Hello Steve,

I'm a newcomer to substack. You have gone from being a face I remember from the freedom panel discussion, to a central figure in this battle that everyone turns to for information. I just watched the video and I wanted to point out, when she asked you about the covid death numbers, how about the "Cares" act, paying hospitals to kill your loved ones and call it covid? Here is a large driver of covid fake death numbers.

The other point that jumped at me was about the idea of sending a vial to a lab. I've been sitting on some links and would love for someone to make use of these.

1. https://www.notonthebeeb.co.uk/post/uk-lab-report

2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/UlMrYOYEgJRp/

3. https://vaccinesandmicroscopes.wordpress.com/

4. https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/pfizer-injected-blood-under-the-microscope:6

5. https://sunnylanblog.wordpress.com/2022/02/17/graphene-in-covid-vaccines/

6. https://thereisnopandemic.net/2021/11/13/blood-doctor-zandre-botha-reveals-horrific-findings-after-examining-covid-vials/

7. https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/09/02/american-scientists-confirm-toxic-graphene-oxide-and-more-in-covid-injections/

8. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gy5KboLaO9dS/

9. https://odysee.com/@HumanitysVault:a/Parasites-Found-in-COVID-Vaccines-Lay-Eggs---Hatch-on-Live-TV:a

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As I’ve said before, the VAERS reports cover quite a bit of information and can easily be traced back to the filer. It would be very easy to conduct an investigation to the legitimacy of these reports and settle the issue once and for all.

But the government won’t because they fear the results.

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This is such a fantastic and thorough write up, the great shame is that it will only be read by the “choir” and not enquiring minds with opposing views that would be open to change said views based on evidence, logic and reason…🤷🏽‍♂️


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Mar 12, 2022·edited Mar 12, 2022

Not filling in a VAERS form should also be liable to criminal proceedings (hard to prove though) as it is as bad as over-reporting, in that serious effects cannot be properly estimated. On second thoughts it could be worse, as it stops remedial action from being taken as is currently the case.

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Thank you Steve for all your amazing efforts to expose these evil, and I mean EVIL people!! I live in Chile and it's very similar to what Israel is going through, especially after hearing about their plight on Day 5 of the Covid Grand Jury testimony. We are one of the most injected countries in the world. Also, after listening to Whitney Webb's pieces- she lives in Chile and speaks about our evil people here, we're definitely a test country. And it's been this way for years but the people still believe their government who owns the media, like everywhere else. Incredible to think that a country who had a US-sponsored coup and helped to install the Dictator Augusto Pinochet that they would question their government more. They did that with the October 2019 neoliberal protest but, they fell into the spell of the government with Covid. Mass Formation Psychosis is alive and well in Chile, sadly but many are rising up and out in the streets protesting. Wish us luck. And Steve, keep up the great work you're doing. I do my small part and you're doing yours. Thank you.

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Steve the fact checkers are dumping on miscarriage numbers that I emailed to my daughter-in law. Can you help me to get her to believe facts or am I wrong ?

Reuters Fact Check

July 21, 202110:57 AMUpdated 7 months ago

Fact Check-Data from a study does not conclude that over 80% of pregnancies end in miscarriage after COVID-19 vaccinations; figures taken out of context


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... delete video interview as a "professional courtesy"? Sometimes, ethical/moral courtesy supersedes "professional courtesy". Pass it on....

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Thanks, Steve. Great job of handling their fake fact checkers!

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The FDA has a new chief/shill called Robert Califf. His main priority? Not the opioid crisis. Not pharma corruption. Not even covid. No, it's to fight 'misinformation about science'.

Apparently, millions of misinformed Americans and people around the world are now vaccine-hesitant in a new and frightening way. Might it be time for us to donate a new auditorium, or better still, a new kind of 'university' or 'multiversity'? Read this for yourself:


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What happened to Factcheck.org? Did Politfiact win the 'Great Fact Check' war or something? I stopped reading them a few years ago when I noticed they play a little loose with the facts and play with words to achieve the 'fact' they want to convey. They're fact checking propagandists is all they are - and they're really bad at it. Every time I would read their blurbs I found myself pretending to look into a camera with a Bugs Bunny skeptical eye.

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Steve challenging all these people and organizations to a debate they don't join is like the kid who rides his bike around the neighbourhood looking for a kid to play catch with.

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This article picked me up better than my excellent cup of morning coffee. That debate would be an amazing event. Steve, you are unparalleled at destroying the propaganda.

The AG in Nebraska issued an order barring medical boards from penalizing doctors who treat their patients with Ivermectin, HCQ or other methods. Here's a 1-min video I made on Instagram about it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZAaAyihFvy/

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You said they are not safe and effective. We fact checked you by checking with the FDA, and they said they are safe and effective. Therefore you are spreading misinformation.

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Actually like California's Bill AB-2098 if Section 1 (a-d) is revised to show the real truth, defining "misinformation" as "promulgating the narrative that COVID19 vaccines are both safe and effective". That is scientifically defensible, as we all know.

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Feb 27, 2022·edited Feb 27, 2022

Had to chuckle at how Gabrielle Settles's fact-checking call turned into Steve Kirsch giving her a lesson on how to fact-check...exactly what questions to ask the CDC, etc. I admire Kirsch's patience, courtesy, and efforts to educate Settles. Sad that all he got back was smiley "Thank you so much" and similar integrity-free statements, and (OMG) all those giggles.

Settles doesn't display even the tiniest bit of intellectual curiosity. How can she possibly function as a fact checker? She could learn a lot watching Joe Rogan, or Freddie Sayers, doing interviews... except I don't think she's into learning. She reminds me of many "C students" in high school: going through the motions is what counts, not actually learning, not actually accomplishing anything.

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I challenged her "fact checking" on an RN's video reporting of her experiences with Remdemsivir and patients in the hospital. Not sure how "Gabby" can weigh in on a nurses first hand experience.....given she has no medical experience whatsoever.

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