I think we should have worked out a hypothesis for a non-traditional biological war seeing that much anomaly in the existing justifications.

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love your substack, Steve! Not entirely related to above but FYI Dr. Bryam Bridle, our "cancelled" in 2020 (early days), a Canadian hero, viral immunologist just published key critique of article published in a med journal blaming unvaxxed: Lots of data, you'll love it! Hope you can publish and maybe interview him one day. He's such a humble guy but a tiger for the truth like you, Steve.


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For anyone who thinks there's anything new under the sun. The Great Mike Wallace reveals the 1976 "Swine Flu" fiasco, back when 60 Minutes was not a joke:


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Correction to the article: Not "Tech Guru Will Pay Millions To Vax Pushers For Debate: No Takers", but "Tech and Vaccine Safety Guru Will Pay Millions To Vax Pushers For Debate: No Takers."

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I have to agree, Steve you are a warrior, thank you for all your efforts.

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I was hoping staunch vaccine advocates like Dr. Gorski and Dr. McAlpine would have taken this debate on by now. This offer has been around for quite a while (Thanks!). Those two invert everything.

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Steve this is right up your alley, we need your skills.


Writes shawn663@substack ·just now

Regarding discrimination:

We have come along way, no need to go into detail about that.

Here is the question of interest today.

Is it discriminatory/illegal for a broadcaster national or local to refuse to place an ad which is not hate speech, violence promoting or discriminatory. I won't promote your ad because I don't agree with your perfectly legal cause..

If so does that not give them the right to refuse service to any cause they choose based on anything they choose,,,,,colour to religion etc... I don't think that is allowed

Therefore we should be legally able to demand our right to place an advert related to the WHO constitution takeover on the national networks. If they refuse at the vary least we can expose their refusal. I am sure they will refuse by the way, we still win!

The ad will require airtime purchase and direction.scripting etc....

I am sure we can through donations raise far more than enough money to accomplish this one simple thing. And it is simple, in a society that values free speech.

Possibly we can find someone capable of organizing such an action, can we set up a sign up form somewhere online we can collect donations. In canada be sure you don't donate more than 25 dollars you could be flagged as a terrorist. Yes I didn't capitalize canada not sure we are still worthy of country status,,,, it seems we are a corporation now favouring some over others as is the corporate right.

using the internet the tool they most fear lets organize. Find someone that is experienced in commercials and the drive to get it done. I will be the first to donate.

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I really appreciate what you do and this is an excellent interview. You are literally fighting for the end of this corruption and death. However, I have heard you mention that the CDC and the FDA were reputable organizations before Covid. This is untrue. There are a lot of articles and criticisms over the last few decades chronicling those organizations as being “captured” organizations by the industry they are supposed to be regulating. Obviously, it is unavoidably apparent now that the Covid crisis is in full swing. But the corruption was there previously. Long enough for people like me to research into them and know that from the beginning of the pandemic, we were being prepped for a massive vaccination program that was being forced through and it was likely going to end very badly. If you don’t believe me, just look up any of the legal settlements against the pharmaceutical companies or better yet, look up Brandy Vaughn’s story. Watch “Vaxxed”. Look up RFK jr’s work. I know it’s new to you but it’s been there for a very long time and many people have suffered long before Covid. Again, thank you for fighting for truth! I’m sure you have saved many lives as people begin to see what’s going on.

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One of those views is mine and probably a hundred are from telegram and Gab where I share it. Steve (the Wrecking Ball) Kirsch is smashing down their lies.

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What about your debate with Avi Bitterman?


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Apr 27, 2022·edited Apr 28, 2022

I took in the entire interview. It's rare to watch such a lengthy discussion and see all three participants [two hosts and the guest] so pissed off that they stumble getting their words out. Such is the depth of the depravity of the COVID virus and the injections that supposedly are safe and effective.

The hard evidence is that these injections appear to be deadly. And it's only getting worse, not better.

Combined with the silence and the massive deception from so many powerful people -- and organizations we once trusted -- it's no wonder people are scared shitless. I am, and I've been a crime reporter for 35 years.

This is like a sci-fi Hollywood bullshit movie about Nazi psychopaths who've been cryogenically frozen -- and now they've been brought back to life with a plan to decimate half the world's population through germ warfare combined with a 'vaccine' scam ... with the goal of a one-world government.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, what's happening today is just as crazy.

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You’d think they would at least love the opportunity to trash your reputation further if they win the debate and you don’t pay up.

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Regarding one scandal that cannot be reported (huge number of athlete deaths and injuries), here's the latest and tragic possible victim of these jabs. The star catcher for the James Madison softball team died suddenly this week at age 20. No further details of course. I guess this could be a suicide (the only plausible explanation for most sudden deaths of 20-year-olds), but I note from the story that this young lady was just named the "Player of the Week" in her conference. She was playing the sport she no doubt loved and was playing it as well as she ever has ... and then she commits suicide? I guess this is possible, it just doesn't seem that likely. I also note that her team finished second in the nation last year and almost shocked the sports world by winning the College World Series. I mention this because the strange death of such a top-class athlete on such a team SHOULD be big national news. Why did she suddenly die at age 20? Maybe we'll learn more details? Maybe a reporter will do some digging and ask taboo questions? When frogs fly.

EDIT: Sorry, posted wrong link earlier.



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Funny how no one will take Steve up on his offer. What is there to hide?

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Yep. They HAVE to censor ALL of the "truth tellers." This dovetails with my latest posting theme that "they" can't even allow one "truth bomb" to detonate. If just ONE scam/crime/hoax was exposed, this would cause too many people to have this thought: "What are some of the other things these trusted public health officials and experts have been lying about?"

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