I updated the online article significantly from the version mailed out. worth a re-scan.

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Steve, do you see any evidence that a mother who was vaccinated about a year ago would be a risk to breastfeeding a baby now? My wife is 38 weeks pregnant.

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Once a woman has been vaccinated, can she EVER breastfeed in the future?

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Oct 13, 2022·edited Oct 13, 2022

Stop scaremongering people with VAERS data! When looking into the VAERS data you should be careful not to commit at least the following two big errors:

- Correlation implies causation

- Confirmation bias aka cherry picking VAERS reports to scare people from taking the vaccines

"On its own, VAERS cannot be used to conclude anything". From https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-critical-thinking-health/dont-fall-vaers-scare-tactic

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Robyn: Think about this! How much money and resources would it save, if people ate the foods which were designed for human consumption? You are right! The wrong foods affect the brain negatively. The wrong foods impact the emotions, too; leading to depression and neurological problems. Being healthy makes one feel good, but there is more to it When I was four my grandmother told me that God loved me...and it made me feel good to know that I was loved. My parents never were loving...and it felt good as a child to know I was loved. In the 30s people did not show affection. I was never told that I was loved.. As a mother I was very affectionate with my children; holding them and hugging them. I believe that love is nourishment...and people need to feel loved. I know that I am never alone and the Creator loves me. Most people go through life without experiencing a sense of being loved. If they knew that our Creator knew their thoughts and their needs; and they knew they were not alone; perhaps this would change the world. I learned that every time I thought about something that I needed... it materialized. i realized that my mind was open to our Creator. It would change most people greatly, if they were open-minded and realized they are heard. They just don't know it!

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PM trudy (canada) tells us we should ALL keep taking his boosters and that the shots have saved BILLIONS of lives. Perhaps the narcissistic psychopath thinks he is some kind of hero for saving Canadians. The FACTS tell a different story.

When the 1st VAX's came out the (non)pandemic had mutated to OMICRON - a bug described by the WHO as a COLD with the most typical symptom being a runny nose for a couple of days. ZERO case mortality rates. ZERO evidence of "long-covid" symptoms ... you know. Like getting DEAD.

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Thank you Steve. Please look into Dr Fauci, Francis Collins, Biden, Trump, and pope Francis connection. The connection may be too controversial for some to consider.

Here is a 2 minute video that give you a glimpse into that connection.


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Thank you, Steve, for appreciating one of my previous articles, but please, also accept my apologies.

You have provided a link to one of my articles that contains barely-accessible information about traditional "vaccines."

This article was published on June 4, 2022, when I was quite new on Substack, and it was written in a sloppy, journalistic manner. Today, I upgraded it, hoping it will be more useful for our readers:


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Steve - are you aware of this BMJ article:


"Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us"

"None of the trials currently under way are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus."

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Reading this:


I'm not sure how Pfizer could state this considering the last 8 pages:


Review of the available data for this cumulative PM experience, confirms a favorable

benefit: risk balance for BNT162b2."

I asked the UK's MHRA if Pfizer had sent them a copy of this document and they said "we've never seen it before" so I asked if they would get it - they never answered.

Ditto for this one:


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Someone must surely take the CDC on for lieing in court and sue them for big money ,its not their first time.

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Do not breast feed

Do not donate blood

Do not shed on others

Remember: you can still be infected and infect others with Covid

Get your booster!

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This is from Jan 2021 by the WHO on the jabs:


Read section 3.4 risk management plan and see what it says.

And this is the document used by the WHO to "approve" this covid jab.

Some quotes:

"These populations were not included in the clinical trial program

"missing information:

− Use in pregnancy and while breast feeding;

− Use in immunocompromised patients;

− Use in frail patients with co-morbidities (e.g. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, chronic neurological disease, cardiovascular disorders);

− Use in patients with autoimmune or inflammatory disorders Interaction with other vaccines;

− Interaction with other vaccines;

− Long term safety data. "

"results from the DART study in Wistar Han rats should be submitted as soon as they are available (expected to be complete on Q1 2021). "

"The clinical information is not complete because the clinical trial is still ongoing. "

"Reactions may be more severe after the second dose. "

"Limited safety data and follow-up to date"


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This needs to be told to every man , woman and child in earth. This is a heinous shot, further more the fact it damage's children and babies how it does is more evidence that these shots need to be pulled immediately. Talk about signing your babies death warrant and un - informed consent for that child who is now full of the spike protein and will likely suffer terribly through out its life. Well done you evil money grabbing globalist. You're very good at attacking the weak and un protected.

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"The CDC is totally irresponsible in their advice."

I'll say it, " CRIMINAL"... ;)

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"The data says you should never breastfeed your baby after you've been vaccinated"

Nope... "The data says you should NEVER get haccinated".

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