And yet health departments are still recommending the shots even for preschoolers!! 😡 What can we do to stop this?


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Nothing to see here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-65473045

"Cardiff: Baby death prompts heart infection cluster probe" 3/05/23

Amazing the BBC are now publishing such news here in the UK!

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Love your humour, brains and heart!

Stay strong and keep pounding with that compassion ♥️

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Oh, thanks much Joy!

I second your emotion.


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Right you are! However, it's been quite some time since its inception, and its directors have perfected the trade quite marvelously. They've managed to bribe, indoctrinate, and intimidate so as to forge a strong foot-hold for its financial health. The public at large be damned! Besides, the sicker they are, the better for the "industry!" (Just this side of death) The condition that pervades societies around the world; mainly in the cities, is the result of the turning away from God's intention for mankind's well-being. We are supposed to be farmers with a bit of distance from each other, not packed like sardines in a can, or tightly schooled, as they do out of selfish fear and exploited at the intended convenience of vicious predators. True "health" is achieved by the implementing and balancing of fresh air, exercise, water, rest, nutrition, sunshine, and faith in the Creator. How did we ever come so far as to lean on chemicals derived from coal-tar for health? Little by little, I suppose, we've been influenced by our lazy nature, and our gullibility exploited by medical propaganda. Now, the "Piper's" debt is wreaking havoc, and all we can say is "It's not right!" and "How can we fix this?"...."Who shall we hold accountable?" (avoiding to look at our own responsibilities.) What most of us do not see, is that we are but pawns on Satan's chess-board, unmatched in every respect to contend with such a crafty, evil, and powerful being. Our only hope to ever be successful and find ourselves "saved" some glorious day in the future, is to look to the only Source of eternal life which can be found only in Christ Jesus. He has defeated Satan, and we can hide ourselves in Him, by acknowledging this wonderful fact, and obeying His Commandments. It's a simple faith. Not complicated as many are, but nevertheless not a cake-walk.


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You cannot have a vaccine safety signal when you have NO vaccine. ModRNA substances are not vaccines in any sense of what we have come to believe vaccines might be. We have a substance that due to the EUA never needed any FDA or CDC approval because it is a pure intended death machine.

It is an RNA/DNA scrambling toxic poison of which cannot be tested for any safety or efficacy since there are no pre-standards for altering a subjects genes. How would you ever know if this substance is up to snuff if it's intended purpose is destruction of humanity? The idea that these substances could ever be safe is not a consideration since their purpose negates any possibility of them ever being a safe product.

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There are times when you meet a person, or you’re in a situation, and you just ‘feel’ that something is ‘off’.

Maybe this goes back to our history of fight or flight instinct, but many people still possess this trait.

The proof of the deaths from the shots seem obscure. People past a certain age, but healthy, dying from or becoming ill from this or that gets little to no attention what so ever. Even relatively young people getting various illnesses gets very little notice, as most people justify it with, “Well, sure, these things happen.”

If the vaxx doesn’t Tiffany Dover a person within a couple of seconds or minutes, and any reaction takes several hours or even months to manifest, there will always be justification that the illness is naturally occurring.

But as above, there is just a feeling that there is more going on than meets the eye. Will we ever have proof?

What really happened to JFK?

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CDC graphic: Covid-19 vaccines How do we know they are safe?

We don't know they are safe. We know the CDC keeps claiming they are safe. Yet they hide data which they have, from autopsies of C-19 vaxxed who have died. The only reason to hide the data is that it is problematic for their claim that the C-19 shot is safe.

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RFK jr does excellent work exposing just how dangerous all vaccines are, his statements are always well referenced.

His vaccine safety project is worth listening to, no sane person could object to the sensible safety testing RFK wants to see introduced for vaccines.


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A masssive NHS study following millions of patients over several years found flu vaccine offered zero benefit regarding reducing death or hospitalisation from flu.

As you point out the flu vaccine is very dangerous, but to top it off it is absolutely useless against flu.


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To entertain the virus theory, is to give computers the power to convince anyone of anything. Your encouraging vaccine practices that do nothing more than threaten a human with a puncture wound, and injected synthetic crap.

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Steve, they know the jab is not safe ($$$$$$$$). Need I say more.

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Thank you for the information.

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May 8·edited May 9

Steve, the H-index is just another way for “not so scholarly” researchers to claim their place in academia. It’s pure rubbish. Does no one question the fact that the index was developed by an academic for academics? No conflict of interest there. The index does not address things like pedigree or who was your mentor or the difference between a book, an article, a paper or a presentation. It’s all the same! A citation is a citation and more is better. Hog wash! This kind of thinking leads to the current situation. What we have now is a myriad of publication mills churning out rubbish every day. This encourages the theft of ideas, and widespread back stabbing to name just a few. Many of you know as I do what that stabbing feels like, and the theft of ideas.

Back in Einstein’s day the scientists endeavored to understand the nature of the universe. They were not in it for individual ego thumping they were trying to explain phenomenon such as Young’s double slit experiment. By comparison, what we have today is a putrid mass of childish competing egos. It’s repulsive what science has devolved to. There are no “standards” for published works. No real honest challenges like there used to be. Just look at the epic abuse of statistics. Literally, no one ever has a random sample, yet these supposed experts then proceed to violate all the theoretical tenets of statistics. Virtually none of the present day research is valid yet no one steps in to declare “enough already”! Enough of the junk science!

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Cults never reconsider. The existencial treath they experienced has removed their hummanity. Humans are ment to organize locally, not globally. That’s the core problem. Throw stones in the machinery until the humans in mass formation wakes up.

Past 3 years has been a nightmare.

One of the most powerful tactics against totalitarianism, one that worked to stop regimes from taking over and that broke existing regimes from within, is the simple strategy of "throwing sand in the gears," as it's said.



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Steve, what is acceptable depends on a risk/benefit analysis. What is acceptable for a virus which had already killed over 1000 per million before the vaccine rollout cannot be compared to what is acceptable for a non-lethal virus. An arbitrary standard of one death per million doses does not make sense.

Also, I would like to point out that many of these pre-vaccination excess deaths were for the same causes that have been reported following vaccinations. For example, the rate of heart diseases (ICD-10 I20-I25) rose from 361K in 2019 to 383K in 2020. Similar rises are seen in hypertensive diseases (I10-I15) and cerebrovascular diseases (I60-69). These rise must be attributed to Covid infections and cannot be attributed to vaccinations.

The implications of these deaths should not be ignored: you cannot assume that a vaccinated person who dies from one of these Covid-related causes would not have died except for the vaccine. You must also look at the excess deaths among the unvaccinated. Then, you can estimate how many vaccinated people would've died from these causes even had they chosen not to get vaccinated.

In short, without vaccination, most of us would still have been exposed to the toxic spike protein and those of us who were susceptible to these diseases would still have been impacted.

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