Mr. Kirsch, how can I contact you? my daughter is suffering from a TBI due to an assault. she has developed dystonia, neurological movement disorder, and is getting worse. I would like to know if you know of any cases like this. thank you for the fight. Godspeed!

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all artists require double vax to attend concerts.

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I thought something was wrong with the narrative back in Spring of 2020 when they were forcing lock downs on working class people, while leaving stores, like Walmart, open. A small grocery store is closed down to protect public but we can leave walmart open. It always comes down to the money trail - but this time there is an added twist of Dark forces grabbing power, people's assets & wealth being transferred to the rich few, and ultimately Power & control over the masses and "the great reset" as it is called by the World Economic Forum crowd, who has many "partner" corporations that made out like bandits with this "virus/vaccine" narrative.

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Exactly one week after my second dose of Moderna, I got shingles. One doc told me it wasn't related. Another said she wasn't surprised at all.

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Is there any way to sue the demons at Facebook regarding fact checking? I posted this article on Facebook and they slapped a partially false notice on it.

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We are living in Orwellian times. The truth is labelled misinformation, meanwhile the "fact checkers" spread propaganda and lies.

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I loved this article and you articulated the facts perfectly. Sad thing is, if this is permanent damage, it's going to ruin his career anyway.

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Justin Bieber required 100% of his concert attendees in Europe to show proof of vaccinations with their fax passports before attending his concerts. Now he knows definitively why we don’t want the Vaxx.

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The big problem of this analysis is that one cannot draw any meaningful statistical conclusions from the difference between 6 cases and 1 case over a set of millions and millions of data. These differences are in the noise level. Especially for a set of data like that of VAERS, in which ANYONE can submit a report, which is added without any possibility of verification, and explicitly contains the disclaimer that such data cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to any adverse condition. A disclaimer that Mr. Kirsch mentions nowhere. This makes VAERS data the perfect tool for anyone that wants to question the safety of vaccines. To explain the significance of the data on which Mr. Kirsch bases his whole analysis, let’s suppose I want to spread the rumor that Covid vaccines are linked to Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria, one of the rarest diseases in the world (one case in 8 million people) that causes rapid aging during early childhood. It’s enough that I make a report to VAERS with such symptoms and ask other four people to do the same, and voila, someone will write that he is 99% certain that Covid vaccines cause Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria. This is information malpractice. Even the anecdotal evidence reported suggests that the data are incorrect, because apparently of the 5 cases Mr. Kirsch finds on VAERS over the whole USA, and attributes without the hint of a doubt to Covid vaccines, one should believe that 4 of them were seen by a single doctor in just one city. Either that or, in the case that doctor had not reported the 4 cases, a single doctor report would make all of Mr. Kirsch’s absurd probability computations double in value. This is why serious journalism does not follow these irrational trails

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Varicella causes Ramsay Hunt and is listed as a side effect of the Covid vaxx

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Jun 19, 2022·edited Feb 24, 2023

The main reasons why the corporate news unanimously reports a one-sided narrative and refuses to publish or air anything other than total vaccine worship propaganda for the past century+ are explained in these articles linked below. Primary points:

Media monopolies due to deregulation of anti-trust laws result in the illusion of choice and varying viewpoints. They are all owned by Big Pharma, even much of the so-called independent news via parent companies, who are owned by a corporation, who are then owned by another corporation, who are owned by an investment firm, who are owned by shareholders who are undoubtedly psychopaths: a nefarious monopoly wormhole owned by the old money of trillionaire oligarchs & aristocrats of secret societies who own most of the planet and also happened to fund most of the Holocaust. Genocide and tyranny are household terms welcome at the dinner table of such friendly fascist families.

The problem with mainstream media has no more to do with journalists than the problem with mainstream medicine has to do with doctors. It’s usually not the fault of journalists b/c they don’t decide what gets published. A lot of the stories are actually written by ghostwriters hired by pharma corps and then submitted to their news outlets. The media also gets nearly 3/4 of their funding from drug company advertising. There’s always a chain of command, a hierarchy of directives and order. If they submit anything against the funded narrative it will be rejected and they will also probably be fired and smeared w/ false accusations for even attempting it. This applies to the medical community as well b/c the overlords who own the drug industry also own the entire transnational medical industrial complex, which is why it’s rare for doctors and scientists to speak out, esp against vaccines b/c they are the most obese, grotesque, and pestilential cash cow for the diabolical double-dealing drug cartel. Doctors will come under fire for even reporting legitimate vaccine injuries and are likely to be accused of being anti-vax. If they are suspected of questioning vaccine authoritarianism the medical boards will come after their license. Ludicrous laws even exist to make it illegal for doctors to use non-pharma cancer treatments, for ex, and they can be imprisoned for healing patients thru natural means. The “FDA approved” treatments (chemo & radiation) kill more patients than the actual disease. This is deep-seeded, systemic corruption of the entire global medical system firmly locked in place by a totalitarian drug industry for more than a century, which has allowed for plenty of practice to master their methods of madness.

"Lawsuits have revealed that more often than not industry papers are ghost written by the pharmaceutical company’s PR hacks and the physicians just sign their name to them without reading or understanding the research in order to receive the fee. The legal drug business is a multibillion-dollar scam on the people, and government has no interest in keeping people ‘safe.’” – Same goes for articles the media prints.

Additionally, there are thousands of ghostwriters disingenuously hired and directed by the drug industry to act as health content managers on Wikipedia and other information-dense sites to deter competition of drugs and vaccines using the most dirty of tactics. Many of these biased “science writers” are already employed by the industry on behalf of which they're writing. This is why virtually every page I have accessed over the past 15 years on any subject concerning natural medicine includes false statements that it is not supported by science. Likewise, the majority of dangers or similarly unflattering statements of drugs and vaccines are removed, and anyone who offers warnings based on scientific fact on behalf of the public good are then smeared. This ensures that people who are looking for quick answers get wrong answers. Censorship is the most effective way to brainwash the public.

There are hundreds of uncensored books on these interwoven subjects written by the most credible and knowledgeable industry whistleblowers. I suggest using Z-Library (https://u1lib.org/booklists/user/20374452) and PDF Drive (pdfdrive.com) to start searching for deep reads. If you read most of a book and appreciate its informative value please consider purchasing a copy to support the creators.

With or without the recent government funding media vaccine promotion (which should be illegal, see 1st Children’s Health Defense article), it would have happened anyway. Vaccines, drugs, and anything else health-related (e.g. food ingredients, agriculture) were already unanimously one-sided and private sector-funded well before the pandemic began. This has led to an ongoing ossification of false ideas about health for very unhealthy public consumption, which is why you should never listen to anything the main$tream media promotes about health-related topics.











https://rumble.com/voz64j-brought-to-you-by-pfizer.html (Brought to you by Pfizer – 1 min video)







https://www.bitchute.com/video/PinPiiTqUIdo/ (The Birth Of Big Pharma – 2 min video)


Silencing of doctors:






https://www.fox9.com/video/736550 (Senator Dr. Scott Jensen testimonial video)

https://odysee.com/@FrontlineCovid19CriticalCareAlliance:c/WeeklyWebinar_02092022:d (video)

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Notice what a castrated wimp little Justin is in complying with the government narrative. He even requires all attendees at his concerts be jabbed. What a pathetic moron. He got the jab, now he's paying the price.

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Rich, powerful, influencer, Justin Bieber could do much better for his fans. Tell the truth!

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We all know people, older…wiser…who believed in the vax. They were not prepared to see an enemy wearing the trusted ‘white coat’ - including President Trump himself. Save your disdain for those who truly deserve such and more. Those who go to sleep at night - still counting ways/means; including, creative viruses) so as to realize their dream of a perfect ZPG world and a finely culled - if not made to order - population. All, to meet their needs & those of rest of the ‘Elite’ hierarchy.

(As for Shingles; take Lysine; not the ‘Shingles shot’ for protection! And to speed recovery; if you get it. )

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They were not wiser and "trusting a white coat" is something a child doesn't do. Bieber is evil or lost at best and mistaking sexual attraction for "good" is a mistake.

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Perhaps media outlets took federal money "for assistance" after the lockdown and one of the conditions is not to publish anything that promotes "vaccine hesitancy" https://www.theblaze.com/news/review-the-federal-government-paid-media-companies-to-advertise-for-the-vaccines

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Yes true,definitely a possibility

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Hi Steve

With respect to hailey beiber I dydcwatch a follow up you tube video and she claims that the reason for her stroke was due to a PFO in her heart that was undiagnosed which causes small blood clots and can go the brain. She said she had to have surgery to correct it.

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Also the risk of clots is increased in women who are on the contraceptive pill. This is a risk factor when assessing for a deep vein thrombosis.

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I have a 46 year old friend who was diagnosed with a hole in her heart last year. She was told by the doctor that she needed to get it fixed because the potential for clots was present. She had NOT had any of the shots when this was diagnosed, but before she had surgery they talked her into getting the first shot. So, Hailey's story could very well be the real story of why she had a stroke.

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Jun 15, 2022·edited Jun 15, 2022

Which begs the question, can the jab cause PFO or something close enough (a hole in the heart) that they can get away with calling it that which I’m pretty sure is usually a birth defect...??

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i believe this video about half way thru gives a view of a disintegrated blood vessel from the spike protein... immediately thought of this when i saw the comment about a PFO...


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Oh yes, there's even a slide of disintegrating heart muscle around 9:10...what look like holes in the heart muscle tissue. Thanks!

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I'd recommend contact Justin or his doctor. Even if they refuse to believe it, it's the right thing to at least try to bring to their attention.

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Yeah yeah let us get to all the ones he damaged first right? Why should people rush to fix fools who will just follow the same satan as soon as they are rolling again? I have ads out to treat vaccinosis, but i do ask myself stuff like that? They won't get any smarter or quit voting democrat?

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