Deadline to request an opportunity to speak to the Vaccine Advisory Committee is 3pm Pacific Tuesday, June 21, 2022.


Send an email. Request an opportunity to speak. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

Call me directly at 310-619-3055 if you have any questions.

James Roguski


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I’m nearly 83 not had the vac no intention of having it people are to slow to do the research the younger people need to stand and unite against this poison stand up and fight against the elite. 🇬🇧

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You are right about mistrust of these corrupt systems trying to capture humanity. Thank You Steve and all your hard working staff on giving a voice to these hard working caring professional women that showed up to do their job and thought they were doing the right thing.

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Steve - superb. Your genius coupled with your energy is astounding. God bless your reach to stop the damage of this injection with data. I wish the data was not so painful for those that are harmed.

One suggestion is from what I hear over and over that I find exists.

Unless I missed it in your article.

I would add the vaccine is an “experimental mRNA injection” and the clinical trials study data is not completed; the study data is due to be completed for Pfizer as a stated clinical trials website


I find people just in the last three weeks still do not understand / or were never informed it has been experimental from the beginning of the rollout.

Here is the link to the listen zoom call of the 5th circuit court appeal of the lawsuit of plaintiffs no mandate for vaccination against Houston Methodist Hospital I heard the judge say the vaccination is approved.


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The statistics are just mind-blowing Steve. We are literally in for the fight of our life. The good news is that 66% of Americans now think the Vaccines maybe dangerous.

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When the CDC says "Severe reactions to the COVID vaccines are rare" they define "rare" as being less than 50%. The underlying purpose of the vaccines is 100% death!

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where are the firing squads? are there no good people to enforce the law?

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Unfortunately most are too lazy to think critically about this issue. They just want someone else eg. their doctor, govt, health officials to make decisions for them. This is symptomatic of a larger, deeper problem that has been going on for decades. When the vaccines first emerged a group of brave people like Dr Pam Popper, Dr Geert van den Bosche and Dr McCullough shared their concerns. Some of us listened.

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Yep.. "Rare" should only be used to describe an artfully cooked steak, not quantifiable medical numbers...

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Yes, my trust in these institutions have gone totally. . so appalled by the whole system. What's so lamenting, is that, it is the same in many First World nations. . . which means we're definitely no longer First World in a Good sense of the word.

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The only thing that matters to the people in charge is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They do not care in the least about human life.

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Jun 21, 2022·edited Jun 21, 2022

Here is an example of admissible evidence which could lead to criminal indictment of the heads of government agencies who we know are responsible for deaths and injury, PROVIDE, HOWEVER, deliver to responsible individuals is, without reasonable doubt, documented, such as by registered mail on a thumb drive. Even if they deny looking at the thumb drive, any reasonable person would have, and that is sufficient for jury to find intentional blind eye to injury and death.

Warning: Graphic Reality Clip link here - https://www.bitchute.com/video/Gd2XjpPQr4CU/

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About as rare and sunshine in the Sahara or water in the Amazon.

Change the definitions.

Sunshine = Death Rays

Water = Dihydrogen Nonoxide

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Oh Lord! Those tests are fraudulent. Was the baby sick or the baby just tested positive? So many prayers for that little baby and his parents.🙏🏼🙏🏼 And for you

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