Steve, I'm having trouble watching the replay of this call.

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Steve, did you see this message at the top of their GoFundMe page?

"Please do not donate here, all funds donated appear to be in jeopardy."

They leave a coded message to search GiveSendGo.com for "Baby-Alex," but I tried that and was unable to find the page. If you could provide the updated donation link, I would like to include it in a future newsletter. Thank you!

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Dec 16, 2022·edited Dec 16, 2022

Boy, that was a powerful statement by Duncan in the 60 second preview. He was right because we can see the carnage in the entertainment industry from taking the jab. It would have served them well if more had spoken up like Mr. Duncan guy. The same goes for all of us.

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Go for it, Clifton and God bless you.

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Steve this needs you Please read all the way to the end and review the 'consumptive interventions' planned in the c40 cities. You can search your country and city on the first data base/ website link. Learn about what a c40 city is. These organizations seem to link together. (The Most Important link at the below, is also downloaded as an attachment for your thorough consideration.) https://www.globalcovenantofmayors.org/our-cities/


Every single city that is involved in this initiative the entire planet is listed. Do you know which Canadian cities are involved? Mississauga is. Toronto is. North Bay is. Edmonton is and a host of others. But do you know they have a target about how much meat you should eat in C40 Cities? (hint by 2030 NONE. Go through the tables in the link and attachment for yourself)

How many new clothes you can buy? hint: 3 a year is the aggressive target.

Each link is searchable. Read to the end. Consider closely the consumption mitigation or intervention strategies. Personal Auto ownership? Y Vins governed. Your food? decided.

Even the search terms are spooky; "our mayors" or "our cities"



search your city. Find out if its there. Notice anything about the cities missing. By the time you read and consider all of this, those are the cities you'll want to move to.

Has anyone heard of this? shouldn't we understand how they want to regulate the 'goods and services' consumed in their cities as it relates to climate change? This is also known as consumption mitigation and intervention strategies and involves food you eat/ energy/ clothes you're allowed to purchase.

(explore c40 website, you'll see what initiatives, which companies support this) As an aside how would the Strong Mayors Act recently passed fit in with this?


search your city. Find out if it's there. But move to C40 the more aggressive brand to truly see what a C40 city is.




The commitment of our 97 cities representing 700 million residents to the Leadership Standards demonstrates the resolve of the world’s mayors to deliver the urgent action needed to tackle the climate crisis. In this unprecedented moment in human history, we know that we must act without hesitation to save our planet and create a more equitable, prosperous, and healthy future for our children and grandchildren.

In the crucial years ahead, these Leadership Standards set us on a path to achieve a zero-carbon future, build meaningful and broad coalitions, and set a global model for cities around the world to follow suit. This work is grounded in the principles of the Global Green New Deal as the cornerstone of a green and just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the foundation of global efforts to address the climate emergency.

C40 Leadership Standards 2021-2024:

Plan. City has adopted a resilient and inclusive climate action plan aligned with the 1.5˚C ambition of the Paris Agreement, and updates it regularly;

Deliver. In 2024, city remains on track to deliver its climate action plan, contributing to increased resilience, equitable outcomes and halving C40’s overall emissions by 2030;

Mainstream. City uses the necessary financial, regulatory and other tools at their disposal to address the climate crisis and mainstreams their equitable climate targets into the most impactful city decision-making processes;

Innovate. City innovates and starts taking inclusive and resilient action to address emissions beyond the direct control of the city government, such as associated with goods and services consumed in their city;

Lead. Mayor and the city demonstrate global climate leadership and inspire others to act in support of the Paris Agreement.

These Leadership Standards will guide our collective action until at least 2024."

now take a look at this pdf: did you know that c40 wants you to have 3 new articles of clothing; look at the life of the car; how much meat by 2030 you can eat in a C40 city (0kg on the aggressive target- you've got to dig in and understand this is an agenda that has you on a leash. But who are the people that think you under their thumb to the point of food/car/flight/clothing consumption.. is theirs to control. Does it remind you of anything at all. What does it make you think of when you review this. Fedex likes and supports this. You can search which companies are involved in supporting this. Decide if they deserve your business. Is Post Media covering this?


Look at the tables for 'consumptive interventions'; Table 6 for instance tells you that these c40 cities believe they can dictate how many flights you should be able to have by 2030; Table 6.6.1? how many people can own vehicles; There's a table for how many kg of meat you can eat in these c40 cities. Aggressive target? 0kg. 2030 is 7 years away. Do you have a kid? a grand kid? should they taste burgers? or no. It's their mitt year this year? or will you get them underwear.

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This is terrifying! My own once conservative city of Tulsa, OK, is no doubt on the list. They are calling it Planitulsa, and they want to comply with all 17 of the globalist's initiatives for "The Great Reset."

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Down load all the information in case it gets pulled and send to all your chamber of commerces, restaurants, local clubs, move it out. everyone needs to do this. TUCKER Joe Rogan any of the big doctors here. look no one is 'brainwashed' into prison concentration camps with allocated calories, no meat, little clothes, no pets, probably forced medicine etc etc.

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My husband and I cried over the baby Alex story. We have descended into deep darkness on our planet.

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It is coldest before dawn and the light comes.

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where are the details/ history about the baby Alex story?

it reminds me of a story i debunked last summer on the "Died Suddenly" site.

also partially set in WA State..

maybe same parents' names?

gut feeling something was not legit about that post. photos not of same baby, no stories of any ailing baby on either of the folks' web pages and other places their posts were found. timelines did not match narrative, no emotional expressions anywhere re their dying baby..

finally other people questioned them, esp about them making money. and the woman started a whole new look FB page to convince the people ( like me!)

who were suspect.

i have radar for liars.

this story needs more to substantiate it.

hate those who exploit peoples' good nature!

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Good for Clifton Duncan for his stand! But the Baby Alex story is unbearable.

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Duncan is a true hero. Discrimination rears its ugly head again. I dedicate my song to him. Listen to Turfseer’s THE BACK OF THE BUS. https://soundcloud.com/turfseer/the-back-of-the-bus

And while you're at it, check out my new music video WHERE HAVE YOU GONE TIFFANY DOVER? You can take a listen if you check out my newsletter at https://turfseer.substack.com/p/where-have-you-gone-tiffany-dover

I have written over 40 songs related to the “plandemic” and medical tyranny. Subscribe to my newsletter so you can listen to my songs, watch music videos, and find out the story behind them. I also post from time-to-time bonus material including ezines with links to important websites and blogs detailing the alternative Covid narrative point of view.

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I wanted to put a heart on the back of the bus song, however, I will not sign into those apps! I do plan on listening to more of your music! Thank you for posting!

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I hope adequate time is given to the family. I think most of us would like to see a law suit to prevent this from happening again.

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Way to go guys! So saddened for the family that lost their baby… sounds like the patents did all they could for him…

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In reference to your Stew Peters interview on 12/14/22

I disagree that the CDC or FDA believe that the vaccines are safe and effective. With all the tools at their disposal, they know there is an inordinate amount of deaths contributed by this clot shot, and they refuse to do anything about it. They’re either completely incompetent, and should be replaced immediately, or they are criminals. I prefer to believe they are criminals.

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Well said. I suggest both. Many criminals are incompetent but not all incompetent are criminals.

As for Rochelle Walensky in charge she is an 'All leanly pukes AC whore'. This is anagram of her name. For more anagrams etc. see link if you are interested. I am not PC although if I were a Police Constable here in the UK I would arrest her for pre-meditated murder, attempted murder and GBH for starters.


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Dec 15, 2022·edited Dec 15, 2022

All of the alphabet agencies have lost any autonomy they once had. Instead, they heal to the pretenders in the Biden Administration, and I dont mean Biden. The medicos involved will state how unfortunate the situation was, shrug their shoulders and carry on as before. Pu.

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It is actually the military who are running the whole vaccine programme so the alphabet agencies are just theatre, they have no teeth.

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Unlike Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand who has rather a lot. I still think they are false, and that is from the horse's mouth.

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Baby Alex…

Is there any legal avenue baby Alex‘s parents have to sue that hospital??! Medical negligence maybe?

They murdered that baby… 😱😱😱😡😡😡🔥🔥🔥 prayers for the grieving parents! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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Steve. You never disappoint!!

Great job as always and what a heartbreak 💔 for baby Alex’s family. A total gut ripper. Is there no recourse?

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at least Duncan can recognize who is staring back from the mirror.

IF a person can't do that, what do they have left?


and BTW when THEY drop dead those who orchestrated, facilitated, or enabled,

and still do, will step over the cold dead body

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