Mr Kirsch,

I wonder, since none will debate you, if the million on offer might be used in a slightly different manner to accomplish the purpose, which is to demonstrate the inefficacy and the danger of the mRNA experimental injection.

We need to air the central fact of the matter — the fact that forms the basis of the claim that a ‘vaccine’ is needed. It’s a fact that wallows around helplessly in the vast sea of hard evidence that has been systematically suppressed.

The fact is the injection is not needed — not necessary, not appropriate and not effective. It’s a proven fact.

Look at those who have been cured of this moderately severe respiratory condition by everyday medications that have, over many years, been proven safe and effective.

Hundreds of doctors worldwide have publicly announced their stories of success with various protocols based on either Ivermectin, HCQ, Budesonide etc. There is, therefore, in the records of each of those doctors, a source of real-world, real-time proof positive that people (reasonably healthy people) need no gene-modifying injections to cure or prevent Covid19 sickness and hospitalization and death.

If each of ( if the majority of ) those recovered patients could submit to Congress, and to other relevant Government agencies, and affidavit stating their experience of recovering as a result of treatment by Dr. ….

How many such affidavits could be assembled? Would it be enough to draw back the curtain of censorship and suppression? KB

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Its not only the CDC its FDA and basically all dem gov institutions ,they are ducking and diving so much the have to lie or get closed down.

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Interesting how the intake questionaire for an autistic child in a Washington State Hospital has many questions specifically asking about vaccines is routine but MSM tells us there is no link to vaccines and autism. Medical institutions KNOW but we are lied to... How do they think we won't find out??? Ask a child psychologist directly. I did.

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The dems are rotten to the core and the rigging if an election and how it was done is freeking scary and I think the republic should be desolved as the corruption is too deep to sort out ,dont believe that even the rep are free from extensive corruption.All this needs to be sorted otherwise the deep state will destroy the country as you remember it.The CDC apparently has low or no vaxed people in their employ ,the Chief doesnt want to deny it, why.

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These threats are real and they are a real problem affecting our judges, prosecutors, politicians, governors, mayors. I heard even POTUS Trump and his family were threatened which kept him from using the insurrection act to fight the election fraud.

Dr. David Martin said all the States Attorney's he approached with citizens from their states and evidence of crimes that were committed from the COVID plot refused to look at the evidence. One of them who he knew told him why, that is was because of threats to family and self.

Dr. Mercola said his family was threatened for sharing alternative remedies for covid like vitamin D and hydrogen peroxide nebulization.. He took down years of his research from the net because of it. Now he posts 2 new articles everyday and they last two days before coming down. Eventually he got the confidence to put his stuff back up under premium content, which significantly limits exposure.

This is a huge problem, I think many people have no idea how big it is.

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thanks.. I was able to find a PDF and convert it into MOBI kindle format with this program called calibre

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Bill Posey is my rep. I think he does a good job considering the circumstances. He has my vote.

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There are two people I am happy to be a paid subscriber for, you and Dr. Kheriaty. I was very happy to meet him and his wife at the rally. I know that there are many worthy writers out there. Thank you! Thank you also for finding the guests for the Thursday webinar. As the mom of two current college students, it was beneficial to hear the collaborative work of your guests. It is chilling to think that the CDC or any three letter agencies would threaten the lives of those who run contrary to the narrative.

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I am beginning to think that since Government Agencies and Big Pharma use intimation and threats to keep people on the inside from becoming whistleblowers, affirming their status as a Criminal Enterprise, perhaps the leaders of these illegal rackets should be called out for what they are Criminals.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. frequently called Tony Fauci and Bill Gates criminals and when into great detail about their nefarious activity. He says to date he has not been sued for libel or slander by anyone he accused of wrongdoing. Reason? They know the charges are true and the facts would come out in court.  These Criminals definitely go not want that. 

Given that we have these Criminals dead to rights with mountains of evidence, why not go to every public forum available and detail their Crimes and call them out for the Criminals they are?  There could be roadside billboards, for example, with public notices detailing the crimes of Pfizer's CEO with his picture. I very much doubt Albert Bourla would like that. 

Would Tucker Carleson be willing to take this potentially career ending task on for the sake of mankind?  Joe Rogan? Even without the heavy hitters with a PAC committed to exposing the truth about the rampant crime in the medical industrial complex, protests could be better organized against these powerful forces. Like utilizing every willing radio talk show and podcast to call the culprits out with a list of their crimes. Putting up public signs, having demonstrations at the headquarters of CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, JNJ.  In other words, getting the public's attention.  Truth forcing actions. 

People will start to notice that the powerful in the medical complex appear defensive and are not suing to clear their names and ask Why?  And if they try, all the better that this comes out in court of law. Time to take the fight to the Enemy....of the Human Race. 

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I am currently reading Peter Duesberg's "Inventing the AIDS Virus". I am only about 150 pages into it, but already I have learned a wealth of information about how the NIH and its vaccine focused approach developed over time. The first part of the book is basically a history of bacteriology and virology over the past two hundred years or so.

Long story short, it is clear that the vaccine industry is mostly a grift. Diseases have been attributed to viruses without any real scientific proof, in an effort to justify profitable vaccine campaigns. The HPV vaccine and hep B vaccines are in that category. Big Pharma's vaccine money machine is one huge long con.

Along with TRAF, "Inventing the AIDS Virus" looks to be required reading if one wants to understand how the health profession got to its current state.

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Does mercury from food not go to the brain like it does from injections? I ask because I've heard there more mercury in seafood if you ate tuna sandwich once a week for example. Also, does consuming selenium get rid of the mercury? I've heard that mercury exerts its toxicity via depletion of selenium, by binding to it. That is why consuming most seafood is safe because it has both mercury and selenium.

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It is the 4th season. You can probably find it on youtube where Raymond Reddington gets poisoned part...

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Where are our comic book heroes when we need them?

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Yup. Accepting a million dollars to come out and debate in public doesn't get someone far if they end up torturing your wife and kids to death in front of you.

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Killing kids will land people in hell.

I am so ashamed to see this cold blooded murder of our little ones.

A couple of past heroes who didn't go along




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