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This article published February 2017 in The Journal of Antibiotics praised Ivermectin as a 'wonder' drug. It is fairly lengthy. It goes into the discovery and history of it as well as an explanation of its use and MOA as an antiparasitic. Then goes into potential future uses as antiviral, antibacterial, and even anti-cancer ....very interesting.

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"We had no idea the cattle cars full of people were headed to death camps" Good Germans in 1944 Good Americans in 2022 Watch , ALL of this https://www.bitchute.com/video/LGIgmw5IEKD1/

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When the doctor went off to his next patient T was left alone with the nurse. The nurse then somewhat furtively asked if T had the Covid “vaccine.”

When T in the affirmative the nurse surreptitiously confided in her that incidences of TIA, blood clots, heart attacks and myocarditis have literally gone parabolic since these “vaccines” were introduced.

And then the nurse glanced around and whispered to T that morticians were unable to embalm corpses because of the, “hard spike proteins that are blocking the blood vessels.”

The nurse nervously confided that her family friend happened to be a local mortician, and that there were so many bodies piling up so fast that the local funeral parlors were simply unable to satisfy their casket demand.


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Before we can competently ask, "how bad will it get?" and "what must we do to turn it around?", we must first clearly identify, "where are we now based on an in depth ranking system of "what are our needs vs. nice to haves?", and based on some sort of triage system, such as, "food and warmth", set aside our "nice to have differences to ensure our families are fed and stay warm".

If this logic is sound, and even if not sound from your POV, watch this video to get up to speed and pass it along to those who you know are willing to take our needs to the streets, to the courts, to the ballot polls, and above all else, charge and prosecute the sabatures under espionage and treason Statutes which are clearly, systematically being violated to harm, starve, and break the back of these United States.

In short, the time for lofty discourse is over unless it is more important to continue such discussions from inside the confines of a fema camp for dissidents which, for those following Desmet's analysis, is within reach in the foreseeably near future. This paragraph is NOT a call to Arms - IT IS A CALL TO ACTION to prevent the certain necessity of a Call to Arms, sans our collective successful activism to turn this around NOW.

https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/09/wef-vultures-are-actively-sabotaging-civilization-bowne-report-video/ video runtime: (does that even matter?) it is what it is.

I have been labeled, "passionate" and an "inaccurate forecaster", and to those who voice that view, I say they are in denial - time will tell which view is accurate, and, I hope my critics are right, however based on hard data, I am convinced such critics are dead wrong. Fear is a normal reaction - courage, on the other hand, is a Decision.

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Come on people don't fall for this ivermectin disinformation keeping people sick and possibly kill them.


* ====> There is no cure for covid!!! <===


'Covid' is anyone with a positive useless pcr test, more often 'the flu' rebranded.


* ====> The symptoms are not the disease, but the body healing itself. <===


So poisoning your body with ivermectine or any other drug to stop the natural healing process is a very bad idea.

Colds and Flu are DETOX explained: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4Dqvo1yrwK3U/

Ivermectin, should we rethink its toxicity?


"• Ivermectin has been given to millions of poor people in the developing world.

This does not imply, despite the billions of doses given over 3 decades, that Ivermectin is a safe drug.

• It is assumed to be safe, but this claim is not backed by adequately powered clinical trials in the developed world, or by adverse effects

monitoring in the developing world.

• The symptoms associated with Ivermectin toxicity suggest that it adversely affects the Central Nervous System.

• Additionally, there are concerns of genotoxicity as well as concerns related to human fertility.

• Care should be exercised when prescribing Ivermectin as either

prophylaxis or as treatment."

Page 7: the 'Zelenko protocol' is an overdose !!!

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Dear Steve Kirsch, You are a World Class - American hero. Thank you for your courage in fighting big Pharma and big tech corruption.

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Thank you Steve for tireless commitment to the truth!

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I am sorry: maybe I expressed myself erroneously: in fact, I was feeling well 48h after taking the second dose of Ivermetin.

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Confidential Pfizer COVID Vaccine Documents

State ‘Shedding’ Is Possible Via ‘Skin-To-Skin

Contact’ & ‘Breathing The Same Air’ And Can

Cause ‘Menstrual Disruption’ & ‘Miscarriage’ https://expose-news.com/2022/09/03/shed-ding-confirmed-in-pfizer-documents/

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I definitely do not agree with the Prozac treatment. I just stopped taking Prozac on a daily basis because it was making me have panic attacks and I was feeling horrible one it. All is well since I stopped that drug. I do not recommend Prozac for anyone.

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Antibiotics and ivermectin may suppress the detox process in those struggling with conditions such as the obesity, and may appear to ‘save’ lives for a short while, but the toxins, which must be expelled by another more severe episode, will remain, as will the obesity.

We don’t have to look very far for the devastation that early interventions and anti-virals for viruses that don’t exist can do. Arthur Ashe, Rudolf Nureyev, Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury all murdered directly by AZT, but most importantly by being lied to.

There is no evidence that HIV causes AIDS, before you call me cuckoo; please send me the original paper where this is established.

Montagnier himself admitted that good nutrition could both prevent HIV from causing AIDs and would cure a person who already had it. No need for drugs or vaccines.



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A friend just called shaking, having seen a kid "screaming for his life" about to get the clot shot at a big store pharmacy. He walked up, confronted the mother and leveled at the pharmacy injector "I am disgusted by you. If you had done any research or read a disclaimer to this customer you wouldn't have any part in this". They threatened to call the police. Standers by uniformly murmured their approval. We need millions more like my friend.

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Steve The Drug Seller still hasn't forgotten promoting his drug fluvoxamine...

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