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My twin 9 yo boys have never had a single vax ever. Healthiest kids on the block. Vaccines even the non covid ones are destroying our children’s immune systems. Dumb Americans need to wake up. All the dumb ignorant college educated suburban moms are the worst!!! They are pack animal sheep who only care what their other keeping up with the joneses trendy moms are doing. Between their disgusting selfish views on abortion and vaccines the average American woman is a narcissistic uninformed idiot. To all you strong American men, wake up! Take back your power and raise your kids and protect them from those who wish to do them harm! You cucked suburban dads who let your wives wear the pants are the other problem!

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A good reference book Vaccines & Autoimmunity; by published by Wiley Blackwell, edited by: Yehuda Shoenfeld, Nancy Agmon-Levin, Lucija Tomljenovic ISBN: 978-1-118-66343-1(cloth) 2015.


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"Dr. Naomi Wolf: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Is Responsible for Mass Murder"

"She knew, and she kept saying 'safe and effective.'"


''Dr. Naomi Wolf: The CDC Director was working with the 'Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army'… the whole time''


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"Children 'Suddenly Dying' – ‘It’s Through The Roof’ – Dr. Peter McCullough"

"Before the COVID-19 vaccines, there were four cases for myocarditis per million..."


"Dr. Mercola: ''mRNA Jabs Are Causing RECORD SURGE of Infections'' in Children"


IMO: "These Monsters Are Coming For Our Children'!''

"They are coming for Our Children! #3:34 Min Mark!"

'Pls. 'Bump and Share'!' 'Word Must Get Out! T/You!'

'Tricia Lindsay most powerful speech of this year already!'


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Steve God Bless!

"We Need To Protect The Innocent Children!'

"The VAERS Dashboard is 'court room ready'! This is where they are hiding 'kids deaths' in VAERS:"


"How the FDA and CDC Are Hiding Covid Jab Dangers"!


Mad As Hell!


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My brother recently had his twins jabbed with the Moderna when they went for their 18-month "wellness check" so this hits close to home. I still can't get over the fact that my sister-in-law, who loves her babies so much, carelessly allowed them to get these experimental jabs without doing any research whatsoever. (I tried to warn them about the jabs, but they think it's just crazy talk.)

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Steve, the advertisements of the Lugol's from the JD Ctow Company were fun and expected.

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We need Mr Bigelow's take on the depop. He knows something about the aliens that he has not divulged to humanity, and could speculate on whether they are involved in all of this. Makes one wonder... 👽

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FAQ's are lies! This has got to be depop as foretold by the Georgia Guidestones.

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I'm a worried LA mom here.

I have two kids. Yesterday, an elementary school aged boy was rushed by ambulance to the hospital after having a seizure on the playground - it was not epilepsy.

We are receiving Covid exposure emails weekly and also I received an email last month from the school district to get the 'heart checked at school. My son who's 12 has several classmates in hospital for respiratory issues and rotavirus and many students stayed home due to a severe flu or covid. Thankfully, we just had a runny nose for a day and fatigue! I'm worried for the children and the parents don't even read about the data or anything...they just follow instructions. As a tech developer...I always look at the data.

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Hi Steve,

I'm in LA, and people are sharing the Aaron Carter record from the LA County Examiner's web site. I'm not sure how many Counties share that data, but it's pretty revealing if you go look. I just looked at their autopsy records, and there are still 42 deaths from 2021 with cause of death marked as “DEFERRED” and a whopping 2,009 also marked as “DEFERRED" for 2022.

Are they just really short staffed on coroners or….what?

Why would they delay cause of death?

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“God gave them a spirit of stupor,

eyes that would not see

and ears that would not hear,

down to this very day.”

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But your colleague did not find anything in those vials, so they can't kill anyone... or what is the real story Steve?

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Very good video, thanks for the updates! I'd also like to see local chapters for like minded people to have regular meetings.

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I highlight Steve and Sen. Johnson in my latest piece, a piece of "political analysis" where I celebrate the three main R's of my political team - Ron Johnson, Ron DeSantis and Rand Paul.


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