Look at it this way. If you were filthy rich, and you really want to save the planet, for themselves. Decided 500 mil total population would be good.

How could you make that happen. War or nukes. To many left on the winning side. All the viruses together wouldnt work, and they might catch it themselves. Now a treatment if mandated, can be controlled, no survivors.

We see corperations, politicians, doctors scientists and the pope, pushing so hard. At all costs. They all think they will be one of the 500 mil allowed to live. The biggest threat is the world economic forum,

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After i read on the FDA site, the requirements to recieve emergency use authorization, their must be no other working treatment. This is why hydroxy and ivermectin had to be shut down. Profit before lives,

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Per design, check out all the healthy happy animals from the test studies...oh you cant they'er all dead.

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Dont see a col for future damage, skys the limit.

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Only to kill us! No injection called vaccine ever did any good: https://learntherisk.org/vaccines/


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Hey Steve, God bless you for being on top of this! Love your page!

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How many people know someone died after the Vax who had no other known issues? We need to assemble some data because we will never get the truth otherwise.

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OK, Buddy - my bad … it’s case rates and they don’t actually SHOW the raw data for Serious Events & Deaths because (as CDC said later, they’re all afraid that we will “misinterpret” the data and become afraid of getting vaccinated by their depopulation injection) the deaths are all a myth that VAERS is completely lying about …

LOOK it up! Oh, yeah, and remember that

Only 1-10% of actual typically gets reported, but you get on with your Bad Little Self.

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Feb 26, 2022·edited Feb 26, 2022

in Reply to DV Scott …

Yeah, whatever, Dude.

NOT buying your “age-standardized” bullshit detail-dodge/duck/dive/dismiss/detract/divert/delegitimization/defamation/deviousness.

We’re onto your game & HAVING NONE of it.

The original raw data already SHOWS the stats based on AGE!

LOOK again …


Oh, wait - seems that the PDF shows

Page 28 comes before page 30, batch, so most of you LAZY Marxist-Mind-Fu<ks won’t look past the Falsified “explanation / *interpretation*” to the REAL raw data, which is what was ACTUALLY RECORDED!

(Narrative Bias Confirmation ACHIEVED - Check! Nothing to see here, citizens - move along ….)

THAT would take actual thought, knowledge, skills and DESIRE to know The TRUTH.

But you Post-Truth IDIOTS have untethered from Logic, Real Science, objective reality & Absolute Truths so you assume everyone else fell into the same Self-Inflicted Mental Gymnastics Mind-Fuckery Trap - NO!

Only a complete Kabbalist/Scientism LeftTard would fall that Amateur Hour HORSESHIT!

Good Luck on your Luciferian Objectives 🙄🤪🤡🥸


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HEY STEVE, why does page 28 of your own link state

• Age-standardised hospitalisation rates for COVID-19 are LOWER for people who have

received a booster or 3rd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine compared to individuals that

are unvaccinated or have received one or two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

• Age-standardised mortality rates for COVID-19 deaths are LOWER for people who

have received a booster or 3rd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine compared to individuals

that are unvaccinated or have received one or two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

( https://publichealthscotland.scot/media/11076/22-01-12-covid19-winter_publication_report.pdf )


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Thanks for that - I am ready to bounce my CRAP-ple i(Can’t)phone off a concrete wall for all its quirks and absolute RANDOM operations!

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Vaccines work, are Safe and Effective as proven here:

At Murderna, we’re proud of our guinea pigs - we have you covered for the next viral assault (1 minute video):


At Schizer, we care about your kids and your pets (1 minute video):


Please renew your quarterly booster subscriptions to protect yourself, your pets and your family from the upcoming iDelta variant (We apologize for running out of the alphabet letters for the new variants - vaccines are breeding more variants than originally thought).

We care,

CEOs of Murderna and Schizer

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Yeah. American thing. I goofed.

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Feb 25, 2022·edited Feb 25, 2022

Steve Kirsch is lying. The link he provided at bottom of the image doesn't contain this graph. It's faked. Kirsch, you're a lying piece of trash.


The paper also says majority of people admitted were over 80 years old, presumably they account for most deaths, and are also likely vaccinated. This proves nothing but vaccinated elderly still remaining susceptible. Of course, since Kirsch hides age ranges and other data in his little fake graph, we don't know what he's looking at when making his completely bogus claims.

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Just saw this on Telegram. Please help spread the word


Whilst we are all being distracted, plans are almost complete where under WHO dictates, every country is on the cusp of signing an agreement for managing future pandemics. This is due to be signed March 1st 2022.

“A convention, agreement or other international instrument that is legally binding under international law.”

Countries’ leaders are going to enter into an internationally binding legal agreement with The World Health Organization, which finally signs away OUR RIGHTS to the globalists. You read that correctly. The Corporations will be locking the doors of our cells behind us.


💉💀💉 t.me/AntiGates

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