drrobertyoung.com/ look at his blog site for blood analysis under the microscope and his findings - yes graphene oxide in just about all of us from the jabbs to chem trails etc so we can be a part of the IOT

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I am rather sure the structure in the lower picture is just a bit of dust. Possibly from a piece of tissue used in the process of making the slide. In the first picture it is most likely just some dried parts of the blood plasma, like albumin, fibrin and salts. When you let a solution which contains proteins and salts dry out, you will see similar structures.

See here, this is however stained: https://eclinpath.com/wp-content/gallery/blood-artifacts/Fibrin-blood-plt-clump-horse1-copy.jpg

Maybe it means you are really a horse?

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I accuse Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough of lamentable lies, and complicity, with respect to the content of the Covid/19 injections


My Message to the Covidian Dissidents of the Controlled Opposition


Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough! I have a personal Message for you: What the Fake is going on?


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The evidence is overwhelming. Just look for yourself:


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Hi dear Steve!

Thank you again for all your analysis and awesome work!

I have come across this great article by Dr. Ariyana Love.


The article contains a link to ideas to the detox protocol (mostly considering the graphene oxide and spike as well). I am aware of FLCC protocols and use them with patients.


If would be tremendous help to the humanity to do a research study using darkfield microscopy, D dimer test, etc to see if we can see a difference in the blood of vaxxed using the detox protocol with glutathione, Quercetin, CoQ10, C60 and other powerful antioxidants and minerals, vitamins, etc.

This way we can show that a protocol is working. We can all use it to help patients who had the injection get better.

I am a naturopathic doctor. I do have a darkfield microscopy. I am just thinking out loud if we could do such studies we can have visual proof that the protocols work.

If anybody knows here any clinics or research centers that would be interested in conducting such a study, let me know! Thank you!

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Open link & scroll down to the Visual diagram showing ALL of the body systems the mRNA & Spike protein does to the body. The visual is OUTRAGEOUS.

This cannot be good for U, I don’t Care how old U are!


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New warnings: cervical issues (cancer, lymph), They state they will continue to see a RISE in these cases which require INVASIVE treatment!

But state, they continue to recommend the boosters.

Sure, ok.

Ncbi & N I H have Pages & pages of jab related disorders!

No one is covering this as if it doesn’t exist.

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The usual layers blood separates into, plus a yellowish layer of fat, which was anything but insignificant. He figured a picture was worth a thousand words.

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Steve, you should have a vial of your blood taken and spun down in a centrifuge, then collect the layer of that material and figure out what it is. My dad, who was an MD with PhD in physiology, and AF surgeon when he was younger, did this for me before and 30 minutes after eating a doughnut so I could see the difference. It is easy to do, if your doc is old school and has a centrifuge.

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Im glad it worked out good for you and you didnt lose the finger, considering your skills :P by the way, I envy the fact that you can own guns over there and have fun with them, etc :P never ever let the government take them away from you. All the best. Cheers from Romania !

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Jul 25, 2022·edited Jul 25, 2022

Dr. Mercola, FLCCC, AFLD all have cleansing methods and health protection methods ( Vit regimens, of course C, D etc. ) to protect and cleanse the injected ( it is not a vaccine so it should not be called one ). Wondering if there is a chelation method to remove this metal GO since there is chelation for other heavy metals. Perhaps one can be developed. It could involve magnetic therapy but I am just speculating here and this needs to be researched first. We need Chemists and Biochemists here. (Two or three relevant ones have been murdered unfortunately, U of Pitt PhD and young Germany Chemist with GO specialty.) If not done correctly it could be worse. Like surgery or any other medical procedure. Holistic Doctors also are the ones to talk to here but do your homework.

The Evils have thought of this because I stumbled on an article summarizing 60, yes 60 ! Holistic Doctors that had been murdered or died in about a years period. Wish I could remember which rabbit hole that was. Many of them were in Fl. It gave their names and addresses and even obits on some.

Also check directly with Dr. Pierre Kory. FLCCC has a Zoom meeting every few weeks with questions and comments. The Doctors are amazing in these groups including poor brillant Dr. Simone Gold AFLD that has just been taken a political prisoner. Imagine an MD, JD from Stanford U, Emergency Room Doctor and the Injustice Dept is hauling her out like Jesus to be made an example of, and taking her to prison. The depths of the Evil is astounding. We need intervention. Somebody must know somebody.

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Ask all the nurses in Doctors offices, Pharmacies, any vax points. Even use what is left over after an injection. I bet if you tell them it is a random sampling for a Doctor to examine the contents for public health, most will turn it over to you or your agent.

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Ask all the nurses in Doctors offices, Pharmacies, any vax points. Even use what is left over after an injection. I bet if you tell them it is a random sampling for a Doctor to examine the contents for public health, most will turn it over to you or your agent.

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Mike Adam's on his Natural News website has new information on the blood clots that are really not blood clots. Very freaky.

Also if you are a pure blood your blood will be worth $$$$$ very soon.

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Would any of you be able to tell me why the blood mobiles are frantically collecting blood by the wheel-barrel load. I routinely give blood (since 1999) and they seem to be asking for whole blood and asking the question did you have a COVID Vax; when you answer no they take you right away. Using a large gauge needle to make it quick and (I noticed) this blood gets put in a different box. They had been sending emails tell me where the blood was being used (veterans hospital near by 2 & 3rd times) the then 4th time recently they have not sent this information. So where did this blood go... It has been very strange. If you all need a surgical procedure you would do good to donate a couple of pints of your own blood a few weeks before so if you do need the blood it is your own being used.

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