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Added Igor section, enhanced el gato malo section, and added UK ONS response after I pushed to readers.

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it’s a very natural thing to want to analyse the healthstats between “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed”

it’s also a very natural thing for pfizer-paid myrmidons in govs and institutes to properly cook the numbers, which they ofcourse did:

This is very hard to fight, and correct.

“categorization” of data is a subtle activity in experimental science.

1) in 2021 the disinformation specialists took it to them to shove all who became ill up to 2 weeks after the jab and landed in hospital as “unvaxxed”. Ofcourse many got covid in hospital (hospitals dont remember anymore about the wisdom of ventilation and how to do that properly to start with), or at least “tested” positive for it while ill for other reasons(there have always been mafnitudes more people dying for other reasons than covid in 2020-2022). Not very hard with a pcr test that has a lot of leeway for testing positive, and oh btw the pcr test tests for the very thing that was in the jab, the spike protein..

“ dont worry “, the disinformation experts said, “those spike proteins from the jab are only in the upper arm muscle “..right, and that they were sure of, because they just said so..

2) the “unvaxxed” have a disproportionate large number of the dying sliver in society. Dying for all the usual reasons if one doesnt even consider covid or vax side effects. people brought in in coma, and with 3 weeks to live, arent going to be topped up with all their missing vaccins. stage 4 cancer parients with 2 months to live might have other worries than to go and queue and get a vaccin. most will consider it enought to avoid taking bus and train and not go to mass happenings..

while the “soon to die for other reasons” are maybe just a few pro-mille (0.2%) in society, all of them usually die on short notice. they form the 90% of the dying cohort also at the height of a covid pandemic.but i would expect 80% of them are “unvaxxed”..thats a nice boon for the disinformation specialists at the teat in gov and institute, who in 2022 were focussing on adulterating the overall excess mortality rise. they will get a nice bonus from pfizer and bill gates for their “contribution”

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I'm sure this won't be the last flight crash we'll hear about this year....

"Emergency care flight to hospital crashes in Nevada desert and kills all five on board: Victims are patient, patient's relative, nurse, paramedic and pilot"


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For all of those who haven't heard about these films, I 'd like to encourage them to watch & share: "Died Suddenly" @ StewPeters.com

Jab deaths & injured, it's attacking all organs, immune system, (x-Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston, shared the patent on Brannon Howse's show on LindellTV/FRANKSPEECH COM & showed there's Sars-2, HIV in it, among other things!), & causing Unnatural blood clots, leading to heart attacks & strokes, fertility problems; including nursing babies dieing, miscarriages, & birth defects! & "Anecdotalsmovie.com" jab injured

So Sad! Bioweapon!

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Steve I called 999 again the other day. Inspite of being charged for doing so just days ago. I was prompted to do so based on tne laye data from ONS and the shocking 49% increase all cause mortality for 0 -49!!! F**K me! They hVe got to act. No !!!! But they did raise an incident this time Time for me to go to the square and rally the public.

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Miracle: CNN carries a story about vaccine injuries: https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/24/health/pfizer-rsv-vaccine-guillain-barre/index.html

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What’s happened to our world in the last three years is madness. In this article, I try to identify some of the big themes and developments that explain how this madness ensued. I’m sure I left off some of the key ingredients so reader feedback is appreciated.


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The economic incentives to present the truth are all in the wrong direction; take away the ability to sue for damages and the corrupt Pharma controlled agencies always win unless whistleblowers come out to expose the frauds. We need to keep praying for earth shattering judgments against the Pharma creeps and killers.

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Have you heard anything about 15 minute cities?

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The 14+ day "unvaccinated" period post injection also needs to be taken into account with any of these government "stats".

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None dare call it genocide.

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Please note my very short article, "Not Recommended." If it has any value to any one regarding communication about the so-called vaccine, please take it.

My Substack, of course, states that it is copyrighted material. I care not a wit about that or noting credit to me. Take it for what you can use it for, if anything.

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I think i found something in the ONS. There was an article about British Africans dieing less that showed Bangladeshi followed by Pakistani Brits were worst effected by recent jabs. https://metatron.substack.com/p/british-africans-are-dying-less-than

What if this could be traced to their country of family origin? Well looking at Bangladesh and Pakistan there appears to be very high levels of 'vaccination' whilst other countries in the selection have dropped back. The who must be conducting mass 'vaccinaion'campaigns there and it is showing up in UK mortality data. That is some seriously significant connection if it is showing up on another continent. Same like how the Africans are lowering UK 'vaccination' rates resulting in lower deaths. The other thing I thought was that Bangladesh seems like the sort of place where the population would be deemed high like if someone was trying to reduce population Bangladesh would be on their radar. The WHO, unicef etc. were already well implanted there ostensibly dealing with floods, earthquakes etc. so they would have infrastructure to be conducting mass 'vaccination'. Having encountered challenges in the west they retreated to their bases in Bangladesh and are mounting an assault there. Cultural impacts, conversations with family in Bangladesh etc. would then effect the UK death rate thru high adoption of 'booster shots'.


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Steve, there is a pressing need to get more people in Congress to join the fight against the Medical Industrial Complex. Just having one Senator, Ron Johnson, on our side is not enough. I would think Senator Rand Paul given his well-known battles with Anthony Fauci is someone that would be interested in joining with Ron Johnson to put pressure on Congress to open up wide ranging investigations into the Covid Shot crimes.

I don't know why he wouldn't. And there has to be a few more that can be enlisted into this Human Struggle for truth and accountability given the stakes for the survival of Humanity.

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