There is an article in ProPublica claiming that stillbirths are up because there is low uptake on the vaccine. Here it is. They don’t cite any data but they interview 2 pathologists. How can this even be true? This is what we are dealing with. https://www.propublica.org/article/covid-maternity-stillbirth-vaccines-pregnancy

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Mainstream internet algorithms and media have done a fantastic job of censoring the truth and kept many in the dark including so many doctors

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Just heard of a friend who was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy after delivery . Her echo done a few months ago was normal. Can’t help but think it is related to the shots she received and I know they we’re pushing them on pregnant patients.

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Money and donations aren't going to fix this. People have to change their beliefs, which is impossible, because their beliefs defend them against their realities.

Can't discuss anything with them, because their ideas and beliefs shield them from reality. It's too painful to understand that their beliefs are symptoms of what's ruining their one precious life.

My fourth grandchild was born eight days ago to a mother and father who were both unjabbed and had two bouts of the virus. She is doing well, eyes wide-open at eight days.

No birth jabs. Very little chance that she will ever get any of the cdc jabs.

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My 25 year old niece was 6 months pregnant when she got the vax to "protect her baby". She went to the hospital that next day, they kept her in the hospital for 3 weeks in bed, then she went into labor, so it was born 2 months early. Then they still kept it in the hospital until it should have been born, today it has developmental problems, but hopefully will be okay. But she has been trying to get pregnant again, and cannot. It's been 2.5 years, so I think the vax made her or him (or both) sterile.

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The function of mRNA being degraded when it enters the human body is probably a life-sustaining function that was naturally acquired 3.6 billion years before the development of single cells or 1.2 billion years before the development of multinucleated cells. Trying to convert this mRNA into pseudo-mRNA and introduce it into cells is like trying to let a thief or robber into your house. Giving a Nobel Prize to Kaliko and other is like giving an award to a robber. I know this award has been out of commission for a long time, but it ignores Nobel's desire to make amends.

It can also be said to be an act that goes against the providence of nature or against the will of God. Kaliko herself is vice president of BioNtech, which produced the poisoned vaccine.

Considering how many people died or suffered disabilities from poisonous vaccines, the Nobel committee should be accused of grossly inappropriate conduct.

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Ran across this, just strange to me, checked out my downloads and wished I had paid attention sooner. Internet was getting upgrade shortly after midnight, assumed connected to the alert going out today. Downloads in no order, other than the first one I chose at random talked about: In 2006, Shinya Yamanaka, Masayo Takahashi and their team

discovered that mouse embryonic and adult fibroblasts could be

reprogrammed (induced) as ESCs using 4 specific ESC-enriched

transcription factors, t he nuclear proteins Oct 4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-myc.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3529047/ Role of Oct4 in maintaining and regaining stem cell pluripotency. Entangled Magazine Volume 59 April 2022 Published by Anthony Patch.

The use of a retroviral virus vector for the reprogramming of cells

capable of generating all cell lineages of the body (pluripotent) was

employed initially for the purpose of accelerating the synthesis of the

novel mRNA virus, SARS-CoV-2. Second, but of more significance, the

follow-on development of a variety of gene-altering formulations

presented as vaccines. Both the synthetic virus and the vaccines themselves were developed

using a combination of processes common to genetic therapeutics.

Gene augmentation (adding to) and editing as well as the

reprogramming of entire cells.

As recently as 2016, U.S. scientists called for a moratorium on human

germ line editing. Altering germ line cells with heritable mutations was

their concern. In April of 2017, t he National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

reversed its position on human germ line editing. The NAS announced

that germ line editing is permissible if certain conditions are met . In the

absence of reasonable alternatives, germ line editing of genes that have

been convincingly demonstrated to cause or predispose a patient to a

serious disease, may be permissible.

Chimeric Humans Homo Novus

The Weaponization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Published by Anthony Patch

From this chimeric DNA, ordinary transcription of the

DNA to RNA can take place within the nucleus

(host / chimeric DNA) back into the cytoplasm , where

the RNA will reside. This transcribed RNA is the final

product . It is the SARS-CoV-2 virus mRNA it self. Thus,

AlphaFold AI designed the virus by first designing the

spike protein that the virus displays around it s surface

membrane. Spike, to Virus via AlphaFold AI. By he

way, the name of this neuromorphic artificial

intelligence (AI) TRANSFORMER.

Anthony and Kathleen Patch

They do have a lot of great information out there. Entangled Magazine

February 2022

The solution that Friedmans group hit upon, referred t o as radiogenetics or

magnetogenetics, avoids these problems. With their method, published

last year in Nature (see following page for published paper) biologists can

turn neurons on or off in a live animals at will, quickly, repeatedly, and

without implants by engineering the cells to make them receptive to

radio waves or a magnetic field.

We've combined molecules already used in cells for other purposes in a

manner that allows an invisible force to take control of an instinct as

primal as hunger, Friedman says. (Reminds me of Havari speak) Interesting things no doubt. Wish all could be posted. Very informative information from the Anthony and Kathleen Patch.

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Yes alice, i think this info did the rounds a few weeks ago. And 'Yes' the greedy bastards made every Contract as PROFITABLE as POSSIBLE and made EVERY NATION agree to ZERO LIABILITY for their DEADLY USELESS POISONS!

How can Governments be so pathetically gullible? the crap doesn't even work and you're more likely to catch Covid sooner after taking the bait! That's if you luckily avoid the DEPOPULATING BATCHES!

Kind regards!


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Let's talk about what matters.

When do "WE" ARESST someone of significance to get the ball rolling on a trial to start dragging in and sentencing then EXECUTING Teresa Tam to start with here in CHINADA??

Either that or let the population drag DRs and nurses and any JABBERS or politicians out of their offices and do what comes naturally when humans are pushed beyond their tolerance.

It's Time to deal with COLLABORATORS.

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I didn't know that about DeSantis and Paul. I want to believe Paul just didn't know what he was doing. McCarthy is a scoundrel too. Go Gaetz!

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There is quite literally not a shred of evidence to support the claims made in that article.

"COVID Vax in Pregnancy Protects Young Infants Against Omicron"

-no, it usually kills them. That IS what the ACTUAL DATA shows.

"Newborns are ineligible for COVID vaccination until 6 months of age, but are at high risk for severe outcomes from the virus"

-that's also patently untrue.

the CDC should be considered by anyone to be a terrorist organization. These people are in the business of CAUSING death & suffering, not the prevention if it.

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Ladies! It's not worth the risk of losing your next child or finding you're now permanently STERILE from the DEADLY INJECTION they pretend is a 'VACCINE'!

I've become a pessimistic, but proud Conspiracy Theorist since witnessing the evil and sinister goings on since 2019.

I can't really believe this complete Covid & DEADLY INJECTION farce has been so successfully 'sold' to the public! It doesn't make sense - but it's been evident, even to us 'uninitiated' since late 2019.

I've stated many times the whole thing has been planned for decades and 'tongue in cheek', and that the 'vax' (poison) was made simultaneously in the adjacent Wuhan lab! Could be true?

I won't relent on repeating my messages because, if every time I do, if just one extra 'jabbed & boosted' person starts to question why they now get Covid more frequently than before the Death Shot, and then start to suspect what's really been going on since Covid was released in 2019 (deliberately, or not - it matters not).

My particular target is to get the world to question why and how 'NO LIABILITY' for DEADLY VAX MAKERS can be justified, which is the most obvious clue there's something wrong with the 'narrative' - so beware!

Mick from Hooe - UK (Unjabbed to live longer!)

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They are coming after everyone in every country. Noting your item on West Australia the other day and the information here. This hit the wire today. https://twitter.com/i/status/1708713774130311283 Gotta love how the authorities believe an "Awareness campaign" will fix it.

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Vaccine side-effects are kicking in, in Arabia:

An “alarming” number of young patients in the UAE are suffering heart attacks and are being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, medical professionals say, with the onset of the illness being noticed in people about 10-15 years earlier here than in other parts of the world.


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I'd have to review it but I think I just saw a commercial last night in Prime Time during The Voice for the vaccines showing a mother holding a baby and how the vaccine (I'm not sure if it was specifically covid or all vaccines) would protect them, and that only one quarter of families are safe because they have taken the vaccines. Disgusting.

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