I an a bit confused ?

The death results after 1 year (100,000 people) were (unvaxxed, vaxxed):

18-39: 45, 31

50-59: 626, 337

See you listed on vaxxed first then you listed vaxxed. So there were 45 Deaths from unvaxxed and 31 that were vaxxed ?

Just going from the order that you have in the brackets.

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I am a statistician and reading your article, I think you would benefit from consulting a professional because there are some potential issues with with your presentation, in my opinion. I'd be more than happy to help, and others would too (because we are tired of seeing our discipline hijacked by people with an agenda and coercing people in our field to say what they want them to). In doing so you'd be able to address potential issues ahead of time and reduce the risk that what you write will be labeled as misinformation (although unfortunately things were so bias that could happen). anyhow. Anyhow good luck and keep fighting the good fight.

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UK ONS excess death data indicated 1678 excess deaths in the week ending July 29 2022, 18% above the 5 yr mean ending 2020.

They're not making a very good job of hiding the shark.

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The virus has never been shown to exist. Why does Steve let the perpetrators off the hook when it comes to the core lie/delusion behind "covid-19"?

And re Steve's disinfo campaign against my colleagues and I:

The real reason I now refuse to debate Steve Kirsch (hint: it’s not what Steve tells his readers):


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Aug 24, 2022·edited Aug 30, 2022

The ONS has so far published 6 releases of their dataset for mortality by vaccination status, where each release was accompanied by a bulletin which described the dataset. The bulletin of the first 3 releases included a graph which showed non-COVID mortality among different vaccination status groups, but the graph was removed in the 4th release which included data up to January 31 2022 (https://i.ibb.co/NZZRN3t/onsremoved.png). The reason why the graph was removed is probably that if you look at either age-all-cause mortality or non-COVID mortality, then since late last year, several groups of vaccinated people have now had higher age-standardized mortality rates than unvaccinated people.

Therefore I made a plot which shows all-cause mortality in different vaccination status groups up to May 2022: https://i.ibb.co/JdqVdTQ/england-ons-all-cause-mortality-by-vaccination-status.png. Here's the R script I used to make the plot: https://pastebin.com/raw/bRVb7fuN. My plot shows that from February to May 2022, unvaccinated people have had the second lowest ASMR after the group labeled "Third dose or booster, at least 21 days ago", but there have been 6 groups of vaccinated people who have had higher mortality than unvaccinated people (or actually for 2 out of 6 groups, the ASMR is missing for May and March because of low sample size, but in April and February both groups still had higher ASMR than unvaccinated people).

My plot also shows that there was a spike in mortality among unvaccinated people around January-March 2021 at the same time when the first jab was rolled out, and there was a spike in mortality among single-jabbed people around May-August 2021 when the second jab was rolled out, and there was a spike in mortality among double-jabbed people around October 2021 to January 2022 when the third jab was rolled out. It might be because they counted single-jabbed people as unvaccinated for the first two weeks after their second jab, and they counted double-jabbed people as single-jabbed for the first two weeks after their second shot, and so on.

Martin Neil, Norman Fenton, et al. published a paper about the ONS statistics in February 2022: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/357778435_Official_mortality_data_for_England_suggest_systematic_miscategorisation_of_vaccine_status_and_uncertain_effectiveness_of_Covid-19_vaccination. From figures 5-7, you can see that there was a spike in mortality among unvaccinated people around week 4 of 2021 for the age group 80+, around week 7 for the age group 70-79, and around week 12 for the age group 60-69. The authors of the paper wrote:

> In previous years, each of the 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ groups have mortality peaks at the same time during the year (including 2020 when all suffered the April Covid peak at the same time). Yet in 2021 each age group has non-Covid mortality peaks for the unvaccinated, at a different time, namely a time shortly after the vaccination rollout programmes for those cohorts reach a peak, which for 60-69, 70- 79 and 80+ age groups was week 7, week 5, and week 1 respectively.

They also wrote:

> There are also claims that the vaccines are effective after the first dose, but only after 14 days have elapsed. In fact, the USA CDC (Center for Disease Control) classifies any case, hospitalization or death occurring during this 14-day period after first dose as 'unvaccinated', despite injection [18]. Evidence from Israel suggests that this definition applies there [23], but in the UK it was never clear that this was the case until the release of documentation suggesting that the vaccinated who die within 14 days of vaccination might be categorized as unvaccinated [17].

> Similarly, if it is possible that someone who dies within 14 days of vaccination (first dose) is miscategorised as unvaccinated then, hypothetically at least, a similar thing could occur post second dose, whereby the people who die within a period of taking the second vaccine are miscategorised as 'single dose vaccinated'. In an FOI request [26] the UKHSA confirmed that, in their vaccine surveillance reports, those who have received 2 doses but less than 14 days before the specimen date of their positive Covid test are included in the received 1 dose greater than 21 days category. Likewise, in [30] the UKHSA combine unvaccinated and 'less than 28 days' since first dose vaccination as being equivalent in their assessment of risk of hospital admission. A fuller investigation of the miscategorisation problem as seen in the Dagan study [23] is expanded in the analysis by Reeder [22] and demonstrates that confounding by miscategorisation can account for most, if not all, of any effectiveness claimed in an observational study.

Norman Fenton also did a presentation of their paper on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6umArFc-fdc. Neil and Fenton also covered their paper in their blog and in a Twitter thread: https://probabilityandlaw.blogspot.com/2022/02/update-bmj-rejects-without-review-paper.html, https://probabilityandlaw.blogspot.com/2022/01/debunking-hypothesis-that-healthy.html, https://twitter.com/MartinNeil9/status/1481561698792267779. In a follow-up paper which was released in March, they presented even more ways in which the mortality data may have been manipulated: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/358979921_Official_mortality_data_for_England_reveal_systematic_undercounting_of_deaths_occurring_within_first_two_weeks_of_Covid-19_vaccination, https://probabilityandlaw.blogspot.com/2022/03/official-mortality-data-for-england.html, https://twitter.com/ClareCraigPath/status/1499443534021210120, https://twitter.com/MartinNeil9/status/1499455235529625600. And they recently discovered further evidence that vaccinated people may have been miscategorized as unvaccinated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccWOMtmH65U.

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Not seeing any of that square with the data:

Mortality far higher in Israel than in unvaxxed Palestine

Dr. Malone


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Reduction of human population through global vaccine genocide documented (expended version) https://rumble.com/v1gwn6h-reduction-of-human-population-through-global-vaccine-genocide-documented-ex.html

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I am terrified for what may happen in the coming years. The vaccine appears to reactivate existing cancers, at least according to anecdotes, but whether or not it CAUSES cancer has yet to be known. It takes 5-10 years for cancer to develop. For all we know everybody who got the shot will get deadly cancer 5 years later.

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I did another follow-up:


Of course, in Steve's words (which I'm pretty sure he stole from someone else), it all could be GIGO (Garbage-In Garbage Out).

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Steve, I sent you a link to the Uk study and the #'rs are backwords. Must be a typo.

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WOW! This seems like we are in a "cat and mouse game" now. The CAT (A herd of them)?

Tony Mengelefauci, Bill Gates, and their partners in Crimes Against Humanity!

The MICE? Both the quackcined and "The Not Shot Lot." Everyone is caught in

their deadly claws. The WISE will SURVIVE them! STAY AND KEEP WELL NATURALLY!

I post publicly and freely on MeWe. ETERNAL LIFE BLESSINGS FOR YAHWEH'S SAINTS!

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Steve, why does only Israel show continued high fertility rates contrary to all other highly vaxed countries? Are you aware of any more recent data? Tx https://gab.com/SubtleEnergyOver9000/posts/108873348799326752

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This is an open letter which could and should be circulated to EVERYONE CONNECTED BY PHONE, PC, and BY COMMUNITY CHURCH, SCHOOL, in short, by all means necessary.

The message:

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If only ten percent of those who receive this message and in turn send it along to at least two others who in turn do the same, everyone (100%) of connected humans on the planet will have received this message and viewed this Video within one to two weeks time. It's simple math: 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64; that says it all. Can we do this? Will we do this - we have no choice, so yes, we will do this.

The will of the people must be known to such extent that we stop this ongoing scheme or we die.

90% of us may die anyway and the silver lining is those who think they will live will not. Those who are "lucky" and live must have their heads clear to clean out the psychopaths now in place (meaning those of them who also live as most of them will die as well) to preserve self determinism. It is that simple.


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I think your vaxxed/unvaxxed death figures are reversed.

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Aug 23, 2022·edited Aug 23, 2022

Part of this is clearly the "healthy vaccinee bias", as some other commenters have alluded to. But the biggest problem here looks like "immortal time bias".

People had to have survived UNVACCINATED up to a certain point (generally in the first half of 2021) by definition in order to have the chance to be vaccinated, while most deaths during the first half of 2021, including the deaths which the vaccine certainly could not have prevented, are by definition "unvaccinated" as the majority of those people died or became ill before having any chance to be vaccinated. So this is obviously a flawed comparison that creates a huge bias against the unvaccinated group. Unless this was specifically addressed in the data, it would certainly be a problem (it is something the establishment very successfully exploited to promote the vaccines), and could well explain the results you are seeing here (in addition to the "healthy vaccinee bias").

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