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there are missing links as noted here: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/the-cdc-isnt-finding-any-vax-deaths/comment/8468270

it's coming. I wanted to get this out and I'll update the article later today.

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Aug 21, 2022·edited Aug 21, 2022

This is the same pattern for all vaccines, particularly childhoods vaccines. They do not want to know if they are dangerous and they call studies that would explore this possibility “immoral”. RFK jr speaks about how vaccines were classified as “biologics” as a national defense strategy in order to avoid having time consuming studies and restrictive regulations so that vaccines could be rushed to the public in emergency situations. I’m sure there’s some sort of brainwashing of CDC employees to keep them thinking they are saving humanity so corners need to be cut, or some such nonsense.

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This article via msn shows they are ramping up climate change as the cause of SADS heart problems. What do we do about this insanity and fraud?


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Aug 20, 2022·edited Aug 20, 2022

When the CDC deletes/"retracts" information that was ACTUALLY "malinformation" [information that resulted in undeniable harm is how I parse it] -- it should NOT just disappear off the webpage! It should be crossed out using a graphic device with an editor's note accompanied by a date and the reason for the change. This should be regular practice for any technical change on such important documents. In essence the way they are making their lies disappear is DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE of numerous crimes: intent to defraud; to defraud; to mislead people to their deaths ON A MASS SCALE, to force people to accept dangerous experimental substances; to deny people of the TRUE facts needed to develop a valid 'informed consent' decision.

The CDC webpages are documents of importance. They have been used by the CDC to make sure citizens were duped as to the efficacy and safety of these experimental, dangerous drugs.

These creeps at the CDC are gaslighting us again! By completely disappearing their lies, they can claim they NEVER misled us. If it weren't for the tenuous existence of saves by researchers and truth-seekers like Mr. Kirsch, Rochelle Walensky could get away with this ruse. It is an evil stratagem of a criminal mind to erase one's crime, don't ya think?

Yes, the propaganda coming out of the CDC et al IS malinformation. Because Walensky et al placed it there on their webpages to CONVINCE citizens that the covid injectables and protocols like Remdesivir were safe. They did this PURPOSELY to fool citizens into believing that reading the content on the CDC webpage was a way in which to become adequately informed to make a decision to give informed consent to receive an experimental drug, to believe required hospital protocols were not harmful. The CDC officials' behavior CAUSED deaths and misled and defrauded us. They did this right from the start all the way to pushing the injectables -- even the extremely high Moderna dosage -- on babies!

It is time to prosecute these eugenicist depopulators. They are predators and thieves in our midst who must be stopped before they kill again in the next pandemics that The Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci Gang are planning.

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Hey Steve,

Do you know if this hypothesis has been tested?

1. The vax contains or produces mRNA that codes for spike proteins

2. The PCR test checks for the existence of parts of the Coronavirus (mRNA that produces these spikes)

3. All ppl vaxxed who died in the hospital within 14 days after taking the vax are registered as unvaccinated (or less vaxxt) deaths

4. All ppl with a positive test are registered as COVID death

What if the PCR always turns positive a few days after vaccination?

If this is true, than it’s cunning that most papers looking for excess mortality vaccine relations are looking only at non-COVID death, ‘since we know that the vaccine is effective in preventing death from COVID’, citing from studies where 0-14 vaxxed count as unvaxxed.

See for instance this report from the Dutch CBS: https://www.cbs.nl/nl-nl/longread/rapportages/2022/sterfte-en-oversterfte-in-2020-en-2021/6-risico-op-overlijden-kort-na-vaccinatie

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Give them a break they only have about 30,000 employees. It has to be hard to keep up

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They could have started by looking at this 2013 trial of over 200,000 people testing mRNA based medication - less than 5 are alive today.


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Hey Steve! Your article on Santa Clara co public health admitting she used discredited study to support her mask mandate is not posted on Substack. I thought Substack didn’t censor??!!

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I really wonder if this explains why nearly every business is "understaffed". Just did a podcast on this hypothesis: are businesses unable to find enough people to work because millions of people have been injured or died? Everyone claims they went somewhere else, but no one is able to find this "mystical employer" so I'm curious if anyone had thoughts on this? Thanks! :)

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Remember kids. Smoking is safe and effective, if measuring side effects only a year out from picking up the habit.

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For everyone reading these comments: Go through your phone contacts and reach out to people you haven't talked to in years. Just check in with them to see how they're doing. We have to show and practice empathy, compassion, and understanding for those who were tricked, killed, and or/injured from the vaccines. But we must also rebuild and nurture communication with our families and friend groups. It is up to us to be positive, and upbeat, and logical, in the face of all this. This is a time for heros. This is our time.

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My boss is 39, got myocarditis after the vaccine. It’s been almost a year. They say it’s unrelated, but myocarditis happened right after vaccination. Sometimes he has to stop and grab his chest because of the pain, still. I know he’s going to die, and it will be months if not years after the vaccine, and they’ll never connect the two.

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We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the death of a coworker, a 26 year old maintenance repairman, who died less than 2 days after his 1st Moderna shot. I've listed him in every survey you pubished when it was applicable. He's in VAERS with a lot of detail on his medical tests/results. He died of myocarditis induced heart attack. He tested positive for COVID in the hospital, so I assume he is listed as a COVID death as well.

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The thread below about how trial lawyers are not yet a significant force/voice regarding the Covid topics is very important … or interesting (at least in my view).

I mean, if there was ONE profession one would think would be fully engaged in exposing the truth about all the Covid crimes and frauds it would be the plaintiff’s trial lawyer bar, right? Talk about a target-rich environment. Talk about tens of millions of potential clients. Talk about suing companies and organizations with “deep pockets.” Talk about doing God’s Work and justifying your life’s work (seeking justice for people who have been harmed and have no power to fight back).

Blah, Blah, Blah. The trial lawyers (with a few exceptions) have clearly taken a pass. Their membership also got the (unwritten) memo and knows what and who they are NOT supposed to investigate (and expose).

I compare the group-think in this profession to the group-think in the journalism profession. With journalists, one would think just about everyone who went into this profession did it to break real and important stories, stories that could help people and our world, and expose bad actors who need to be held accountable. Journalism - like the legal profession - can be a very noble and vitally-important calling. Who else is going to expose the bad guys and protect the little guys who are always getting screwed?

And journalists, one would think, are like the rest of us - if they can break some story that brings them fame, fortune and stature, all the better. Doesn’t every investigative journalist want to break a big scoop that would put them in the history books like Woodward and Bernstein?The same with trial lawyers. Doesn’t every lawyer want to be the person who exposes and brings justice to some crooked company that thinks it can literally get away with murder?

Cops and prosecutors … Doesn’t every cop want to break some big crime ring and be the person who brought down some dangerous and untouchable villain?

Well, apparently not. As it turns out, there is no mainstream journalist, very few trial lawyers and no law enforcement officials who (so far) want to be this person. What does THIS tell us about our society and these professions? I don’t even want to think about what this is telling us … but I guess I am thinking about this. I’m certainly posting a lot about it. I don’t know why though. I keep thinking my posts might shame some journalist or trial lawyer into doing his or her most important job …. But I’ve been making posts like this for 28 months now. They are not taking … at least with the people who could change things.

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If the legacy press did belatedly do its job and expose all the crimes and frauds, they would of course be indicting themselves. By now there’s only been a couple million stories where “journalists” signed off and vouched for the veracity of the liars and criminals. If they belatedly did their job, they’d be exposing what brazen liars they are as well, that they were really the key component of a conspiracy to conceal the truth.

When the plotters in the Deep State, those pulling the strings behind the curtain, easily recruited so many influential and trust-worthy “stakeholders” into advancing their faux narratives, they really won “the game” right there. All the medical groups signed on immediately (and the plotters’ research proved that doctors were the most trust-worthy profession in the world). The only group that could potentially harpoon the narrative was the “watchdog” press and they also enthusiastically signed onto the program.

The one cog the Establishment hasn’t captured is the alternative media, perhaps now best represented by the Substack community. But censorship and algorithms keeps these little truth hand grenades from having much of an effect on the official or authorized narratives.

I still think if the Substack community keeps chiseling away at the lies, this group - this threat - will become an even bigger target. The "bad guys" are so brazen and the stakes/risk are so high for them, they can’t let this little band of patriots grow too large. So I think the censorship and cancellation efforts are probably going to only accelerate. David ain’t backing down. I wonder which side will prevail in the end? The idealistic Bill says the Good Guys. The cynical Bill says Big Brother still holds almost all the key cards.

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