Methyline Blue and 660 nanometer light under tongue kills virus in lood supply in 10 mins. McCullough around the 43 min mark https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=leksVp3OluA

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Just wait until they hear about the all-cause mortality vaccine data. (They will never hear about the all-cause mortality data.) https://mobile.twitter.com/justin_hart/status/1498034859125530625?

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The Green Fields Of Death - Compiled

Video Of Athlete Heart Attacks

(discretion advised)

When do we halt this killer vax program?


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Hi Steve, I've been in tech since before the web existed and think there is a misplaced emphasis on focusing on just a few providers. I liken it to having a 100 restaurants around but somehow everyone only knows of literally 1 restaurant. Or a plantation where there are no walls, keeping people in, no guards, the frontiers are big, huge and wide open, and yet.. because the master has provided all the shelter and food, no one wants to leave.

I recommend this non-comprehensive list by Reclaim the Net:








I will put in one caveat of mine for the above: strike Gettr off the list, due to some mounting evidence of selective censorious behaviour over the recent months. Minds might be the best in terms of all speech (not just political)

What's not included in that list since it's still Beta, but very promising, is Brave search (by the same makers as Brave browser, who was founded by the creator of Javascript, a founder of Netscape).


DDG, while much better than Google, is flawed and has gone down a bit from previous years. They rely primarily on Bing for news and stopped including Bitchute for video results for example. Yandex is actually quite good for some things (not everything), which you can get to via the !ya shortcut in DDG.

among newsletters or mailing list services, let me advocate using mkis.io over the popular mailchimp, since mailchimp is among the bigtech censors. See their statement:


There's also a myriad of user forums and Reddit alternatives that is less censorious than Reddit, but those are too numerous to list. But in terms of anti-fragility and robustness in the face of pressure, IMO the future belongs to decentralized services. Among those above is Odysee (LBRY blockchain) and DTube, and Hive and partially, Minds.

It's one of the reasons why the Brave browser also implements IPFS into the browser to host and share content in a P2P manner.

I'll also mention https://unstoppabledomains.com/ to get around censorious DNS registrar problems

They all for now, trade off ease of use for security however.

I have not seen a LinkedIn alternative i.e. a professional, career focused social networking site, however.

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You've probably seen this in many of your friends, family members or co-workers who took the clot shots. Before the shots, they were normal, healthy, happy people. Then they took the shots and things went downhill. You may have noticed personality changes, increased aggressiveness and a turn toward animalistic / zombie-like behavior.

These are signs that blood clots are starting to form in their brains, cutting off the oxygen to the parts of the brain responsible for processing higher cognitive functions. Essentially, they are devolving into vaccine zombies, and they don't even realize it.

It's important to understand that the more extreme their personality changes, the more blood clots are affecting their brain. Accordingly, the less time they have remaining to live.


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So scary, so true! I am still in shock and disbelief how fast our formerly knowns as "Free West" turned into a world of health totalitarianism and dictatorship, abolishing our right of physical integrity, our choices regarding medical treatment or prevention and our freedom of speech. Apparently this is a global phenomenon with a few exceptions, and amazingly those countries without any vax mandates or high vaccination rates and/or the offer of Ivermectin, the COVID rates are the lowest. Making it clear, that it isnt about our health.

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Is this a sufficient proof that the CCP are now firmly in control of Western Democracies?

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WHERE DID FREEDOM OF SPEECH GO? When will the American People STOP using these SOCIAL MEDIAS that CENSOR THEM, there are alternatives to FACEBOOK, TWETTER and INSTAGRAM!

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Teve, ah you sooo uh rite. I beweeve u ontu sumpting.

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I mean, no one even realises it. You say US is china like in controlling what gets heard and read, they’d call you a crackpot.

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"...all power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no greater heresy than the assertion that the 'office' sanctifies the holder of it." -- Lord Acton

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Thanks! I had the CHD article, but will look at the video. Surprised YouTube hasn't censored it.

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2022 Pledge please: I promise to NEVER vote for a democrat in ANY election, ever! At any level!!

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I don't see "Search results filtered and controlled", it could be within aggressive promotion/censorship but search manipulation is worth its own call-out

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Great visual.

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