"Everyone in the medical community, mainstream media, and Congress should be calling for both of these studies, but all I hear is crickets.

I wonder why?"

Yes, I would like an explanation from them. :)

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I have 3 theories: 1) the CDC and FDA are bribed by the money of the vaccine companies, the money makes them willifuly blind 2)the government thinks covid is a bioweapon attack on the country- they are executing a military plan for defense that calls for emergency censorship and compliance-in which case they would be incompetent and unethical. 3)they are executing a secret government plan to control the population, kill enough people to prevent population growth.

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Subscribers of Kirsch - be careful, there is a Steve Kirsch impersonator account, asking people to contact a number. It's a scam. Do not contact that scammer. I reported it to Substack but I encourage others to leave a report as well so that Substack is aware it is an issue.

You can file a report by going to this page https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404340396564-How-do-I-report-a-content-violation- Then in the 2nd paragraph, click "submitting a request for our Trust & Safety team to review ***here.***"

This is an archive of the fake Steve Kirsch's page: https://web.archive.org/web/20230119013759/https://substack.com/profile/123873021-steve-kirsch

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Please watch real journalists from REBEL NEWS (rebelnews.com) question Pfizer CEO Veterinarian Albert Bourla at the WEF’s Davos event this week… https://twitter.com/ezralevant/status/1615773348759224327?s=46&t=CN-cMV04VUe5pq_ljxltUA

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Also I tried calling the number and it is a google voice number...I stated my full name...as if anyone would have a hard time getting that anyway with all the demographic data harvesting...but then chose not to leave a message thinking it likely was a hoax.

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Steve, someone claiming to be you emailed me providing a number to text you... Here was the message.

Steve Kirsch replied to your comment on The CDC could end all the COVID misinformation in a heartbeat... why aren't they?.

Thank you for your remark! Always good catching up with you, Leave me a text I’ve got something beneficial to share with you

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Great...I'll call later this morning...

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This newsletter was sounding good until ….

this (tongue in cheek? sarcastic?) remark:

“…. But don’t worry because if you are injured, it’s your fault for getting the vaccine. It’s not like you were forced to get it or anything like that. It was your free choice. The government isn’t liable for your injuries even though they didn’t warn you about the side effects….”

Clearly, penalties like lost employment or removal of rights to travel are OBVIOUS COERCION (and thus, violations of human rights supposedly secured by the international Nuremberg Treaty).

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I used to respect and utilize health recommendations given by Dr. Gabe Merkin. He has come to consistently advise the taking the injections. Here is his most current reason he gives to continue to recommend it and the Studies he references. Does anyone more knowledgeable than I know if these particular studies are credible, and if so what to make of them? Thank you.

https://www.drmirkin.com/health/morehealth/why-i-still-recommend-covid-19-vaccines-and-boosters.html Pat Baum

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These motherWEF'fers were told by hundreds of people about the death and destruction 18 months ago on 4 hour public calls they chaired live, after which they approved deathshots unanimously even for toddlers!!

Now FDA Advisers Are Angry at Moderna for Hiding Data?

Now they pretending to be independent to save themselves?

Lifetime incarceration and disgorgement of profits would be the bare minimum they deserve.


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The data will always be interpreted as to exclude the COVID shot as cause.

In the morning brief at EOC of CDC early in the response, data on the effectiveness of masks was presented. The trend lines were comical, they were embarrassing. One guy chimed in saying something along the lines of 'Of course, I support masks! But this data looks really bad.' No matter what the data shows, a causal relationship between shots and serious adverse events will never be accepted at CDC.

Do you think the divisions and centers of people devoted to flu and covid vaccines are going to suddenly say, 'nah, these are worthless, the reason we have jobs is actually complete BS'? They are never going to change. The CDC will change when the government collapses. It will never be reformed.

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They lied to you

They poisoned you

They labeled anyone trying to tell you the truth misinformation

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I included autopsy with stains on my living will

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Jan 17, 2023·edited Jan 18, 2023

NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM A NARCISSIST! They will always lead you down the wrong path and you will always be hurt (they'll simply laugh or mock you for doing it). They will never apologize and they will never admit failure....they simply double down with the same old BS rhetoric, bc they are SO stupid they think that ppl do not know they are lying. Narcissists love and adore each other and BELIEVE each others BS and cover for each other and the unspoken agenda. So, if you fell for it and got the jabs...chances are pretty good you have a lot of narcissism to admit to in yourself. Study up on, it will free you from the hell you have been living. Jesus came to help lead the narcissists out of their own created hell. Over 3 years You just witnessed the textbook definition of narcissism and how they operate and use ppl. They dehumanize ppl by name calling "anti-vaxxers" "pandemic caused by the unvax'd" "old white men" etc... all began in earnest with obama and continued by crooked brandon.

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They are absolutely determined to destroy trust in the US government & "health" institutions.

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