Rochelle Walensky is the Kamala Harris of the CDC.

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HiI am writing because I have read a number of articles including one from a university based study saying that the rNA changes the dna in the cells. My concern is for my family who have taken the covid vaccines. Is this effect reversible? r.gordon432@protonmail.com

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Ha, on looking at Angela Rasmussen's twitter feed she is as arrogant as they come and a legend in her own mind. This Flack is a paid off shill. She wants a forum to recite the Big Medicine's talking points not debate the facts that the vaccines are killing and maiming millions of people around the world.

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OMG! I just checked out Rasmussen on twitter. What an angry, rude, self-opinionated, ignorant, self-obsessed cow. Someone should tell her that attack is not the best form of defense. It simply means that she has no proof to discredit anybody and is just making a fool of herself. Seriously, who breeds these people?

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I would gladly share if I were active on social media. I won't hold my breath for one of the media liars or 3 letter agency "experts" aren't going to respond. They are lying all day, every day and they can't debate.

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The BEST and most simple response to the NY Times is that NATURE magazine (the most respected scientific journal in the world) has a detailed article on the origins of the mRNA vaccines...and their story BEGINS with the story of Robert Malone! Slam dunk!

And is anyone surprised that the NY Times just "happened" to not reference THIS FACT?!?


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The NY Times article about Dr. Malone may seem harsh. "Extraordinarily dishonest and morally bankrupt" are certainly strong words I would not use. I would simply point out that Dr. Malone is not board certified or board eligible in any clinical specialty. He did not complete a residency program. He did not do a fellowship. He has no hospital medical staff membership or clinical privileges. His CV does reveal any clinical activity since internship and I don't think there is a lot of patient care involved in a pathology internship. He is not a member of the American College of Physicians, Infectious Diseases Society of American or the American Society for Virology.

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No one qualified is willing to do that? Are you serious? Are you unfamiliar with the Infectious Diseases Society of America? There is unanimity of opinion among fellowship trained board certified infectious disease doctors, the mRNA COVID vaccines are highly effective for the primary goals of vaccination: prevention of death and critical illness and moderately effective at preventing infection. These vaccines are also incredibly safe. Any suggestion to the contrary is coming from physicians who are not qualified to opine. Unless one is a fellowship trained and board certified infectious disease doctor, one does NOT have the credentials to opine.

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On March 24th Del Bigtree and Aaron Siri revealed on The Highwire some big news and I haven’t seen anyone covering it. I feel that it is very relevant.

ICAN submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the CDC asking for the data to support their “Facts About COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines” see this link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/mRNA.html?s_cid=11344:how%20does%20mrna%20vaccine%20work:sem.ga:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY21

The CDC responded stating “a search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request” !!! What?! The CDC has ZERO documents to support their “mRNA facts” ?! Don’t facts need evidence?! In fact, there’s plenty of data available now that disproves their so called “facts.”

We must demand answers. How are these fact checkers finding their answers? Is by information released by the CDC that may have zero data to back it up?

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A common thread in all of Steve’s dispatches, this one included, is that many of the world’s authorized Covid “narratives” are bogus … and, more importantly, no one (who matters) has been willing to definitively expose these scandalous truths.

Two key questions flow from this understanding: How do those of us who care about this reality actually change this depressing Status Quo? If it is true that the emperors who rule us are butt naked, how would the public ever learn this?

Here’s what I’ve come to believe: This change won’t happen until and if the Fourth Estate consists of enough journalists and editors who sincerely believe that all truths (or all facts) SHOULD be revealed.

But, alas, this is NOT going to happen as “watchdog” journalism no longer exists … at least at mainstream news organizations, which are either completely staffed with “group-thinking” “pack journalists” and/or “journalists” who intuitively know what stories they are NOT allowed to honestly investigate.

The solution is that someone is going to have to circumvent these “gatekeepers of the news” and produce the important journalism that no one is currently producing. Or, more accurately, begins to produce such journalism in a forum that reaches LARGE numbers of people and thus presents shocking facts that could actually “go viral.” This, I’ve come to believes, is the ONLY solution that might challenge and then CHANGE false or dubious narratives.

For example, we KNOW that The New York Times is not going to investigate, say, adverse events caused by vaccines, or publish a major expose that concludes that all of the non-pharmaceutical interventions were not only a bust, but caused far more harm than they supposedly ameliorated. Put it this way: If this news organization was going to publish such stories, it would have done this a year ago.

My belief (one I bet is shared by many reading this) is that just about every important “narrative” is either bogus or dubious. Nor is this an original thought. Former Washington Post and Newsweek columnist Robert J. Samuelson once wrote a book called “Untruth,” where he argues that almost every component of “conventional wisdom” is either false or dubious.

If Samuelson, Steve Kirsch and Bill Rice, Jr. are correct that just about everything most in the public have come to believe is true …. might not be true, it should’t be that hard for real investigative journalists to identify examples of this.

Even the Evil Empire’s Death Star had one point of vulnerability. The truth is that today’s “Evil Empire” has numerous points of vulnerability. A real investigative news reporter could put on a blindfold, throw a dart and he’d hit an eye-opening scandal. … but alas the universe has no Luke Skywalkers willing to blast these threatening targets out of the sky.

What we do have is little islands of real journalism where real critical thinkers are, in fact, doing the work of the “Good Guys.” However, the contrarian journalism of these “independent” writers is either dismissed as dangerous “misinformation” and/or never breaks through to the all-important “mainstream.”

Whether the public realizes it or not, what society needs is a rebel force of skeptical journalists (the “resistance”) who aren’t afraid to challenge the experts and authority figures. To continue the Star Wars analogy, we need a lot more journalists who might tell readers that Anthony Fauci might not be their friend and defender; he might be Darth Vader.

Instead of 500 fringe bloggers or Substack independent journalists, what’s needed is at least one site that would be willing to pay some of these real journalists to pursue this litany of “taboo” stories.

Such a real investigative news organization would take a good bit of start-up capital as it requires money to launch a major website and it would take time - and teams of reporters not just one lonely researcher - to develop these stories.

But here’s the beauty of my little idea: said cadre of “real” reporters and researchers would have a virtual monopoly on virtually every story that matters in the world. To me at least, It’s surreal but true that almost all the important investigations that should be taking place are NOT taking place … and will not take place as long as corporations aligned with the “Deep State” remain the only source of important journalism.

Here I’m going to risk offending all of the “Substack” independent (or citizen) journalists I’ve discovered in my search for real, contrarian journalism. God bless the work these people are doing, but none of the brave and smart exposes this group has produced will matter as long as their work product remains in the hinterlands of the mass communications landscape.

I recently stumbled upon a little-scene podcast where Michael Yeodan, one of the best-known skeptics of the authorized COVID narratives, reaches the same sad conclusion I’ve reached. Dr. Yeodan flat out admitted that none of his warnings or critiques will amount to a hill of beans as he knows his thoughts will reach only a relatively few people. Censorship - including that practiced by leaders in the mainstream press - is now this pervasive and effective. Basically, would-be influential skeptics are preaching only to themselves/ourselves.

However, if one well-funded and well-marketed news organization pursued these largely ignored areas of investigation, the world would quickly have an “alternative” news source that reaches more people (or just as many people) as The New York Times or CNN.

It would then become almost impossible for the “narrative protectors” to ignore the honest and more believable information produced by this team of sharp, non-group-thinking journalists and researchers.

The good news is that we already know there’s a huge market for “alternative” journalism. The exponential growth of Substack sites proves this. At least two “alternative” websites already have significant audiences. Zero Hedge attracts tens of millions of regular readers. On Covid topics, I discovered the website “The Covid Skeptic” about a year ago. This site, started by mainstream journalist ENTREPRENEUR Toby Young has now been re-branded “The Daily Skeptic.” In less than a year, it has gone from no readers to millions of readers.

To me, the reason for the rapid and impressive growth of both sites is undeniable. Both sites provide coverage that readers can’t find anywhere else.

Still, neither site employs significant staffs of full-time investigative reporters. Both are largely, Internet “aggregators” that comb the Internet for the important journalism and commentary of other small-time often solo journalistic operations.

What I’m proposing is that those with access to significant financial resources (several journalism “entrepreneurs” have already attracted good-size followings) simply expand their operations and produce even more original investigative journalism. If the NY Times won’t produce important journalism - if many topics are off limits to real inquiry - produce such journalism yourself.

If this happened, the must-read “scoops” would be never-ending. People like Steve Kirsch, Alex Berenson, Ed Dowd and others are already producing such important articles pretty much by themselves on a daily basis. What if these people had 40 more smart people, of the same bent of mind as themselves, joining them?

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It seems NY Times is not only barring commentary on their paper more often, but not posting the more extreme hit-pieces like this to their FB or Twitter feeds where it's easier to take a shot at them.

God, the hypocrisy and gaslighting of #narcissists are bottomless pits. https://maggierusso.substack.com/archive

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Satan NEVER commits a TRUTH, only lies. He is the FATHER of all who lie and promote lies! And those who lie are well aware of it, they have NO QUALMS about it whatsoever! LIES and LIARS are the ruling class, no matter what station in life they might hold! Keep delving for TRUTH, it is there, unfortunately it's buried very deep! So keep shoveling! Keep pushing TRUTH out there! It's hard work, but it WINS in the end!!👵😇

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This NYT hit-piece isn't done for open discourse. This is done to keep the sheep happy: Tell them they're going for a haircut, instead of the butcher.

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Even the msm is backing the lab leak theory of covid which The NY Times rejected in articles recently claiming that it was a slam dunk that it was from the wet markets, etc.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG32f-OU9p4

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