I wonder if one of the reasons that Monte Vista and any other school for that matter, doesn't want to speak out about these adverse reactions is because schools have and still are receiving a lot of money from the government (taxpayer dollars) to push these inoculations. They are encouraged to hold jab clinics on school grounds. Steve is correct in that I receive numerous emails every week from my son's school informing me of students and/or staff that have tested positive for Covid. I receive emails and reminder emails when they are planning to host an inoculation clinic. I have yet to receive an email informing the community of a student or staff member that has had an adverse reaction or worse from these so called "vaccines." The high school campus (grades 9-12) that my son attends, has approximately 6000 students and staff. Given that number, I find it hard to believe there wouldn't be numerous adverse events on record. As for the parents that are waiting for God to heal their children that are experiencing life changing adverse reactions from these inoculations, they are delusional, at a minimum! What would they say should the child die from their condition? It was God's will? The child's faith wasn't strong enough? Unbelievable! A parent's number one responsibility is to protect their children at all costs. If they aren't willing to do that, they don't deserve them.

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So it's happening. A little later than many expected, but happening nonetheless. I hope as many embalmers as possible come forward and autopsies are performed on children who are cremated. So, the questions become:

1) How many kids will suffer this horrible fate before they can no longer be swept under the rug?

2) How many will ultimately die prematurely, be disabled, or sterilized before this insanity is brought to an end?

3) Will the perpetrators and enablers be brought to justice?

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@stevekirsch please contact me at spiritwarrior76@protonmail.com. Thank you. K

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My son’s all boy school “required” the vaccine for the start of this school year. They simultaneously gave you a medical, moral, religious or ethical exemption, which makes no sense. Anyway, as shocked and angry as most of us were, they continue to encourage the jab in spite of the overwhelming evidence proving how dangerous it is. I’m guessing they would never admit adverse reactions for fear of liability.

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Something similar happened to school in South Australia

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Sounds a lot like the movie “Spotlight”

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I’m wondering if these parents are not understanding what myocarditis means for their children. Maybe you can explain in detail how serious it is and how it will affect their children’s lives. Even pediatricians in that area are blinded, or not wanting to go against the narrative. WHY would parents not want to earn their fellow parents!?!? They should be out front maskless and picketing the school, going to board meetings, etc. stand up for your children and the other children at the school!!

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Most of California is just a sad echo chamber. Santa Cruz, Berkeley, & S.F. are lost causes. If you have a different opinion or philosophy, you are shouted down and shamed by a vocal minority of lazy middle class “intellectuals.” They are the new Nazi Party and proof that a college degree is not a meaningful demonstration of intellect.

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Shout louder I have two boys 19 and 21

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Sad story of 14 year old girl dies in her sleep after vaccination. They believe it was some heart electrical problem.

Tragic: 14-Year-Old Israeli American Girl Suffers and Dies from COVID Vaccine – Makes a Video of Her Story Five Days Before Her Death https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/tragic-14-year-old-israeli-american-girl-suffers-dies-covid-vaccine-makes-video-story-five-days-death

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So, nowhere in his entire article does this author bother to mention where this school is located. I looked it up on a search engine; the only one it found was in Watsonville, California. It would have been more professional and respectable if he had mentioned that fact early in the article.

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My kids are at this school and academically, environment and teachers it is leaps and bound beyond the local public schools, which are really bad. This said, I only get platitudes when I point out the lack of science and facts backing Covid policies and I did point out that the school needs to push back against any mandates and needs to push back against "recommendations" instead of following them blindly. I do not know of an on campus vaccine clinic last spring. Here is the info from the website that was put up last spring and had a link in the flyer.

Vaccine Clinics

Information provided by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education

To register your child for a vaccination appointment:

1. Complete the consent form: sccoe.link/studentvax - wait for booking link email

2. Book your appointment: sccoe.link/bookvaccine - if you completed consent already for your student

May 19 from 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Scotts Valley High School Student Union

555 Glenwood Dr, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Administered by Safeway

May 20 from 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Cesar Chavez Middle School Gym

440 Arthur Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076

Administered by Safeway

May 20 from 11:00 am - 3:30 pm

Dominican Employee and Conference Center

1555 Dominican Way, Santa Cruz, CA 95065

Administered by Dignity Health/Dominican Hospital

That said I am already planning on home schooling my youngest next year as all schools private and government are compromised and I will not subject her to another year of any mandates. There are a lot of curriculum/private home schools available, you don't have to create the curriculum or freeform it. I got my kids: http://fakemaskworldwide.refr.cc/michelle

Even so I will not put up with any mandates after this year. We are working to move out of state by the school year end. Even then the red states have serious problems with their schools. Pick a red state and go look at the state university website. You will be appalled. The lower level schools are a problem too and now I don't think I will bother with a private school either. We need to dismantle the government prison school system, put in vouchers through the equivalent of a high school level, remove the school mandate, allow for work/study, trade school and university prep with an emphasis on useful pursuits with non practical pursuits as hobbies and recreation. The high school years should be spent learning how to make a living and develop useful skills. Life should be full of hobbies, recreation and constructive socialization.

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THANK YOU! for being a light in this "instituted" darkness.......

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So concerning...but keep in mind that by ignoring these injuries, they can continue to ignore the fact that, as parents, they went along with a false narrative and failed to protect their children.

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Clinicians who are keeping quiet are complicit in horrific medical violence.

It's hard to navigate through all the misinformation on both sides but when what I see going on around me (here in Melbourne, Australia) fits what researchers I respect are finding (Dr Jessica Rose, Dr Peter McCullough) I think it's likely to be true.

I walked into ONE pharmacy at random and asked if they'd seen any side effects from the Covid vaccines. The pharmacist told me most of their clients were elderly and most came back for their 2nd shot (a telling remark in itself) but she told me a young man in his late twenties had come back to say he wasn't getting a 2nd shot because of a "swollen heart".

Two journalists have been hospitalised for heart inflammation following Pifzer (Georgia Clark and Denham Hitchcock), the latter case a very serious one. How many Australian journalists are there?

My husband has all the medical contacts, so I've emailed studies for him to pass on. I know someone whose son AND his friend, both in their early 20s, got myocarditis after the shots. One case is certainly not mild. The young man's sport is finished. The cardiologists my husband emailed can contact the hospital and find that both these young men are being treated by the same cardiologist. Are they going to put this down to coincidence?

This is horrific. Pure evil.

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Jan 6, 2022·edited Jan 6, 2022

The group think argument: "The narrative from the authority and everybody else agreeing with them must be right because the only way it couldn't be right is if there was a conspiracy so large that everybody was in on it and such a large conspiracy isn't possible, so I don't need to think for myself or question authority."

It is a very dishonest and ludicrous argument. If everybody doesn't need to think for themselves, then they don't need a giant conspiracy that everybody is in on. But, they can see not everybody is in on it, because not everybody agrees, but they dismiss these people by calling them "conspiracy theorists".

You have a group-think and a mass formation. But, people believe the irrational argument because they are full of fear. Fear to speak out of crowd because they find security in losing themselves in the group.

Others find security in having the courage to pursue the truth. These are the truth seekers, the truth speakers, the Socrates of every generation.

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