What about fluoride in juices that contain 'water and concentrated fruit juice'. Given the amount of water relative to the amount of concentrated fruit juice, these products are potentially loaded with fluoride. All bottled water lists the 'typical mineral analysis in parts per million', this same analysis should be extended to juices that are reconstituted with water.

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I have no time and even fewer subscribers, so there's little point in me doing this but...

The world needs to KNOW about Aspartame.

I found this truth very much in the way you did with Fluoride, and the similarities are remarkable. I strongly urge (and ask) you to consider watching a documentary which will blow your mind every bit as much as the Fluoride Deception, and then some. If you're not aware, trust me, you're about to experience another one of those 'moments' like RFK and all of us have had.

Understand WHY they are banning sugar and here in the UK you get TAXED MORE if you want sugar instead of Aspartame POISON in your drink. McDonalds costs more and you have to ask specifically for SUGAR in your drink. Here's why....


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Try this on for size.... I am in the UK. Our children eat a LOT of fruit, i mean heaps of it. They rarely eat sugary stuff but they do occasionally. We have never allowed fluoride anywhere near them. We made the mistake of telling our NHS dentist this fact when she tried to sell us some toothpaste due to some decay on the kids' teeth (which even she said was caused by fruit sugars). We politely declined and explained our intelligent and rational reasons why. She responded:

"Do you realise I could report you to social services for refusing to give your children Fluoride?"

I left the room quickly as my anger was boiling up as it always does when some fascist threatens the STATE against your children when you're about 10000 times more conscientious than 99% of other parents.

NHS. Heroes. Of course. The UK needs a revolution.

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Why aren't you replying to my messages Steve get in touch with me

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Oct 18, 2022·edited Oct 18, 2022

I've been taking flouride out of our water for over 20 years! And did not let my children use flouride toothpaste.

I've read recently about fluvoxamine leading to cancer. Glad I've kept flouride out of my household's experience!

I had mercury amalgam fillings removed years before I was pregnant with my first child. I know then that metal poisons in our environment would cause problems for my future children.

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Hi Steve. Dr Kinnane here. Pharmacist for 52 years, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist 34 years. You are right on the money with fluoride! Its a poison introduced into our water supply by the aluminum industry to make a profit off their toxic waste like Carnegie promoted “organic chemicals” made from the steel industry toxic waste, coal tar. Now with that said, please let me say that all chemicals containing fluorine or fluoride are toxic as well since the body in breaking down the chemical must eventually reach the fluoride molecule which when released will poison the system it touches. Now, knowing this, I ask you who turned you on to fluvoxamine for covid? Are you not aware that each molecule of fluvoxamine contains 3 molecules of fluorine and that fluorine found in fluvoxamine when metabolized is just as toxic as that found in some water supplies? No offense but I think someone who knows chemistry well is having some fun at your expense..

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Steve, since you mentioned the Berkey filter, I have to let you know that I just found out that the company that makes Berkey, Millennium Concepts, has been defrauding its customers for years. They have not done the testing on their filters that they claim they have, the testing they have done did not give the results they claim, and there's currently a class action lawsuit underway which they are of course trying to stall as long as possible because they have no case. The filters are complete garbage. I'm trying to get the word out so people will stop buying them because some of us have been using Berkey filters thinking that the water that comes out of them is clean and safe, and actually it's basically the same as the water we put in, at least in terms of some of the more dangerous contaminants we're trying to filter out. This is horrendous.

I know this isn't your main area of focus but you have such a large audience, and you recommended the Berkey filter, so if you were so inclined I'd love to see what you could dredge up on the topic, or at the very least, if you could do a quick "fact check" to confirm what I've been hearing, and maybe amend your recommendation in a future post, it might do a lot of good for people who are concerned about the quality of their drinking water.

Here's the video where I started - it's the first in a series so later videos have updates - and there are a lot of links in the description. In any case, thank you for all the work that you do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jct_bVz5eZc&list=PLUlaEW2OF6xHhz-QpU3-R7vy_6OAvzbUW

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Just wanted to add that even showering/bathing in fluoridated water is not safe. It used to be used like a dip since it's also absorbed topically.

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A couple other important notes and clues: The same cohort of mainstream health reporters who vilify those who question any vaccines, do the same to those who question fluoridation. The exact same tactics are used.

In many municipalities -- who decide on fluoridation -- it is the exact same authorities in public health that push fluoridation on the population through scare tactics. In these cases, it is important to follow the money. It inevitably leads to industry funding vs grass roots efforts to stop the poisoning of the water.

If you have not already, you should look up Dr Hardy Limeback former dental authority on Fluoridation who switched sides after doing real research.

Lastly, if you really want to understand the real source of dental carries, you should read a very old book: Why Raise Ugly Kids? Hal Huggins (also known for raising the alarm about mercury in fillings). It is fascinating.

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Hey Steve, it seems you're starting to see the patterns here.

The Case against fluoridation is based on pretty reliable science at this point, far more definitive than some other health issues.

The case for fluoridation was never based on anything concrete. This and vaccination were declared public health's greatest successes over the century.

A bit shocking no?

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If it’s in your mouth, it’s going to be absorbed into your bloodstream, so I say no to even having it in your mouth in toothpaste or mouthwash. It’s a dangerous neurotoxin and is said to calcify the pineal gland, your third eye!

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Never allowed my children to get fluoride treatments (eldest is 32) and we used fluoride free toothpaste since they were little. I learned about it reading grassroots, Mothering Magazine in the 90's. That was my Bible for healthy living. I learned a great deal from it. We use Berkey Filters in our homes. Mine has charcoal and fluoride filters.

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Vaccines shed so even unvaccinated will be exposed. Fluoride is still enforced because those in government don't care about you. It's about Business, reelection and wealth. The EPA offices do not drink fluoride water,

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I am in Dallas, Texas -We have been trying to get the Dallas City Council to STOP Fluoridation for over TEN Years! I am trying to get the local D Magazine Editor to do an article on this--and I am going to use you and your article to help persuade him! Since selling magazines is his ultimate goal your article getting love and comments should help! Right??!!

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