We need a Purge!

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Could it be the non-nutrient foods, the 80,000 chemicals, rote-learning, the "jabs", etc., which have created a nation of robots? It really makes thinking people wonder about all the lemmings, following the information right over the cliff!

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DEADLY VAX MAKERS must once again accept responsibility for injuries & DEATHS following their Depopulation formula. (Licence to KILL must stop). Not expect gullible Governments to pick up the COMPENSATIION Tab! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and staying that way until Adolf Schwab catches me.

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December 15, 2020:

"This is one of the most highly-effective vaccines we have in our infectious disease arsenal."

July 22, 2022:

"I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines."

Guess who said it?

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This is all you need to know.. THOUGHT OF THE DAY:

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." - Bill Gates

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A friend of mine who works for a very large global corporation wrote this response regarding abiogenesis of oil:


Ok, ok, you triggered me…. Let’s talk some history…

I appreciate those who are seeking the real truth, so I am just sharing this from years of research and hands on information from the oil fields.

It is true that Russia became a major producer overnight. The story goes like this. They set up a team of scientists to go and discover where oil really comes from. Oil wells are often deep wells, (not 100%) and the years of the oil boom in America sort of tainted the science. The wells that were drilled in Oklahoma, California, Texas, etc. were tapping reserves that had accumulated relatively near the surface. These wells could possibly be generalized by lower pressure at the well head and the color which was darker and blackish. Perhaps it was the proximity of the surface or a genuine effort to hide the truth, I do not know, but this is where the story possibly originated that the oil came from decaying dinosaurs.

It doesn’t take a thinking person too long to figure that there were not enough dinosaurs covered up to supply all the oil. Then more recently you see them pivot to the “fossil fuels” narrative, which in my opinion tells you what is really going on. I was standing on an oil rig 100 miles offshore and I was looking at their drilling map. It showed one bore hole that went down at a gentle slope from horizontal, and was 23000 feet deep and 8000 feet below the bottom of the gulf. We were in 1000 feet of water. I asked the guy how does oil get down that deep? He said, “We have scientists come out here almost every week and they do not know.” My conclusion is that is because their primary hypothesis is corrupt!

When the Russian scientists conducted their study, they determined that oil occurs along fault zones and is the product of high temperature and pressure transforming inorganics that reside in the crust. To prove this, they drilled an unorthodox well in a place not expected to produce oil. They tapped a reserve, and it blew the well apart. The pressure was so high it was difficult to cut off and the subsequent surface area became an oil lake. The depth was an order of magnitude deeper than a traditional well, and the oil was abiotic. It was brown in color and the well head pressure was on the order of 50,000 psi. In Prudhoe Bay, a typical well head pressure is 15 psi. They believe that they discovered the real source of oil and overnight became a major producer due to tapping these deep wells.

These deep wells are massive. When I was in the tar sands the open pit mining of the sands can only reach about 8% of the total reserve. At today’s rate, that would take about 280 years to harvest the 8%, leaving the remainder untapped. Again, the scientists there do not know how that oil came into being. Hmmmmm. Wrong hypotheses. Remember, you can’t join the club unless you espouse the current doctrine.

So the big sign was the BP oil spill. They were drilling a deep well far off shore, looking for one of these Russian type wells. They found one and when tapped it blew. The pressure at the bottom of the gulf was 70,000 psi, which is why they could not shut it off. When all that oil came ashore, it was brown and not black, indicating the source. Go look at the videos, and it is clear to see. The big secret is that oil is regenerative and plentiful, just like your article suggests.

Now the war in Ukraine is not really over oil, although I am not denying a connection. The Ukraine was taken over in a coup in 2014, that was spearheaded by Victoria Nuland. Afterwards they turned the Ukraine into quite a hell hole. It was ripe with money, drug, and human trafficking. Zelensky is their puppet and Boris is the handler. They were building bio labs like the one that produced the coof, which were taken out in the first days of the special operation. Ukraine were constantly shelling the ethnic Russians that were living in the provinces and Russia was taking serious heat for not doing anything. When the western hegemony threatened to put nukes along the Russian border, Putin issued his ultimatum. They simply were not going to allow any more intrusion of the filth of the west. They don’t bluff, ever. They told the west what they would do and simply did it, after suffering for 8 years. To understand the conflict, you need to know that Russia destroyed this nation centuries before when their tyranny reached an apex. Then the surviving people vowed to take Ukraine back. With the help of the DS in the west, they have taken steps to arrive at where they are today, keeping with the illegal trade and destruction of human life. All this and much more is available if you want to read about it.

Ok, so my two cents. Have a great day.

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Newest series examining the venom action theory of Dr. Ardis

Episode 1 for BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously is now Live https://braveseries.com/episode-1-live/

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The deaths in Australia are massive. 10,000 excess above historical average (only 25 M in the country) from Jan-May 2022. Recall that some states had closed borders so no lockdowns or covid transmission. They aren't releasing the state data until 2023. https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/excessdeathsau

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Steve, can you provide a link other than Epoch Times? It’s behind a firewall.

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I don't have a doc tor.

I don't want one.

Don't want health care, which scares me to death.

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I've emailed June Raine and the Pharmacovigilance Team at MHRA (and let my MP know), asking for their definition of 'safe and effective'.

I've included reference to your work, Steve; the Daily Beagle / Underdog substack video on Brighteon showing 750 peer-reviewed articles on vaxx harm; Dr Aseem Malholtra's YT video etc.

I assume they must have published their definition of 'safe and effective' somewhere already so hopefully it won't take them long for a reply. If anyone knows where it's already published, please let me know. Cheers!

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Sadly my doctor had to quit his practise, I was his patient since 1994. He got double jabbed and we know the problem there. I loved him as my doctor, he never pushed drugs on me or my husband and I do not believe he would have pushed this sludge on us either. He was also a minister who travelled the world helping people in 3rd world countries.

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I can’t. My doctor quit sometime in 2020. Smart doctor. I would have done the same—just sit it out til the insanity is over. Maybe get a part time job at Home Depot.

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Pro vaccine people are people making money from vaccines or people that haven't bothered to do their own research.

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Have you thought of sending the data to health providers in addition to government. Hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

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