There are a lot of us that believe this (my opinion) and the CDC will and IS hiding this critical info. Steve, after watching ALL these athletes/famous people, etc... (which we see only on the news regarding the deaths, but never mention the cause or they lie). Hearing from coroners as well. She definitely has to go!!! Being in the nursing field myself, I can NO LONGER sit idle. I will do my best. TY for sharing. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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C'mon man!

Can we get off the democide and deal with what really matters??

You know the deal....the two 80-something presidents improperly squirreling away boxes of documents in their garages and what the Feds are gonna do about it!!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3QznppVuGU John Reads the First Chapter of Turtles All the Way Down

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Steve, thank you for this email to Wollensky. I am so grateful to you.

It is so well-crafted and thought out that I couldn't think of one thing I would have added.

You keep putting all of yourself into this work hoping for results, and those of us here with you see that it is not coming. Sadly we are witnessing great evil in the forms of corruption, cover-up and collusion. And it is unrelenting.

Speaking from the place of a Christian, I see that we are definitely in a battle of good versus evil right now. Please know (I don't know if you have a faith life of any sort) that God our Creator (who I believe in and worship) sees what is taking place with all of this murder and sees your courageous and continuous efforts to step in and intercede in an effort to stop it. May God bless you as you fight this battle! Eternally grateful!

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Thank you for being so relentless. You are incredible.

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HI Steve, as an ongoing Subscriber from the beginning, I am wondering about something. Have. you filed the FOIA request yet for the DMED information - everybody’s asking about this since Matthew Crawford wrote about it. He says Everyone in this community is backing away from it like they’ve been told by some intelligence agency that they’re not allowed to do this. Let us know.

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When I went through Nursing School, back in the 90’s, we took bioethics and learned about the Nuremberg Code and other ethical concepts regarding ‘safe and effective’ experiments, without proper informed consent. I guess that is not in the curriculum these days. Seems like everything these days is ‘safe and effective’ just because we say so, kind of like the mask. We have no scientific evidence to support our claims, but hey, who needs science, right?

Elon Musk does. Can you imagine firing off rockets the way he does, without first checking his math? Maybe that is why he is reinstating other scientist accounts on Twitter?

Maybe Elon Should have been a “doctor?”

When I went through Nursing School, we were transitioning from calling ‘patients’ to ‘clients,’ as the Corporate Business Model was being rolled out across the land. Wow. Talk about customer service.

As many who got the experimental COVID shots will have some level of heart damage that raises their risk of cardiac arrest and sudden death, the need for CPR know-how is only going to grow. So, please, learn CPR. It could be the difference between life and death of someone you love. Also, consider investing in an automated external defibrillator (AED) for your home and/or office.

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They knew in 2019 BEFORE the jabs even rolled out what the possibilities were, it's in their documents that they wanted hidden for 75 years. By that time every one of the conspirators in health and the government would be dead not to mention all the injured and dead from their jab....Those few next generation or pure blood that are left wouldn't care.

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Is the billboard still up?

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Jan 15·edited Jan 15

Congress ought to call for an investigation if they were there to serve us. But remember the uni-party for BAU runs DC. The more reluctance exhibited to address the blatant crimes against humanity, the more I must conclude that this is a much bigger operation. Is it a planned assault on not just the citizens and the US, Europe, and other countries, and if so so controlled and orchestrated by whom? The Baliwick sub stack and Katherine Watts sub stacks point the finger in terms of an assault against US citizens to a series of legislative actions detailing the control emanates from the DOD via HHS. This however does not account for other countries. I have not yet fully grasped those legal maneuvers and frankly don’t have time. Then of course there is the problems of both the CCP and the WEF infiltration of our government, institutions, think tanks, NGOs, and academia. How much do they coordinate with each other or are they competing forces? I do not know. What I do know is that evil has always existed in the world and as governments grow larger and become cumbersome overly bureaucratic institutions they effectively create an administrative state that serves itself and its components. Those components all compete for resources for ever more programs with to justify their existence. Those programs are not there to serve us, but to bolster the administrative bloat. On top of that they are run by incompetent people as those are the ones who are the most rewarded and rise to the top. Therefore nothing will be done unless we as citizens here and in the US all refuse to participate in the system and bring it down. We must build community with each other and put aside the differences in the niggly details of this assault on people and fight the common totalitarian enemies.

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NOTICE TO ANY Hospital or Medical facility for the

REFUSAL of recommended treatment for Covid 19 from the NIH, CDC, FDA using Sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocols.

To whom it may concern:

I, ____Name_________, being of sound mind, with this document am hereby notifying this and any Hospital or Medical Facility that I am REFUSING and DO NOT consent to any Covid 19 Treatment using the sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocol treatment. Administration of the foregoing, whether individually or in combination, shall be deemed AGAINST MY WILL.

I am informing this facility that I am refusing the protocol using Sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir because it is deadly. It is my expressed intent for this document to be kept in a prominent place in my records visible to anyone responsible for my care. This is formal notice that any person or facility administering the aforementioned treatment protocol against my will shall be subject to legal consequences, including wrongful death claims.

Further, In the event that I am unable to make medical decisions for myself, I appoint my Trusted family member NAME_____as the sole and exclusive designee to act on my behalf.

I do NOT give any of my medical rights or consent to deviate from my wishes outlined in this document to this facility or to ANY PERSON period.

I do NOT have a DNR In place and it is my desire to be resuscitated if needed. I do not give authorization to this facility to restrain, imprison, or keep me against my will and I have the right to leave on my own free will at any time I wish to do so.

These are my wishes with respect to COVID treatment and this document shall remain in full force and effect unless I terminate them by express written notice at a future date.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated elsewhere, any consent forms I may sign authorizing treatment should not be misconstrued to negate or erode the directives set forth herein regarding the Covid treatment protocol noted above.

___NAME___________ ​​​ Witness: ​​







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FAO Steve Kirsch: Hello Steve, is their a legal pathway where you can take the CDC and/or the directors to court for failure of duty based on the basic facts of this missive and the records that you and others have proven about the many deaths, now absolutely shown to have been caused by Covid-19 inoculations...? I suspect that they have not delivered according to their job specifications...?! Andrew Charnley

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My comment on VAERS analysis provided p-values for this person's great work. The largest p-value I found was 1.66 * 10^(-20); the smallest was less than 10^(-999). Needless to say, these are extremely significant!


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You also had the idea to put up billboards for the public to see. A group in Canada is doing that; https://twitter.com/sonyapizz/status/1613909081290604544?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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What about your idea of putting ads in publications directly to the public? I realize it will be hard to find publications that will run them, but maybe smaller ones will or the New York Post. It is obvious that these organizations are all corrupt, as you say, so what is the point in contacting them? (Making a record of having contacted them might be helpful, but once you have a record of having notified them of facts, there's no point in writing again about the same basic facts. They won't do anything.)

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