Does anyone here believe that if a criminal jury trial found a pediatrician guilty of injecting minors (children) while knowing the risks to the child (1 in 20 per CHD) of ending up losing his consciousness (autism) for the rest of his lifespan, that other pediatricians would continue doing the same thing?

Does anyone here believe that Walenski et al will stop C19 death shots without being personnally held criminally responsible upon conviction in open court by a twelve person criminal jury And receiving an appropriate prison term?

When we finally "get it" and focus all of our efforts on these criminals to put them behind bars, as Every county in the U.S. can do without asking for permission from anyone, the madness will be stopped dead in its tracks, but not until.

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Canada's best soccer has myocarditis and wasn't scheduled to play at the World Cup. They said it was caused by C19 not the shot. He is playing today. I hope this great young person is okay. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article/alphonso-davies-returns-to-bayern-munich-lineup-for-first-time-in-5-months/

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I'm a fan of all you do. CHD, Highwire, Dr. David Martin & you are the gold standard. Right now, the move is to pair 3/4000+ patents together to prosecute. Nobody has been arrested, just civil suits which is opposite of the OJ Simpson Case. No amnesty:

i] Wo2015143335A1 = Baric@UNC Spike*

ii] 11107588b2 = cryptic policy patent

iii] Wo2020060606A1 = cryptic motive $msft

Ralph Baric has been inducing heart failure for over 30 years.

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A seat of the pants observational epidemiological study:

In my office Medical Assistant #1 in her 20’s developed tachycardia 150/min and chest pain the night of inoculation subsequently resolved. MA #2 in her 20’s developed a tachyarrhythmia within the week after inoculation along with severe thrombocytopenia subsequently resolved. A nurse in her late 50’s developed tachycardia that resolved and a refractory hypertension that has persisted.

In my family my 27yo son, inoculated because he was fearful of losing his job at BAE developed chest pain, a tachyarrhythmia and labial hypertension later MRI documented myocarditis.

In April of 2021 my cousin in her 50’s developed a feeling of impending doom after her inoculation. She presented to the ER where she had a cardiac arrest. She was resuscitated with intracardiac epinephrine and cardioversion. She was discharged to home after four days in the icu - no cause was identified. A week later she was readmitted to the icu with bilateral pulmonary emboli from which she recovered and did well until July of 2022 at which time she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. By August she was dead.

These are five peopleI personally know. I don’t know anyone personally who died from COVID.

Is this proof?

Of course not but I would have to make anyone with a modicum of intellectual curiosity suspicious.

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The latest meme going around is this:

BIDEN FETTERMAN in 2024 - It's a no brainer.

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For those interested in "early spread" - the scandal that never became a scandal - I do another "deep dive" into the topic today. I seem to have a monopoly on this topic.


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Why are they lying? Anyone know?

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Thank you Steve. Please stay safe, (not from Covid).

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Also see Dr. Vinay Prasad's comments on Swiss and Thai studies showing much more common myocardial injury from the mRNA shots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vveMHtVk_mY

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One idea for the billboards - if they are LED type - is to show a running total of the excess mortality. Something simple, short, and shocking - like this:


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With regards to data, is there any data that indicates a benefit to the MMR vaccines if taken individually? When I was a child there were no vaccines and doctors encouraged parents to expose their children. I didn't have to worry on that score because my older brother always seems to contract them. I was exposed but never exhibited symptoms.

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Sounds like we need to write an article for The Epoch Times or create an interview segment. I spread the word on Epoch articles and the people I contact spread it around to others.

I missed the 'Bought billboards'?

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Unfortunately no one is pulling ICD codes from a sampling of either insurance companies or hospital systems. It would be easy to detect an increase in numerous side effects by comparing 2021 rates to previous years. It would literally be indisputable.

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I would be willing to assist you Steve, if I were an American Citizen, even if I lived here in Australia. I don't think I am legally allowed to be involved in sending emails to the CDC etc? Not too sure? Perhaps if you have a friend who is a lawyer, you may be able to advise if able.

QLD, Australia.

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Steve, more ammo for the war...



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