I don't guess. I do have faith, but I also have inside info. You are so funny...are you aware that you are very condescending. I'll be reading along and I'm agreeing with you, then comes the condescending zinger.

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I'm still not seeing any content on your fake-substack. A fake-substack makes you look like a bot.

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Garlic is my favorite but I didn’t know about the others. I have been feeling so much better by jacking up fiber

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Steve is there a chance that massive fiber could help those who took the jab?

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Exactly! its liberating being free to speak my mind

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The delicious irony that fb and twitter are so bold as to remove your LITIGATION ad. Good thing you know a few lawyers. Now SUE THOSE FASCISTS. I mean it. Get to it. Getting the word out about vaccines is your whole jive, and they are thwarting that effort. No more mister nice guy.

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Arrest Birx, Fauci and all CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA and big pharma and big tech. executives involved.

Fraud and homicide are not included in the total immunity from legal liability agreement under the PREP Act for the big Pharma criminals!

RICO laws apply now! The DOJ better wake the Fk Up and get busy!

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My friend died 'suddenly' with myocarditis a few weeks ago.. im gutted that she has now become one of the excess death statistics that governments are ignoring. As a nurse (in Scotland) I raised concerns about increasing stroke/heart issues and my concerns regarding vaccines- i was shot down. I have been forced to have 2 jabs or lose my job- i should have walked away then. Today Ive just quit my job.... i need to be around critical thinkers, not sheep

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Is this the doing of the SNP?

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Well Done for quitting. Now you can speak out as loudly and as often as you like!

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Very sad. It is astonishing that so many in the medical field are ignoring the alarming signals that something is wrong with these vaccines.

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I was told not to 'engage' with patients who asked me directly if the vaccine had caused their stroke! i was informed by management to tell the patient; 'take it up with your doctor'

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Take bromelain + n-acetyl cysteine + nattokinase to denature the spike protein and prevent blood clots. See flccc.org protocols.

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Thank you... will check it out

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You're good peeps.

Never, ever forget that.

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Mar 16, 2023·edited Mar 16, 2023

Steve you made it onto the Daily Mail newspaper (UK) today - woweeee 😂😂

Here's the link :


(oooops - sorry - just seen others have already posted this 😣)

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Yahoo is also censoring big time in their comment section to their news stories as well. Censorship industrial complex (CIC) on full display. They are never going to give up--why would they? They have no concerns about their actions having consequences through the voting booth. US voting is now a fraudulent activity guaranteeing them power---forever--or until....

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Hi Steve. I'm hoping you would consider making a cartoon of a job offer looking for "little Castro's" body double who will be representing the pm at public events. 😉 These people who do that work are brave.

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Regarding Twitter, in the last few weeks I have noticed that they seem to have trended back towards censorship and have let the left-wing radicals run wild on the forum. Every time I log on I am inundated with fringe liberals and assorted radicals on my page even though I don't follow any of them. Twitter even suggests that I follow such despicable creeps like Chuck Shumer and other NWO democrats that are bringing this country down.

I think there are still way too many woke millennials running Twitter and this is their way of driving out conservatives and actively promoting the sick, one-world leftist agenda they have always supported.

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So pathetic to shut us down AGAIN! To me that means OUR VOICES are still going STRONG! #AmericaFirst

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I had three vaccines, caught COVID anyway. I think I may have had it before the vaccines as well, pre November 2020. I am now disabled with RA for the rest of my. I want to know the truth about the origin of the virus and who’s responsible, who knew and hid it. By the way, next time you fly get me a seat next to you; I definitely would take off my mask to help you prove a totally valid point!

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I’m so sorry! What was the clinching factor for you to have 3? And now you are debilitated? That’s so sad! I have RA but it’s not 100% debilitated. I had no Vaccines. I have auto immune diseases. I also have Fibromyalgia which is debilitating!! I pray you have help. Keep believing your Healed. Pray over yourself. The Scripture says we were made in His perfect image. You are perfect in His eyes. He only sees the Heart. I hope you can tell people about your health and what that Vax did to you. How old are you Kathleen? I will be praying for you!!

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Does anyone know where I can get data on flu mortality in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020? I also recall a CDC quote saying that only 6% of the reported Covid deaths in 2020 were solely related to the "virus".

Link anyone?

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Mar 17, 2023·edited Mar 17, 2023

I actually found the email I sent to my niece and it looks like the link inside it still works so I'm just going to copy it in this new post. It states as of March 15, 2023. I must have misplaced this link somewhere as those were the only one's I could find.

First I will give you the data from the CDC.gov website


Give it a minute to fully load, and only click on download if you want to save the current information, as they will automatically update the data. Scroll down to the title

"Comorbidities and other conditions", in the middle of the description it will state

"For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.".

Yes that is more than 5% but less than 6% of of these deaths COVID-19 the ONLY cause of DEATH mentioned on the actual Death Certificates, and on average there were 4 additional conditions (cormorbities) or causes per death, meaning the other 94%.

Now in the chart below it Table 3, you'll see in the Blue heading the year, conditions, and ages column titles. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find the

total for all ages = 652,871 deaths

85+ years old = 186,488 deaths

75 - 84 years old = 175,513 deaths (grandma's age group)

65 - 74 years old = 146,164 deaths

55 - 64 years old = 86,737 deaths (my age group)

TOTAL = 594,902 deaths,

leaving 57,969 deaths for all other age groups.

His age group 45 - 54 = 36,774 deaths.

Your age group 35 - 44 = 14,057 deaths

Keep in perspective all of the millions of cases reported, and all of these figures here are for the USA only.


You'll notice deaths are allready up to 670,565, as the chart referenced above is only through 09/12/21. Current cases reported 41,915,285 (as this can't take into acccount those who've contracted the virus and recovered without testing or reporting it. Also stating 154,913 new cases.

So out of 41,915,285 reported cases, 50,813 deaths between both of your age groups plus unreported share of the new 17, 694 new deaths which tend to lean towards the elderly with multiple comorbidities. Not to mention none of this information includes cases or deaths from having taken the vaccines. Plus don't forget that it may only be 5 - 6 % of these numbers listed as actual ONLY Covid-19 deaths.

Ok then, here's the FDA approval for the vaccine approved on August 23rd, 2021.


You will notice on page 2 the name of the approved vaccin is COMIRNATY. On page 5 you will start to notice requred/mandated dates to submit certain information (be careful not to miss the one at the top of page 8 as it's the latest date 2027), and regardless of the headings of these studies, tests, trials needing to be completed, submitted, and final reported the vaccince cannot go to market before so. Not to mention they will now be required to report what actually is in the vaccines, and can be held liable for it's treatments and adverse effects.

Finally I will leave you with the McCullogh Report, definitely the most renowned Doctor involved, this page tells you about him and background and history, and then will discuss various issues concerning the vaccine. You will note he addressed the Colorado General assembly concerning Covid, as well as the Texas and New Hampshire Senates, and testified at the US Senate committee's hearings. He is also not an anti-vaxxer, except those manufactured under the EUA or Emergency Use Authorization, which was created back in 1993 I believe, but not used until now for this PLANDEMIC. https://www.americaoutloud.com/the-mccullough-report/

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Thank you for sharing.

I still get furious and a heavy heart when I think about children having two years of their lives diminished for these numbers.

And to surround them in a spirit of fear. It's still difficult for me to understand.

It is evil and any society who puts those short for this world above the young and healthy is doomed.

Didn't you think that was an unwritten rule that was understood by most people prior to covid?

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First you have to realize those numbers I shared were from last summer as I didn't update them when I found the working link showing the date 3/15/23. it is obvious the numbers were top heavy as affecting seniors and INHO is exactly what the intentions were to eliminate as many as possible.

The fact that they used covid to go after the youth is appalling when you see the low numbers relating to anyone under 45 and even maybe 50 when you consider most those that died had 4 or more comorbidities, and the treatments being used were contributing to their deaths as well.

I'm not quite sure of your meaning when you say "puts those short for this world above the young and healthy"?

How were those "short of this world" being put above the young and healthy exactly?

They elderly were the ones being murdered on purpose by being forced into extreme lockdowns, having to wear masks when their breathing was more limited than most, losing contact with their families, and then forced vaccinations when in care facilities. Because society went along with the narrative and allowed it to carryover to the children in the schools and eventually on to vaccines in order to be able to attend them had nothing to do with the elderly.

So your statement makes no sense to me of the elderly being put above the youth, as both suffered the consequences of societies unwillingness to stand against FAKE science and allowing it all to happen. I personally kept my mother out of a nursing home and gave her care 24/7 365 for several years before and all during the plandemic until she passed of her own volition, and not from covid, the vaccine or gene modification therapy, or the treatments from it though I'm sure many in society would've preferred she did and could've have benefited from it.

I'm not sure if that's your implication too, in that the elderly should die off to benefit the young? I don't think anyone should have suffered the consequences forced on them regardless of age whether covid was the issue or not, that has been my understanding that we care for all people equally under any an all circumstances, and hope that I've just misunderstood you.

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Wow. We are truly doomed when even smart and good people like you do not understand that a society who expects children to pay the price for the elderly is doomed.

You should talk to my 95 year old grandmother. She is astonished people do not understand what every generation before didn't even have to discuss. It is the way of nature and it easily demonstrated by simple thought exercises what is logical and moral.

The virus was merciful to children. Adults were merciless to children...and cowards to boot.

You either do not have children or you do not remember what it was like to be 9 for example.

Try a thought exercise:

PRETEND you, at whatever your age is now, having a conversation with your 9 year old self about the comments you made and then ask yourself; how would I, as my 9 year old self, have felt and would i have agreed with myself at your current age?

Would you at 9, agree that your life at 82 was "worth" the same and that you had to sacrifice 2 years of your life at 9 for you at 82? After asking yourself that now; how do you feel about your 82 year old self telling your 9 year old self your position at your current age?

Then pretend a scenario where all three KellyG's sit at a table in real time and how do you think that conversation goes? Do you think your 82 year old self would agree with you at your current age? Do you think your 82 year old self would be curious if she would be the same person she was if she had 2 years of her life seriously disrupted at 9? Would your 82 year old self take that gamble? Do you think her first thought at 82 would be; 2 years taken from my 9 year old self is the same as taking 2 years from me at 82?

Then pretend your 9 year old self does not think her 82 year old self's life has as much value as her 82 year old self, BUT your 82 year old self thinks they are of equal value. Who's "side" do you think you'd be on, when you at your current age, walked away from the table? Would you be proud of your 82 year old self thinking that?

Now ask yourself at your current age, after looking at an actuary table with your 9 year old self, if you would agree with your 82 year old self. Then pretend your 82 year old self agrees with your 9 year old self , that their lives are not of equal value and you, at your current age, had to attempt to convince both of them of your current position. Would you feel the same way as you do now?

Would you be proud of yourself now, trying to convince yourself at 9 that her life was of equal value to you at 82 when your 82 year old self feels like they're not of equal value? How proud would your 82 year old self be with you now? How proud would your 9 year old self be with you now?

Now, if you have children, grab a picture of one of them and lay it down in front of you and go through the same thought experiment except substitute yourself with your 9 year old child. Would your 9 year old self and 82 year old self be proud if you walked away from that thought experiment with your child and still felt the way you currently do? How would your child feel about your current position?

Then have you at your current age and your 9 year old self and your 82 year old self sit down go through the very same exercise substituting you for your children. Where do things fall in that scenario?

I could go on and on.

Are you proud of your comments now after going through those thought exercises?

Stop PRETENDING. Come back to the real world.

As a 52 year old man, I would not think twice about trying to save your 9 year old self or your 9 year old child lives if they were in harms way.

If you have children and they have a loving father gob ask him how he feels. Would he agree with me or you?

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I understand children were made to sacrifice for covid and said as much in my comment. I didn't go through the exercises as the one statement sufficed for me to make out your implications "a society who expects children to pay the price for the elderly". No I take nothing back of my comments, and see nothing wrong with what I said.

"So your statement makes no sense to me of the elderly being put above the youth, as both suffered the consequences of societies unwillingness to stand against FAKE science and allowing it all to happen."

When I said this

"I'm not sure if that's your implication too, in that the elderly should die off to benefit the young? "

I was in no way implying and never did once in my comment that the young should have suffered the consequences they did because of the elderly and my comments clearly make that clear. So we apparently misunderstood eachothers comments if that's what you are reading mine, but will not apologize for one word I uttered.

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I didn't ask for your apology. 50 million children under age 12 suffered as the result of about a 100 - 200k old people who died FROM covid. Say another 100 k died from malfeasance.

There is no comparison in the value of life there. Not even a close call.

It doesn't matter if despicable malfeasance was committed against the elderly (and that absolutely happened). One can recognize that happened and be disgusted by it, but still understand my point without having to question what I meant.

And I wasn't pointing you out, I was pointing out a society that allowed that to happen to children. To allow them to be surrounded in a spirit of fear for those short for this world is unacceptable on a galactic scale vs. what happened to the elderly.

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Mar 16, 2023·edited Mar 16, 2023

Hi Marilynne, this link to the CDC used to be direct to the 2nd part of you question I'd been posting on this for over a year and emailed to many when considering the jab, unfortunately I can't find the broken down figures I'd put together, but will post if I come across them. Theses numbers used to be updated weekly if not daily, but now the link has been changed and you have to work to find this statement let alone the figures and I haven't taken the time yet. The regular flu info is harder to find. It took me awhile to find this post I'd left on gettr back in October.

It's on the CDC's own website under

"Comorbidities and other conditions"

"For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death."



This was the other link I had as the one above just says Resource not available and may have been moved or relocated. The stats are still buried in the details and it takes time to find them.


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The Covid Litigation conference website is not loading when I try to access it on Microsoft Edge. I have tried 4X, ran diagnostics and got a message stating "resource (www.covidlitigation.com) is online but isn't responding to connection attempts." I saved a screenshot if that would help. I was able to access it on Google Chrome.

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Works on Firefox and MS Edge for me.

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