QUALMS about it whatsoever! LIES and LIARS are the ruling class, no matter what station in life they might hold! Keep delving for TRUTH, it is there, unfortunately it's buried very deep! So keep shoveling! Keep pushing TRUTH out there! It's hard work, but it WINS in the end!!👵😇

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"Evil and the devil are narcissists." - Last sentence in "Dance with the Devil: Love in the Age of Covid" (2022) https://atmospherepress.com/books/dance-with-the-devil-love-in-the-age-of-covid-by-maggie-russo/

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This NYT hit-piece isn't done for open discourse. This is done to keep the sheep happy: Tell them they're going for a haircut, instead of the butcher.

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It was not a "hit piece". If anything, Davey Alba went easy on him. She could have just pointed out that if you actually read his 1989 PNAS paper, Malone cites Felgner (ref # 10) as the source of the lipofection technology.


Then she could have pointed out that in Felgner's 1987 PNAS paper he states his lipofection technology could be used to transfect RNA.


Its right there in black and white for all to see. You just have to read the articles.

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Malone's claim to fame is his insight that the technology could provoke an immune response.

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It's not about knowledge, it's about trust. I don't care what you know, if you lie to me about what's in your product or how it affects people, it doesn't matter what you or I know.

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The lies are coming from the antivaxx lunatics.

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What lies? Malone and everyone else are pro vaxx. Not all vaccines are the same just like all cars aren't the same.

Debate them and end this once and for all. Be the hero, do the debate. Show the mrna vaccines are 100% safe and effective like the FOIA documents show.

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Even the msm is backing the lab leak theory of covid which The NY Times rejected in articles recently claiming that it was a slam dunk that it was from the wet markets, etc.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG32f-OU9p4

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