mRNA vaccines are being injected into our food supply.

Is this really seriously bad? Can we "cook" the mRNA out of the food ?


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I agree entirely but too many just vote for Conservative or Labour out of habit. They don't take the time to look at what either party have hidden in their respective manifestos. The headline policies are the only things that they care about and some are so blinkered that they don't really take in anything and automatically vote for the party that their parents always voted for.

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manifestos are constructed of polymorphic semantics

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Many of us in the UK have analysed their data and yes you are right - it is crap.

I worked as a Data Architect in the HSA (Health security agency, right out of Orwell).

My archtiected system was Rona reporting (in AWS). The data was shit. The data lake was shit and the rivers flowing into it largely sewers. 100 sub system interfaces, all owned by different IT firms (kaching), no data validation, no data verification, no data source integrity checks. None.

Yes the data is shit.

And they know it.

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Steve, in Norman Fenton's linked article he notes, "All of the anomalies in the dataset introduce bias in favour of analyses supporting vaccine ‘safety and efficacy’"

Considering the bias they are directionality slanting in their data, if the data is now showing a strong signal in the other direction, I believe you should have your ears perked up and lot be so glib and dismissive.

NB: you can't make an argument that their data is crap by literally dropping a link to their data; what am I to do, download it and start running statistical tests in R? That is not helpful and it doesn't support your argument.

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These Covidians.

They are as cats.

Vainly trying

to cover up shit.

Smeared across

a marble floor.


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Tentacles spreading hey SoM. Wait until the mRNA octopus is cut off from the head... Massive class action lawsuits incoming.... Watch the name change, just like "global warming" became "climate change"... I note Dan the Mouse who put everything in place for his Comrades on lots of communist fronts has been whisked off to "greener" pastures... He thinks he is safe.... Nothing could be further from the truth... Watch his supposedly loyal comrade masters hang him out to dry when they are come for.... And they will be... Count on it...

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If you take drugs, no matter how safe the peddler says they are, you take them at your own risk. If you keep taking mRNA+SV40 injections then you are speeding on the way to your redemption for doing so.

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So the ONS are saying that being jabbed is 4 times more dangerous than being unjabbed in same age group? Something that Dr. John Campbell confirmed in one of his videos. Aren’t we all on the same page?! Not sure what the argument is!

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I made the decision to use acupuncture as preventative as well as acute care for most of my ails. The U.S. pretty much herds its older citizens (that would be me) onto MediCare, complete with their "standard of care" bee ess that included "RunDeathIsNear" (I can't spell the Pharma bee ess spelling!) and ventilators for the poor people who needed intensive care for COVID illnesses. I no longer trust the idiots with medical degrees "practicing" medicine (Translated: Disease management) in the Infernal Medicine departments-- too much sulphur and brimstone, not to mention the LIES and the POISONS used over there in that oh-so-special area of The Inferno.

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Acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and marijuana have been my only healthcare for the last 20 years.

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Apologies, slightly off topic, but my thoughts on what has become of the UK medically.

I'm a Brit no longer living in the UK, I cut ties with it after my 89 year old mother passed away in 2019 from sepsis. I sold my house and left. I now live with my family in southern Europe.

I honestly believe if mom had been under the care of someone like Dr Paul Marik, she'd have survived.

She was wrongly diagnosed on arrival at the hospital and waited over 4 hours for a NHS bed. She passed away the following day. I have no faith whatsoever in the NHS now.

Of the 125,741 full-time equivalent (FTE) hospital and community health service doctors in England in June 2022 whose nationality was known, just over a third (33.8%, or 42,531) were non-UK nationals, according to analysis by the PA news agency. Oct 21, 2022

The standard (the qualifications of some third world doctors/nurses have been found to be false years later-fact) of Third world doctors doesn't come close to their English counterparts. Yes there are exceptions, with some doctors being world famous.

The point is, young British doctors with medical degrees from university cannot get places in hospitals, as they've been filled by Third world applicants.

The UK govt prioritises positions for foreigners, over their own people. It sickens me.

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Typical anti-Trump statement (which it pains me to see here, as Steve is usually apolitical when discussing the vaxxes).

Trump did not promote the development of mRNA vaccines, he promoted the development of vaccines (period). Imagine if he had not initiated "Warp Speed." Its outcome, for good or ill, could not have be known at the time. He would have been condemned if he had not cleared the regulatory decks. As it was, he did, and is now being condemned for doing so. When he deviated from the "accepted" scientific view (as when, early on, he instituted a travel ban on China, and was accused of being "racist," because at the time the likes of Nancy Pelosi were insisting Covid wasn't a major threat), he was skewered. Had he diverged from accepted opinion after Covid became an "existential threat," he would have been roundly condemned for that. What could he do but follow the advice of the "experts"? He was no expert himself, and any act of his contrary to the narrative would have been roundly denounced. Everyone reading this knows this statement is correct.

For an anti-Trumper, Trump can do no good. Fault will be found in every fork in the road, the point being they want Trump off the road entirely. In hindsight, Trump's efforts and his support for the vaccines were misguided, in part by a lack of information and in part due to extreme efforts by government, media, and academia to promote a narrative unsupported by facts. But there was little else he could have done. The public demands action from its politicians and its presidents, even when doing nothing is the best course of action. Considering the lack of information (at the time), doing nothing did not seem to be a good idea. (No matter how quickly that view may have changed. Once the narrative was established, it became devilishly difficult to overcome. Indeed, people like Steve are still exerting themselves against it years after data and information has become available, how was Trump supposed to act differently three years ago?)

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Trump has mentioned something about an investigation into vaccines and injury if he is elected.

I like a lot about what RFK Jr says about vaccines. Amazing smart guy. But really Trump is the only politician who has articulated what the battle is:

- globalism vs national interest

- free trade vs tariffs (yes his tariffs worked, were non-inflationary and resulted in the importation of deflation from suppliers)

- energy security vs 'renewables' (tell that to the kids mining in Congo)

Trump is also a proven leader. He's got 50% of Americans supporting him (more if you exclude all the mail-in ballots and fraud)! If you measure outcomes to assess politicians, Trump did well in pulling the lower quartiles of income-earners out of poverty while starting no new wars. Best US President in my lifetime!

Also worth remembering that Trump did recognise the potential of HCQ in treating Covid and reducing hospitalisation (which would have destroyed the EUA for the vaccines). He just wasn't so good at recognising snakes like Birx and Fauci in time.

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Actually, they are acknowledging that ordinary people are the crap they intend to flush.

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I am disgusted by the lack of interest shown by the vast majority of MPs whenever Andrew Bridgen gives a speech about excess deaths in Parliament. To see members scurrying out of the chamber shows how little our elected members care about their constituents or the fact that about 3,000 excess deaths are occurring each month. It would seem that they are under orders not to investigate why this happening. It is troubling to see Conservative members reminding Labour members that they are supposed to leave when Andrew Bridgen is about to speak. Like other countries, it doesn't matter which party is voted in, nothing changes, regardless of the pre-election promises made.

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That is why the British people must STOP voting for these mainstream parties and vote in a relatively new Nationalist Patriotic party and sweep all this filth clean. The members scurrying out when Andrew Bridgen speaks, have all been bought off. They will not rock any boat as the count their 30 pieces of silver.

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It's all crap. The entire system is a joke based on dogma having nothing to do with the scientific method. Double blind placebo controlled randomized trials are an oxymoron. What does randomized even mean in this context? That you simply ignore an almost infinite number of variables (since every sample is unique unto itself) because you have a priori determine them to be insignificant? Can you replicate the results of ANY trial? Good luck with that. The ONLY hard data point we have is all cause mortality and it's not good.

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Even an "approved" vaccine is only safe in the aggregate. When injected into an individual, it's still an experiment in how that individual's body will react.

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...the WEF captured UK government.....

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