I believe this to be 100% true 👍 great work Steve Kirsch 👏

I have 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren. My children were vaccinated with everything required in Australia and they all have chronic conditions such as asthma. Eczema, dermatitis, severe allergies, ADHD, Autism and gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance. My youngest son got Autism after a Hep B I think?

I was vaccinated as a child but not that many and have auto immune diseases as well and had to be re vaccinated with everything and extras to come to Australia which in hindsight was not such a good idea. Anyway I have been vaccinated with more injections here and my health is not great but slowly working on getting off pharmaceutical prescriptions and managing diet etc. It has been a tough journey 😅

Love your research papers and I share them to my channels and groups! Unfortunately I can't afford to pay for subscription because I have been forced to live in poverty since my severe spinal injuries suffered at work! They don't give injured workers help so you have to struggle on social services payments which are below poverty levels. Anyway I am luckier than some people but certainly hasn't been much fun! I was a single parent after my husband died so still trying to keep going and paying for bills is getting harder! I just want all the corruption to end! So over it all!

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Thank you for publishing this Steve. Joined substack just to find data on this topic as I just found out I’m pregnant and it is extremely hard to find data on this.

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Wondering if there are lists of pedestrians that are vaccine friendly? IOW...minimally, they let you decide with shaming.

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Thank you Steve for writing this. Makes me terribly sad that I did let them give the shots to my kids.

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Thank you for your work Steve. This is the most important issue where we the people can actually make change happen. Our children are the future. We must protect them at all costs.

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I have a daughter who is now 16 years old who has never had an injection of any kind. The pressure from day 1 (infant Hep jab) was immense and choosing to keep her un-vaccinated was the most challenging decision of my life. We were harassed constantly for years, made to believe she was going to fall ill and die from a preventable disease and it was going to be our fault. Today she is the HEALTHIEST child I know. She's brilliantly intelligent, has zero allergies of any kind and almost never gets sick. She is the picture of health.

When she was about 2, I asked her pediatrician what she would do if she had a baby today and her answer was SHOCKING. She told me that she'd consider giving a vax for meningitis only and nothing else, that the risk wasn't worth the benefit. She then told me that if childhood vaccination rates at her practice dropped below a certain percentage, she would no longer be allowed to buy the drugs and she'd effectively be put out of business.

Since unvaccinated children are generally very healthy I don't think pediatricians would have much to do if they didn't have a line of parents eager to inject these products into their children.

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Medical will reject your phony study because it has no adequate controls. Plus you don't know crap about research.

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It's very interesting that several studies about vaccinated and unvaccinated children show in one direction. But to make causal attributions, we need prospective long-term studies in which all the possible confounding variables must be taken into consideration, for example age of the parents when the child is born; weight, nutrition, illnesses and medications of the mother during pregnancy; vaccinations the mother has had before or while pregnancy; family illnesses; sex and nutrition of the child and many more. There must be excluded that one (or more) of this confounding variables can explain the differences. Their influence of the outcome has to be eliminated, then you have a clear sight of the influence of the vaccinations. Only then you can correctly say: vaccinations causes autism, autoimmune illnesses and more. Or you can not 🤷🏻‍♀️. The problem is that prospective studies are very lavish and expensive, and therefore rarely done. But it's very important that they are done, and studies like yours, Dr. Thomas, and others have to be done and published so that it gets more and more urgent to get these prospective studies. Maybe big crowdfunding campaigns could help, if the States and their Universities can't or want not to do this. For little studies this is sometimes done in Germany, where I live.

For me, it causes uneasiness that often only the deaths after having had measles and other childhood diseases are listened. I know older persons which weren't vaccinated against measels who got brain inflammations during their measles infection and were severly mentally disabled afterwards. These and other severe complications should also be listed.

In my private sphere, there are three families with altogether 10 kids who weren't vaccinated at all. All are adults now. My best friend and her husband (both fully vaccinated) have a very good immune system, they almost never get ill. So they didn't vaccinate their four kids. They also almost never get ill. Because of never been vaccinated, or because of their fantastic genes?

My cousin and her former husband are anthroposophists. In this spheres children are not vaccinated, there often occur measles. The kids of my cousin only ate real organic food and playd much time outside. They got almost all childhood diseases. When they had the measles, the at that time 3-year old boy had a severe course of the disease. He had a very high fever for a long time and got a meningitis, his life was threatend. I was at a longer visit in this family to care for the other three children, I was very concerned and saw my cousin in desperation. Thank God, the little boy survived and developed well in the following years. My cousin said after this experience that she now would vaccinate her children against measles if she would have to decide it again. At another time, all four kids got mumps. Three kids did well after that, but the at that time 4-year old girl got a meningitis. Before that she was an alert girl who always was laughing and singing. After that she was very silent, did'nt show any interests, her gaze looked as empty as I know it from some of my former patients who suffer from a mental disability, for example after having suffered a severe lack of oxygen during birth. Later she got problems in school. While all three brothers now are studying after finishing highschool, she only acchieved a low high school diploma after 9 years of school. My brother and his wife (who both are neurologists and psychiatrists) saw an MRI of her had and were shocked, because they never before had seen so much cerebrospinal fluid in an MRI of the head. But the girl fighted, after school she absolved a vocational college for 2 years with a main emphasis of child care, and after that she could do an apprenticeship for an educater for children with mental disabilities. So her brain developed quite well in the last years, but her gaze still looks empty and she is much more passive then her brothers.

In the third family the two boys, at that time 5 and 3 years old, got the measles and very severe pneumonias. They both were at the same time for over two weeks in the hospital and fighted for their lifes. They at least won the battle, but the mother was traumatised after that. She got a third child afterwards, and this child got the shot against measles.

Of course this "data" are far from beeing representative, but 4 children out of 10 with severe courses of measles and mumps seemes to be a lot for me.

What would we have to expect if children no longer are vaccinated and childhood diseases will much more often occur?

In my family there are two men with Asperger Syndrome who never were diagnosed by a doctor until today (but from me 😉, I am a psychotherapist and do diagnostics and treatments of autism in my practise). My cousin was born 1965 (like me). My mother, a former pediatric nurse, saw him at his second day and was very concerned of his extremly strong muscle tonus, rolling eyes and schrill voice. She was sure that this child has a mental disease. My cousin had not got shots until this day. I saw him often as a child, he showed a typical autistic behavior. The second one is the son of a cousin of my mother. Both are very intelligent and got good professions. The cousin of my best friend was born in 1973 and also has an autistic disorder, which was diagnosed very late. In my sphere, autism happend in my childhood around me, but wasn't diagnosed.

Also ADHD and ADD in both of my families, very often. The kids and now young adults were tested early. In my generation no one was tested. I got my diagnosis of ADD at the age of 52 years in a computer based test ("gold standard") because I wanted to know this. With Bupropion (an amphetamin derivate) my life has become so much easier, a big relief for me. My uncle (95), my mother (90) and my father (90) also have it. And some of my cousin. So our big family gatherings are always very funny 😄. So it seems for me that autism and adhs/add occured before, not only now. But nearly nobody knew about it, so it wasn't diagnosed. And I'm sure that the huge amount of autoimmune disordes are very often lifestyle-made, for example because of a wrong nutrition. (A very interesting book to this issue: "Regeneration"... from Sayer Ji.)

I have two autoimmune disorders, my brothers have none. Why? We all are fully vaccinated.

So I think: Unfortunatly, "the truth" seems to be very complicated! I have a lot of questions, but not much answers belongig to very good constructed prospective studies independent from big pharma. Further research requires...

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Paul I'm not saying your assessment is false, but your selection criteria can be highly biased. You are NOT randomly sampling people. You are NOT validating health outcomes or vaccination status, etc...with true clinical data. Instead you are introducing self selection into the study by actively recruiting surveyors (that as far as I can tell) understood the intent of the study prior to completing the questionnaire and you're just taking people's word for the exposures (vaccination) as well as the outcomes (various conditions). You must understand there can be severe bias from this kind for selection. Those people who have been vaccinated and had negative outcomes are going to be MUCH more likely to take the survey and report their outcomes than those without adverse reactions. Similarly, those not vaccinated who believe they have no conditions are also much more likely to complete the survey. I believe this kind of study SHOULD absolutely be done, but you need to ensure that you do so with the utmost attention to having little, to no, biases in your study design. I don't see that here, unfortunately. Yes, I'm an epidemiologist. Yes, I'm an "anti-vaxxer" as it comes to COVID, and now probably any shots. But your science needs to be sound. Not like the COVIDIOTS "science"...

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It's likely no one is trying to prove you wrong bc they don't need to. Parents keep vaxxing their babies. Over 80 percent of infants are vaxed every year. If you (we're) successful in proving "them" wrong, that number should decline and we'll start seeing healthier babies.

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If I read one more article regurgitating data and despair I’m going to snap. We know big Pharma and governments everywhere lied to us, to enrich themselves and reduce the population. We have enough evidence already to convict these criminals of fraud and premeditated genocide. They openly admit they’re evil and taunt us with their untouchable immunity.

I’m tired of the public and the media ignoring reality. Our house is on fire but they are too busy watching the game on tv. Rather than dealing with the problem, they simply open a window and let out some smoke. There is a global dictatorship bearing down on us but we’re too busy on our cell phones to pay attention or even care.

Once the permanent crisis is completed, once food and energy supply chains have been destroyed, once small business has been decimated and unemployment is rampant, once digital biometric IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies become mandatory… it will be too late to defend ourselves. The fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, and hybrid humanoid robots will permanently enslave us while we wait for the eugenicists to finish us off.

We need to organize our citizen resources NOW into one immense global resistance force. All of the separate freedom organizations competing for donations and their own little piece of the social justice turf must join forces, combine finances and coordinate an effective legal challenge. There is no room for competition in this war. The newly created freedom industry that feeds on public donations to sustain fear and despair must militarize a common resistance to defeat the public/private corporate super government that is driving the stakes of “stakeholder capitalism” into the heart of true freedom and democracy.

Please do your part and organize locally to push this agenda forward. https://localresistance.org

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Steve, do you have your articles in a Printable or Book Like form? Something I can gift to a new mother? My new baby shower gift is “Turtles All the Way Down” and anything I can find on “more vaccines, more chronic illness and possible Autism”. If not I will just print them and bind them in a binder. Thank you!

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It's not just a childhood thing. Covid shots can kill and injure everyone. Those that say that only" peer reviewed studies matter" means nothing as the peer review process is corrupt. The media attacks "anecdotal evidence" But I trust what I have seen and observed. I have personally seen 30 people damaged from covid shots. My Mom developed severe dementia within 2 weeks of the booster. My Dad died yesterday 2 days after his 5th covid shot. The TV and media will say "it's just a coincidence"?

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Hi. I just started a new blog called GenocideBlog.com. In the following months I’ll be sharing 20,000+ cases of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” that have occurred in fully vaccinated individuals. Please save and share the link. This is 24 months of daily research. God bless.

My research can also be found on Telegram @ CovidBC.me

My video collection is on Rumble @ VaxGenocide.com

I’m on a mission to expose the truth.

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Excellent article, exposing the dangers of all vaccinations, also for adults.

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My Dad died in the ICU yesterday of a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia. His nursing home had given him 5 covid shots. They also mixed pfizer and moderna shots. His death was not unexpected.

After his covid boster he had a stroke and unable to walk or control his bowels or bladder. He told me he did not wish to go on living in such a state.

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