Even our MEPs have been given all the evidence they need from the experts that we all got it wrong...from the interview. Not only that but the clinical trials were conducted correctly and ethically. No dangerous side effects and no deaths...Alastair

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when the Pfizer director answers, she says; "did we know about the vaccine stopping immunization, no we didn't..." what does this mean, stopping IMMUNIZATION" ? The question was stopping transmission!!. What does this video prove?

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Get this patent deriving from Israel viral and it'll all be over:


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Regarding the death of congressman Casten's daughter:

I think he may BE getting as close as he can to giving a warning about the clot shot by revealing that his daughter died of heart arrhythmia. I think if he said anything more obvious, all his pharma campaign contributions would immediately go to his opponent, and the democratic party would dump him.

On top of this tragedy add three strokes and the death of a nephew of another member of congress, all democrats (probably not coincidentally)

Two democratic US senators have had strokes - Maryland Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen, age 63, last May. Ray Lujan, age 49, last March. And then there US senate candidate John Fetterman, age 53, who had a stroke last May.

US Democratic Rep Chris Pappas had a nephew, Charlie Zinc, age 15, who drowned after having myocarditis induced heart failure. His obituary matches a VAERS report so closely it has to be the same kid.

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Transmission vs immunization: the meaning of this is whether the patient developed neutralizing antibody titers. If so, then the person isn’t contagious and can’t transmit and they are immunized. However, because the FDA, CDC, and IDS do not consider antibody sero testing after vaccination a valid bio marker for immunity, both transmission and immunization are moot in this context because the study was wrongly designed using antibody sero testing as the clinical endpoints. Subsequently also being wrongly marketed to the public, an egregious case of off-label marketing.

The speed of science is painfully slow, but the lure cash printed at lightning speed is addicting. Again, their mix up.

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Oct 16, 2022·edited Oct 16, 2022

Mr. Kirsch, must see Twitter posts about bodybuilder Doug Brignole who just died yesterday. About a year ago flaunting his readers that if he dies, then it's the vax, but otherwise, if he doesn't die... then expose the misinformation source:



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High doses of vitamin c and heart disease ........... please consider interviewing Dr. Thomas Levy .... and Dr. Andrew Saul, senior editor of www.orthomolecular.org select "Library", select "News Releases" to see lists of articles about the therapeutic value of high doses of vitamin c, among other things ........ also higher blood levels of vitamin d ............ Dr. Michael Holick, 40 year vitamin d researcher .... 2010 book "The Vitamin D Solution" ......... and see.... there may be a very easy solution out of this problem of vaccine injuries ... not to mention the benefit these vitamin c and vitamin d solutions may add to many other current illnesses/disease ............. below is just an example of the quality of information out there.... so much science has been suppressed for so long to protect current medical markets that there is a whole backlog of excellent quality medical solutions out there that need to be widely publicized for everyone's consideration.

Dr. Thomas Levy books ............. "Primal Panacea

A hereditary defect prevents the human body from synthesizing a natural cure-all made by most animals and found in abundance by primal man. Overwhelming documentation proves when one's blood levels of the "primal panacea" are sufficiently high, it prevents and cures cancer, heart disease, infectious and degenerative diseases, and can neutralize and even reverse damage from virtually all toxins, venoms, and radiation! "

Curing the Incurable

Don't just accept a casual, unenlightened assessment of what high-dose vitamin C can and cannot do. Read the truth for yourself... High-dose vitamin C has been able to cure or contribute to the cure of many common infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and polio. Here's documented evidence that vitamin C is the treatment of choice for many potentially fatal infectious diseases and toxins.

Stop America's #1 Killer

According to national statistics, your odds of developing coronary heart disease may be greater than getting tails in a simple coin toss! Why leave it to chance? Learn how to avoid an expensive and painful trip to the cardiac intensive care unit and/or the cardiac surgical suite. In a very simple and inexpensive 3-pronged approach, you'll learn how to prevent and even reverse the arterial blockages that cause millions of heart attacks and send droves of Americans to the operating room for open heart surgery. " copied from https://www.peakenergy.com/books.php

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The psychological toll of this scamdemic is almost impossible to fathom -from suicides to substance abuse to depression etc. The damage done from masking children alone will persist for years. Masked children have profound developmental delays and significant IQ deficits. A lot of these children will never be able to function in society and we do not have the resources to care for all of them.

I am a psychologist, and I am depressed as well. Several close friends and family members have excommunicated me for not being jabbed or wearing a mask. What depresses me even more is the sociopaths behind this are still free to cause further death and suffering- instead of being behind bars for life.

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Steve you should look into this Substack article on the UK data. 5 different social groups in the UK, with different vaccination rates. The higher the vaccination rate the more excess deaths.


Thanks for all you hard work and the optical mouse invention 😀 I always had some trouble with the dirt on the rubber ball in the old days.

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For vaccine injuries, also consider:


See this posting made on 10/13/22. Will blow you away! HYPERBARIC OXYGEN TREATMENT can apparently reverse “various “irreversible” conditions. It is shown to also be effective with the vaccine injured.

Watch video & then spread far & wide. There are ways to defeat the bio-weapon. And supposedly this treatment has been known since the 1920’s (maybe earlier?).

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Who are the "people of January"? I don't understand the reply you gave, but I'd like to. Thank you.

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I'm old, unvaxxed, survived a bout with the demon virus, deplorable, and Ultra Maga and I'll die someday still the same way.

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The Pfizer representative, LAUGHED at the beginning of her answer to the Dutch politician.

The laugh to me said, of course the JAB does not stop transmission… only fools believe that it would stop transmission!

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The Dutch MEP's video is brilliant! And confusing when the Pfizer rep says "about stopping IMMUNIZATION before entered the market", instead of "stopping TRANSMISSION", at 1:23.

Image: https://video.thesetruths.com/static/media/pfizer-stopping-immunization-before-entered-market-snafu.jpg

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About two months ago, I created a Twitter account for my Substack 'Shouting in space'... I deleted the account yesterday, after having received emails from my Substack subscribers saying how their attempts in following Shouting in space on Twitter were strangely 'deactivated' within days. I myself had begun noticing that 'new followers' would 'unfollow' almost immediately after having followed. Twitter is rotten from top to bottom... stay away from it. They have unofficially declared themselves arbiters of 'right and wrong information and opinion.' Twitter is 'anti-democratic' and are 100% on the side of the suppressors of free speech.

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Whatever happened to MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY/ antibody treatments??? Friends i knew contracted covid were told they couldn't access them!! WHY??? They worked!!


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